The Night

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  1. It had been more then 13 years since that night and most of the town had forgton the massacure that had happend there. It was a strange thing when no one rembers the incident that rocked the town back then the murders the mayhem and the blood shed those men caused was all but forgoton. Now even then the parents warn their children away from the lone survivor of the night of blood. They tell their kids that he was cursed that he was doomed to die one day as well and will take all who was near him. This was not true he was a lonely man his life turned upside down by what he had seen all those years ago at such a young age his mind shatterd his innocents taken and now here he stands alone after all those years. No other person would befirend this lonely soul all because of the fear of that night in their minds. Sure the kids dont know about it that is because the parents made sure they wouldent know they didnt want something like that to ever happen again in that peacefull little town. Every day this man would go to school he would be tormented ridiculed and beaten. But he would not cry out in pain he would not speak nor would he raise a hand in defensen. He was a broken shell of a man thanks to that night. His name was Allen burnstone. He was a tall man about 6 foot 3 with black hair and cold blue eyes. His eyes losing all the light and happyness they once held as a child. No one knows why he is the way he is. No one cared to find out about the horrers of that night that in his mind were still very fresh. He took to living on the streets keeping out of site he had no one left to call family his own all gone and he had no home. It was just another day at school when he was getting into his locker a few of the students of the school laughed and pushed him hard into the locker. His head slamming against the side causing a gash blood began to stream down his face but he said nothing. The students cackling in pleasuer at the pain they caused Allen" Come on freak why dont you say something say anything do anything oh thats right because your a cursed freak" The bully sneers to allen. Allen says nothing and simply picks up his books trying to move away from them his eyes meeting theirs showing how dead inside he truely was. The teachers didnt care for the abuse they looked away from him and did nothing to help him. This was normal for allen people beat him called him names and no one helped him. it was his life for those 13 years.
  2. Rachel walked through the school halls. She was new, only moved into the town this week to stay with her uncle since her mom was recently chasing after some new boyfriend and was god knows where getting into trouble like she always did. Not that Rachel cared, she moved around a lot for similar reasons so she was plenty use to it and frankly, moving around meant she could cause trouble knowing she wouldn't stay long enough to get her punishment. She was as the typical satan worshipping goth. Well, she didn't worship satan. That was just something she said to get people to screw off. She had short jet black hair that just barely reached her shoulders as bangs that's pretty much covered her eyes, the ends if her bright green and her roots showing hint of her natural blonde hair. For her eyes, Rachel wore red color contacts to hide her her typical blue color. Her clothes was a ripped up black band tee-shirt with the sleeves cut off and her red tank top showing through the holes. On her arms she had fishnet fingerless elbow length gloves and a variety of colorful bracelets and rings. Her jeans were simple black ripped skinny jeans and black muddy boots to complete her outfit. Rachel walked down the halls her headphones blasting music and she turns the corner just in time to see some students shove Allen. She raised a eyebrow but said nothing. She knew better than to ask questions. She kept walking, going to the locker beside Allen's and pulled a crumpled paper out of her pocket with her combination on it. She turned the lock a few times and jiggled the handle but had no luck getting the damn thing to open. Rachel frowned with frustration and tried again and again only to come up with the same results. Her short temper got the best of her and she rammed her boot into the locker. "Fuck! Open up you piece of shit.." She mumbled and jerked on the handle to try and open it.
  3. Allen looked at the strange girl as the men were trying to beat him. He stands up now his face coated in blood and says nothing to her as he walks over. He holds out his hand and gives it three sharp knocks loud enough to be heard in the hall ways. The locker pops open" Sticks fault mine slammed into many times" he tells her softly his vvoice was smooth and yet at the same time dead to the world his speach was fragmented and broken thanks to many years of not speaking to anyone. He turns back to the others as this time a right hook connected with his jaw sending him to the ground no one else had heard him speak but the girl. Allen Looks back to the goth girl and looks back to the bullys his nose was bleeding when one of them walks up to her" Hey cutie hope this freak here didnt bother you dont worry he isent a person so no need to thank him but you could thank me with a kiss"he tells her smirking thinking that it would work like that. Allen sat there slumped on the ground looking down at the floor when he heard the words not a person he flinched from those words. It had hurt him worse then any beating could ever hurt. He hate those words more then anything they were the same words he would hear before this all began." Come on cutie why dont i show you around the school and you can show me whats under that shirt" He sneers he looked at her he was a popular kid so he assumed all the women would fall for him at first site. Allen looks up and looks into the red eyes of the girl trying to stand but falls again onto the ground taking a moment befire standing and starting to walk away from the man who had just beat him.
