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  1. For people who do not know anything about Bloodborne, it is a game made by roughly the same people who made the "Souls" game series. Which means that Bloodborne is not for the faint of heart- /Unless you know your stuff./- nor for those with short tempers. But before I get onto the game itself, allow to explain what this is all about. Essentially, this rp shall be based in Yharnam. A Victorian Era City infected by the Beast Plague, a plague that of coarse turns the afflicted into beastly creatures. And thus, the Hunters are brought in. A group of people that are specialized to deal with the beast scourge, all of which came from Gehrman. The First Hunter. But, as the Hunters are doing their best to contain/deal with the plague, the inhabitants grow more and more paranoid that the Hunters themselves are the reason behind the plague and thus begin their own hunts. Killing beasts, and any outsiders with a sickness. All the while becoming infected themselves, causing even more mania within them.

    You can be a regular old Hunter. [Not old as in age, unless you want to.] that came from a faraway land to cure their illness, but ended up with a contract and a job to do. Or you can take up any of the NPCs that show up throughout Bloodborne. Eileen, Vileblood Hunter Alfred, The Doll or even Gehrman. Coarse, The Doll and Gehrman won't be in the field as the rest. Seeing as they're both in the Hunter's Dream and can't seem to leave.

    Now, as a few suggestions from a friend. If you do take up an NPC, you can tweak certain things [Save for The Doll and Gehrman]. Such as age, slight personality tweaks and backstory. So long as they remain roughly the same person. And should you wish, you can have certain items. Like the Burial Blade or the Crowfeather set. But, you must give a valid reason for how your character obtained such gear.

    As for story. It'll be based around the Hunters. OCs and NPCs alike. meaning that NPCs can be apart of the main story, so long as they do follow the main quest. Find the Paleblood, and find the sources of the plague and destroy them.

    CS layout below.
    Appearance: [Do provide a pic, please.]
    Eye C:
    Hair C:
    Hunter Covenant: [The Healing Church, Beast Hunter, Executioner, Cainhurst.]
    Melee Weapons:
    Ranged Weapons:
    [Optional] Relationships: [With other NPCs or OCs.]

    Can't wait for your inputs.
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  2. Appearance:
    Robert (open)

    Name: Robert Setn

    Gender: Male

    Age: 37

    Eye C: Left eye brown, right eye white.

    Hair C: Black

    Height: 5'10''

    Hunter Covenant: Beast Hunter

    Melee Weapons: Threaded cane

    Ranged Weapons: Hunter pistol, flamesprayer.

    Personality: Robert prefers dry and witty humor, often sarcastically remarking on annoyances. He dislikes dishonesty, and prefers to tell only the truth, even if what he says is only partially true. He is obsessed with mysteries, refusing to let them go until they are solved, which gave him quite a reputation in his younger days as a private investigator.

    Backstory: Robert was a private investigator for much of his younger years, a job he enjoyed greatly. Unfortunately his career was cut short when he was involved in an accident which left him crippled in both legs and blinded in one eye. Dejected, he began wasting away until he one day heard a rumor of a far-away city that held a cure for any disease, ailment or injury. Despite the advice of his friends and colleagues, he spent his entire savings to get to the city of Yharnam, desperate for a cure. Craving to be whole again so he could resume his work, he eagerly signed a hunter's contract, damning the consequences.
  3. Nice and Accepted.
  4. Name: Eric Crosswald

