The Night of the Hunt [Bloodborne]

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    Robert Setn - Grothnor
    Eric Crosswald - The Outsider
    Jack The Ripper - Edward

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    T'was Midnight, it signaled by the chorus of monstrous howls from the inhuman population of Yharnam. To some, this almost demonic sound would've scared normal people off or give them nightmares as they imagine what the creatures that made those howls looked like.

    Infact, there were no normal people in Yharnam.

    For everyone in it was barely human, some looked human, save for their elongated limbs and yellow diseased filled eyes. Others weren't even remotely close to human, they would vary in how monstrous they were. Some would look like The Wolfman of future films, being fur covered with claws and sharp teeth. A select few looked like something out of a fever dream, conjured up from the most twisted of minds, to the point a madman must've been the cause of the creation for such monsters. Either that, or some unseen force had created them. Either way, monster roamed about in the form of the scourge. Known as the 'Beast Plague.' A plague with unknown origins, though many have said it comes from Foreign lands, or it comes from the Blood Ministrations. It doesn't matter, really.

    All that does is that people are dying, being infected, turning into creatures with no defined will, save to kill and maim anything living nearby. And thus, this is where they come in. 'Who is they?' Some would ask. They are called "Hunters." A group of talented individuals with the ability to efficiently fight the beasts. With little to no armor, no less! Coarse, this doesn't mean they charge at a beast in their birthday suits. Rather, they use stealth, speed and agility to combat the beasts. For trying to match a beast with brute force, the beast wins. This method was conceived by the First and Greatest Hunter; Gehrman.

    A wise and kind elderly man. Who would start the Hunter's Workshop. A place where people could become Hunters and acquire the tools to properly be one. Though this doesn't mean anyone who joined was instantly a pro or master. For through trial and error, many recruits died, only allowing those who paid attention and were light on their feet to survive....It does also help that they had better gear than most.

    Over the years though, Gehrman's Hunter Workshop was closed down. By Ludwig. Who, right after closing the workshop, went onto making the Church Hunters....

    Safe to say that didn't go so well. Obvious by the dozens of bodies found at the cathedral ward.

    But back to the present. Yharnam was still experiencing a slight drizzle in the midnight hours of the night. Causing some of the cobble work to be as slick as ice. Most likely making it very difficult to traverse....Or fight.

    Difficult would also describe a certain hunter's fight with two beasts.

    The Hunter had to constantly jump back or side step if he wished to avoid being the creatures' next lunch. But, the rain that was pouring down caused his movements to be clumsy, though there was no quarter for the beasts as well. Their sloppy movements were the only thing keeping The Hunter from dying. Fortune smiled upon him as one beast slipped infront of him, and as it was going to raise it's head. He slammed the blade of his saw cleaver right onto it's next. Sending copious amounts of blood spurting. Though, it disappeared alongside the rainfall. The final beast took this brief moment to swipe at the hunter. Clipping him, but the fast movement and rain caused it to tumble head over heels over the edge and onto a fence. Impaling it, and killing it. Looking down at the mess. Eric took out a blood vial, and promptly injected it into his right thigh. The would be fatal wound sealed itself back up. While making Eric feel a lot more. 'Colder' than the rain made him feel so.

    He walked off, hoping to find one of those strange lanterns that transported him to the "Hunter's Dream." Before he caught his death of cold.....If possible.
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