  4. Rachel had watched the boy open her locker for him and saw when he was hit square in the jaw without blinking an eye in surprise, she expected the boy to get hit sooner or later. She glances towards the other guy, instantly being disgusted when he called her 'cutie' as well as wanted to hit the guy back but instead she kept a calm look on her face. Rachel tilts her head a little as he spoke, her gaze traveling up and down him. She looked rather unimpressed by him as her face twisted to a disgusted frown. "The fuck is your problem? Disgusting pig. I'm sorry but I'm not attracted to testosterone filled barbarians who beat the shit out of someone then talk to me like in a common whore. It may flatter most girls but I just find it a total turn off." She turns her back to him, shoving her backpack in to her locker only to take out a notebook and pencil case. She slams the locker closed and walks past him. She pauses a moment and glances to him. "By the way, you're a jack ass. You don't have the right to say if someone is a person or not." She flashed a sarcastic smile and made her way down the hall, pulling her folded schedule out of her back pocket and opened it, looking the paper over before catching a glance at Allen, looking him up and down and gave him a slight wave before she continued her walk down the hall towards her first class which was History. Rachel ran a hand through her black hair, pushing her bangs out her face so she could see better momentarily before letting the dark locks flop back into place and turns into the class.
  5. Allen was walking slowly he had history as well now as he moves to sit in the far back making sure he wasent seen by anyone he didnt want to be seen anymore he always keept a good grade in the class but he never talked much when a paper ball hit him in the face he flinched and looked down sighing deeply he shakes his head the girls seeing rachel walk in smirking" hey new girl watch this" One said tossing a book hitting allen in the nose more blood after he had cleaned himself up he looks down and grabs a tissude holding it to his nose it was already blood soaked but he just keeps quiet now" Good shot right hit that low life in the face" She cackles it seemed all of the school had loved to make allen their own personal punching bag making sure he knew that he was worthless in this towns eyes. It was strange why did he take that abuse. In allens mind he desverved all of it and much more for mearly being there for mearly being alive it was his fault he saw it that way anyways. It was his fault. Allen pulls out his book and begins to read it slowly as he looks down his black hair covering his blue eyes
  6. Rachel narrowed her red eyes at the girl. She quickly understood the other students found him as nothing more then a punching bag and as much as she'd like to pin this girl to the ground and force her to eat a stapler Rachel knew she couldn't do that to the whole school. Not to mention she'd be expelled for that. So, instead, she turns and takes a tissue box off the desk and walked over towards Allen. She sat the box on the edge of his desk and took the girls book. She carried the book to the front corner and dropped it into the trash can and walked off to sit in front if Allen, mostly to block kids from throwing things at his face and also because she hated the front. She leaned back in her seat, turning the volume of her music up so she could avoid listening to the other students. She knew why she hated the kids picking in him, of course. It wasn't because she had been bullied, which she had but she didn't care, but she use to pick on kids as well. She was ruthless and enjoyed beating the shit out of them. She stopped, though. One day a kid reported her and her 'friends' to authority's and sent to Juvie, which wasn't what made her stop. What made her stop was when she found out the kid later committed suicide because of her. She hated herself for it and now she defended kids bullied, as if to make up for what she did. Rachel glances down, opening her pencil case and taking out a cheap black pen, removing the chewed up cap and opens the notebook to a blank page. She began doodling poorly drawn random things out of boredom, stifling a yawn with her free hand. Setting her hand on the desk she drums her black fingernails to her music, keeping her eyes on her paper so other student know she has no interest on having a conversation.
