The Night Out

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  1. Grace Fallon ran a worried hand through her now ruffled hair as she noticed that her vision was beginning to fail her. She had made a promise to herself that she wouldn’t allow herself to come back to the all too familiar bar, with the all too familiar drunks that never seemed to leave the wretched place, but yet there she was, fiddling with a full shot glass. Without thinking twice, she soon brought it her lips, gulping down the bitter liquid. At this, she smiled slightly, having already forgotten why she’d came.

    “Mike…one more.” She waves the empty glass at the bartender. The tall, lanky, wary looking guy gave her a sarcastic smile while doing just as he was asked.
    “Grace…will Erick be stopping by to drive you back home, because you’re not looking t-…” He stops talking all-together as she slams down the shot glass against the counter at the mention of his name.
    “Erick…can go screw himself…” She mutters calmy as her grey eyes flare over to him. Reaching over to the seat nearby and grabbing her purse, she stand and begins to walk toward the door, her heels feeling a bit wobbly under her.
    “Grace!” The voice was muffled as she closed the door behind her. She was in absolutely no mood to be questioned about what had happened earlier that day.

    When she finally managed to get to her car, she cursed under her breath as she dug through her purse with no signs of her car keys.
    “Fine! Fine…I don’t care, I’ll walk!” She exclaims angrily after looking through her things for the third time. Annoyed, she begins to walk out of the parking lot and into the long and empty road. Clutching her black coat tightly against her, she soon begins to shiver, creeped out by the darkness around her, beginning to regret her decision about walking. The world was spinning around her, and she’d begin close to falling on her face a few times now. Deciding she could no longer go on like this, she decided to make her way back, making sure to avoid looking to the sides, certain she’d see something that would freak her out. Instead, she focused on the gravel road, making sure she didn’t step into a bad place.
    All of a sudden, she looked up, blinded by a bright light. Next thing she knew, she was lying on the floor. Her entire body began to ache as she felt something trickle down her forehead. Then and there was when she didn’t see the world spinning quickly anymore, but instead, her vision slowly began to dim.