  7. Allen looks at the girl and frowns for a moment wondering what she was doing when she handed him the tissues he cleans up the blood off the desk then tends to his nose. His face black and blue old scars and new ones on his face but it hadent removed his overall appearance. It was shown just how much the school hated Allen when a teacher was giving a lectuer and walks around the class when he comes to allen he grabs the back of allens head slamming it down hard onto the desk. Allen bit back a moan but said nothing a couple students snickerd but no one said anything it was like normal school as usal. Allen spiut out of of his shatterd teeth he sighs for a moment and looks down at it. He had long since stopped crying it served him no point to cry anymore about pain his life was nothing but pain he didnt sleep he didnt do anything but the pain was there he looked at the new girl and frowns it wouldent be long before she was treating him the same way. The teacher made his rounds again this time pulling allens chair out and making him drop his jaw right onto the desk bitting his toung hard chomping off the tip of his toung again he didnt say anything he simply grabbed his chair and sat back down on it looking down at his hands a bit of blood coing from his mouth. Soon everyone had to go to the libary to check out one book for a study when allen was walking at the back of the class few students trying to trip him hit him and beat him but the teacher did nothing but laugh at him. When they got there allen and the girl were the last to get their books an elderly lady looked at allen" Oh dear not again allen come on sit back here i will patch you up" She told him kindly allen smiles weakly for a moment She rembers the girl and smiles kindly her hair pinned up in a bun it was snow white and she had kind grey eyes her face showing she was at least 60 or 70" Oh hold on deary i will get to you in a moment" She says and looks at allen putting some bandaids on his wounds showing that she was the only one to care about the pour boy
  8. Rachel ignored the teacher best she could, glaring over to the wall. By the time they were getting ready to leave for the library she waits till everyone had left the room. When it was empty she walked to the teachers desk, shoving the computer off the desk the screen cracking when it hit the floor. She grabbed the keyboard and smashed it against the wall, the keys popping off and scattering across the floor. Rachel snatches a pair of scissors and began slicing away at his cushy swivel chair. She ripped out it's drawers and ripped up any papers she got her hands on and threw them. She snatches a red dry erase marker and presses it against the whiteboard to a point where the ink drips down the board and draws a pentagram just to scare the kids. She turns and shuts the door then fled the scene quickly before anyone would notice and ran down to the library, getting lost several times before she found her way. Rachel was out of breathe when she arrived and spotted Allen, then looked at the old lady. The lady appeared to be nice towards him so she didn't bother going over to him. Wiping sweat off her forehead, she went off towards a chair. She figured there's no use getting a book. She'd be punished soon enough and dragged down to the principle or something like that. Maybe have the police visit. But that didn't matter, Rachel was satisfied by her actions. She leaned back so the chair rested on it's back legs and she picked at the cracked nail polish on her nail. She glances up every now and then, looking at the students around her and occasionally glances to the teacher. She wished she could do worse but she couldn't stay in the room for long. Besides, she wanted to at least see the look on the teachers face first.
  9. When they had headed back to the room the kids gasp and look at allen when allen looks at the board and sighs for a moment. The teacher slams his fist into his face nearly cracking his jaw. This made allen fall to the ground" You stupied little brat why are you even still alive you should be dead and now what makes you think you can get away with destroying my things and doing that satanic shit here" he growls and kicks allen hard into his gut now making allen wimper in pain he knew he didnt do it but that didnt matter no matter what he would always take the blame for anything that went wrong even if it wasent his fault he was to blame he was a bloody pulp when the teacher was done with him leaving him on the ground shaking in pain and fear. Allen didnt do anything wrong but all he was pick himself up off the ground to meet the girls eyes. He looks back down at the ground he didnt blame her she was angry and she wanted to do something." Blame me something wrong always" he tells her through gritted teeth the classroom was empty now just the two left in the roonm" V-very funny like it desverd it he did" he tells her and pulls himself to a sitting postion He was trying to talk to her but he knew that it would be no use." A-allen" he tells her holding his broken hand up to her to shake her hand
  10. She stared at the teacher the whole time with wide eyes and an open mouth. By the time he was done she was glaring at him as he walked off, seething with anger. Her jaw clenched and her hands balled into fists. She had heard him, of course. She wouldn't miss what he said. She backed away slowly and ran into the room. She jerked the keyboard off the ground and slammed it into the white board repeatedly till nothing was left of it and the whiteboard was dented and cracked. She hated the damn school and she was only here a day. Every person in that school made her sick and disgusted. She felt like she could kill every last one of them. Well, all except that kind only lady and Allen. She threw what was left of the keyboard at the wall and kicked the computer, breaking the screen even more. Turning to the desk, she shoved it so it fell on it's side and soon started calming down. She breaths heavily, walking back slowly to Allen and crouched down by him. She was angry at first, wanting to yell that he should grow some balls and fight back, but she seemed to deflate and push his broken hand away. "Don't offer me your broken hand. Shaking it will only make it hurt more. I'm Rachel. Look, I have no damn clue what you did to shove a pole up those guys' asses but you should, like, do something about that." Her voice was hard, but she was still worried about him. She gripped his arm, hoping she wasn't hurting him, and pulls him to his feet so he leaned on her. "I should take you back to the librarian, eh? I have a feeling the nurse won't want to check up on you." She mumbled quietly, eyeing his wounds. She figured it wouldn't matter much if she blew off the rest of her classes. Besides, it'll get the teachers prepared for her not showing up a lot during the school year. Carefully, she led him towards the library being careful not to hurt him.
  11. He looks at her for a moment" didnt do nothing, hate me for long time 13 years ask her she will tell all" He tells her and looks at her limping with her he knew he couldent speak well enough to tell her how it had all happend. He sighs and when they reach the libary The women known as Miss Anna she looks shocked" Oh god allen what happend" She gasps and looks at him leading him to her office and begins to work on him looking at the girl" Its not his fault you know allens he didnt ask for any of this its all because of the fear this town has of him and what happend all those years ago they think he was responisble but those fools how could a 5 year old mastermine his parents massacure" She says angry setting his bone as allen crys out in pain for the first time." Look what happend all thos years ago it was bad they found him coated in blood his familys blood and he was the only one alive at the end. The town saw him as the one who caused the disturbance and for that he suffers every day for those 13 years. I offerd him to come live with me i live alone i know he wouldent hurt a fly he is a sweet boy kind but those ass holes they always want to see him in pain" She says angry now slamming her hand down on the desk hard enough to almost break it " look miss thank you for brining him to me but it wont do you any good to let people see you helping him it will only go bad on you" She tells her
  12. Once she gave Allen to Miss Anna she sat down in a chair and listened carefully to the older women. She blinked when she realized the lady was giving her advice and she gave a awkward yet polite smile. "It's fine. I'm sure I won't be staying in this town long enough for anything terrible to happen. Besides, I love trouble." She let out a nervous laugh. She wasn't use to talking to older people. She always tried to be polite but she was still nervous she would say something bad. "So, uh, Allen doesn't have a house to live in? Why doesn't he stay with you? It's better than sleeping somewhere he can be an easy target." Rachel asked and rested her head in her hand. She looks over at Allen, knowing she's talking about him like he isn't there and figured she would try and get him to talk more sooner or later. She felt bad for him. He had lost his family and the town didn't so much as check to see if he was fine. Rachel frowns at the thought of people shunning a poor child. It was despicable. It was terrible. And heartless and cruel. Though she didn't exactly have a right to criticize them, but she couldn't help it. She stood and grabbed a tissue, walking to a nearby fountain dabbing it in water an walks back. She hands him the wet tissue so he can clean off some of his blood.
  13. Allen looks at her and takes the tissue and wipes off some of the blood from his face he was looking down when anna shook her head" No he belives now after being told for so long that it was his fault he sees this treatment as penece i have try to tell him it wasent his fault and that it was those two monster of men who did it to him. They found him bleeding out and laying next to his fallen family in the blood they said he was there for more then a week by the blood cloating. After that they said it was all his fault that it happend now that is why he doesnt fight back because he thinks it is true that it was his fault" She says sadly" I have tryed to force him to come with me, but he wont" She tells her" My fault all my fault... i desver all of pain and more monster i am" He says sadly and looks to rachel and shaes his head and sighs looking down anna looks at him sadly" See what i mean" She says tears in her eyes
  14. Rachel sighs. She rubs her eyes, thinking over what was told to her. She knew she couldn't change his mind easily. And it would be even harder to get everyone to stop. But she hated the idea of just letting the whole thing go and let him get bullied. Rachel kept her hands pressed over her eyes. "Well, I guess the best thing I can do is just stick around ya, huh?" She moved her hands away from her eyes and looks at Allen, flashing a weak smile. She figured the best way to help would just be to stick by him till she could figure something better out. She would, of course, still beat the crap out of anyone any way. Rachel sighs and watches the two of them carefully, feeling sorry. He only had one friend and that was a librarian. She wanted to help him more, tell him it was fine to go live with the lady and to have him fight back. She runs her fingers through her hair again, pushing back her bangs and stands up. "I'll be back. I want a snack from the vending machine and a drink." She mumbles and walks out the library, shoving her hands into her pockets. She headed down the hall, ignoring the students who wandered the halls during passing time and made her way towards the cafeteria where the vending machines were. Every student she saw she wanted to hit because she knew they had bullied someone innocent. They all sickened her. She hid her scowl with a calm look, turning to the area with the snack machine and takes money out of her pocket, looking over the treat held behind the plastic glass.
  15. Allen nodds. Some of the teachers knew of her already but no one really paied her any mind. Some of the kids whispering bits and peices of the convorsation is" DId you see that freak, ya lets do it tonight tommrow we will be seen as heros we are going to kill allen tonight" he tells his friends. ALlen was in the libary reading a book miss anna keeping everyone out so he could have some peace. He made a target when ever anyone saw him so he tryed his best to stay out of site from everyone. He would stay in the school untill the dark and then he would make his way to the allyway on the edge of town. Allen stand and waits for his body to stop hurting now, but it wouldent some of the big teachers saw him and smirks walking into the room seeing allen one of them pushes him onto the ground and dumps hot hot coffee on his face. Allens face turning brite read from the heat. He moans in pain now looking around he knew miss anna couldent do anything she tryed to get them to stop but was thrown away hard onto the ground the teacher laughing as one of them stomp on allens gut causing him to vomit on himself he was starting to black out he couldent take much more before he was killed but no one cared not in the slightest
  16. She had gotten back in time to see the teachers shove Miss Anna. That made her snap. It was one thing to fight a teenager, they could hit back, but to hurt someone old pissed her off. Instanly she dropped her food and ran to a bookshelf. She grabbed the thickest books she could find and began chucking them at the teachers heads. "Screw off you fuckin ass holes!!" She screamed at them. Once Rachel was out of thick books to throw she grabbed the plastic chairs and flung them. They were heavy so her aim was off. She didn't care though, she just wanted those men gone. Rachel grabbed anything she could get her hands on and threw it at the teachers and students, her anger messing up her aim as well every now and then. She thew notebooks, books, computer keyboards, she's fairly certain at one point she even threw a globe and a couple of pairs of scissors at them. She glares over at a few students in the halls who stopped to look and threw a few things at them as well to scare them off. "You're all a bunch of fuckin ass holes! Every last one of you make me sick!" She screamed out, shooting death glares at anyone and everyone who looked at her.
  17. They all cleared out of the room and anna picks her self up off the ground now and looks around for a bit and sighs rubbing her eyes" They are going to make you pay for that one come on lets get to my house i can set his ribs there" She says and picks up allen in her eyes holding him like a mother would a child she looks at rachel" You are a sweet girl thank you, if he had just one friend then maybe can stand up for himself or even get out of this town i think that would be best for him" she tells her allen was out cold from the beating he was a bloody mess now this by far was the worst day he has ever had. The teacher she hit had sufferd a stab wound in the arm fromm the flung sissors. Anna drives them back to her small home"You sure are a tough one you must be new here to not treat allen the same way that all those other people do it makes me sick to see such a thing" She spits out in ager from the beating he was getting
  18. Rachel was pretty calm by the time they got to Miss Anna's house. She gave a small shrug. "Uh, yeah I moved into my uncles house this week. And, um, sorry for reckin the library." She spoke a little sheepishly and rubs the back of her head. "I'll try to make it up to you. But for now is there a way I can help? With fixing Allen up I mean." She glances around Miss Anna's house curiously, shoving her hands into her pockets. While she waited for an answer she thought over what all had happens today. She had already vandalized school property as well as stab a teacher in the arm. She sighed, Rachel was just full of bad choices today. And she most certainly couldn't leave now. She felt like she needed to make sure Allen could fend for himself before she went back to Juvie. Or worse. She glances to Allen, who was a passed out mess all full of blood and vomit. The smell made her gag and the sight was pretty gross. But she had to dismiss that and help the two of them. Her attention moves back to Miss Anna and felt a small shred of worry. The elderly women was pushed pretty hard, Rachel wondered if she was alright.
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  19. Anna walks with her and cleans up allen putting new clothing on him and sighs for a moment" Well if you will help me fix the libary then everything will be alright as for allen i got this please relax it will be alright and so will i but if you could help me convice him to stay then i would be greatful to you" she tells her and smiles for a moment and looks at her" look if you ever ever need a place to stay my door is always open no matter what" She says kindly and smirks for a moment" And oh my father is the police cheif and i will have a talk with him that should keep you out of jail he will listen to me about you "She tells her and smiles taking allen to a room to rest" Please promise me you will never treat allen like the people of this town do he is a kind kid he is a sweet boy i wish that he was treated better and given a chance" Anna tells her and smiles sadly now.
  20. Rachel watched the two of them, then smiles gratefully at Miss Anna. "I won't.. I have no interest in sinking to there level." She said softly. Rachel made her way to the living room and sat on the couch. It was comfortable, and she was exhausted. Rachel kicked off her shoes and laid down on couch letting out a small yawn and gazing at the ceiling. She thought over ways to convince him to stay. She could try guilting him into it, saying he shouldn't leave a defenseless lady alone. Or she could try and soften his feelings about it and tell him he's suffered enough to earn a comfortable place. She groans and closes her eyes. She was never good at talking to people, not about stuff like this. It put her in an awkward position. But she knew she had to at least do this. Rachel kept her eyes closed, being awake enough to hear when the two come out of the room. She wasn't asleep she just resting but the couch was comfortable enough to make her want to sleep. She thought about Anna's offer, figuring she might crash here sometimes. Her uncle was a drunk who always invited his old drunk pervy friends over who brought over disgustingly dressed women. Not to mention the house reeks of drugs, though most the houses in her family were like that. She was fine with it as long as she wasn't bothered. Rachel rolls on to her side and rests her head on her arm.