    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Eye C: Brown
    Hair: Short shaved, black.
    Height: 5'8
    Hunter Covenant: Beast Hunter
    Melee Weapon: Saw Cleaver
    Ranged Weapon: Hunter Pistol
    Personality: Quiet, yet talkative to the Hunters that didn't try to murder him. He does often like to say a minimum of 5 words, more or less. Unless there is a large, foreboding beast coming his way, in which case. He'll stay quiet, focusing on taking down the monster. But aside from combat and not talking a lot, he loves to learn new things, often using spare time to read a few journals and such. He also puts people's safety before his own, as in he'll gladly sacrifice his life or freedom if it meant one of his compatriots lived or was freed from any type of prison.
    Backstory: Growing up on a lowly farm, Eric did his absolute best to ensure his family was able to survive the day. And he would to this day had it not been for a sickness that swept through the countryside, killing most of his family and threw him onto death's door. Desperate to be healthy once more and to find something to aid what little remained of his family, he went to Yharnam to find a cure. He did find one, but rather than being sent back on his way. He went into a coma from the blood transfusion, and when he awoken, he found that the great city had gone from somewhat wonderful to downright chaotic. After learning it'd already been months, and certain that the Crosswald family was now gone while he was the sole survivor of it. Now, assigned a contract, he heads out. Somewhat happy that he had a new job to do.
  5. Still open? Been looking for a roleplay like this one for a week.
  6. Excellent, I will post my character soon. :)
  7. [​IMG]
    Name: '' Jack '' The Ripper
    His face has never been seen by another hunter and because of this the only thing we hunters can imagine is the traditional Victorian look and a rumor we are merely just going with that says he wears a top hat as well. Other rumors state that he wears black round glasses and he has a curved ended mustache, however that is not confirmed.
    Gender: male
    Age: presumed to be in the mid 30s
    Eye C: presumably brown
    Hair C: presumably brown
    Height: 6'1
    Hunter Covenant: Cainhurst
    Melee Weapons: '' Scythe of Want, Trickster .Ver '' Scythe of Want | Dark Souls 2 Wiki
    Ranged Weapons: Shaman Bone blade | Shaman Bone Blade | Bloodborne Wiki
    Personality: Loyal to the queen of blood and he clearly shows it in the way he fights, however besides the constant blood lust he carries he is a good tactician and a good teammate. In the whole covenant '' Jack '' is the most anonymous and therefore he does not show any signs of being apart of a group or covenant until he fights which is when his naive pleasure for lust takes over.
    Backstory: Jack born in a far away place named ''Majula'' now a town but poor at the time. He grew up being forced into child labor to a general of a militia that had moved into the land way before the birth of his parents. As a kid Jack was a rebel and sometimes was a leader to the other children due to the fact that at the time he was also older than the rest, however this caused him to be punished more often and in times of fear he took it upon himself to take the blame for whatever the other kids did which in all reality was not good for his emotional state. The general's punishment was to lock up and chain a child to a wall whilst blind demons and beasts were to roam free inside the same dark room located in the basement of the generals office, the rule was to not make a sound due to the fact that the beasts had sensitive hearing nerves from all the years that they had been blind. The ''Dark Room'' as the children called it was a matter of life or death that extended to either a week or a month according to how ''bad'' you were. Seeing how Jack acted he was locked up in the dark room for multiple months with very few chances to eat, Because of this his emotional behavior gradually changed to a more emotionless and fearless manner to where it got to the point where he no longer feared or struggled for his punishment... In the last few months of his childhood he began to question if he liked the dark room or not, regardless in the end his fears were no longer there beside him and he began to prefer the dark than the day time more and more as he got older.

    Eventually as he reached his mid 20s he was taught to use a sword by a spirit that once kindled the previous flame. Everyday Jack would travel to this spirits throne room and learn a lesson even in the times when it wasn't intentional. After long years of training from this spirit he gifted Jack a ancient weapon called the ''Scythe of Want'' made from the fragments of a demon and its origins tie to the story of a grand hero whom once defeated the monster in the castle and gave the king a rightful death from the clutches of the queen whom manipulated him. With the gift the spirit faded and jack left due to no more ties to the area and not baring hatred towards the general that he once worked under he had no reason to stay in the area so he took a boat and left. Eventually arriving at Yharnam where he modified the scythe into a trick version which allowed the scythe to be transformed into a scythe and then a sword. After a year or two he later joined the cainhurst covenant. Within those two years he learned the history of the area by reading old books inside ruins by his aimless wondering. He concluded that he would rather join the queen rather than the hunter ONLY because the history of the hunters state too many accounts of betrayal, Because of this he holds NO hatred to any other covenant... even the executioners. His law of thinking is that hatred is formed by the experiences of untold fate and by this law he cannot simply hate another only because of their existence... You can also wager that he also doesn't hold hatred towards the beasts of Yharnam due to his law, however that cannot be known for sure. In a more personal note in the latest year he has grown to love the queen, not in a religious sense but in a state of emotion... Perhaps someday he may tell the queen how he really feels but now he stays silent and only bows.

    Today he wonders Yharnam merely killing the beasts with only the intent to explore and experience new things but at the same time doing his covenant needs.
  8. Oh might i add that my character sacrificed long range effectiveness for more shorter range abilities, hence the dagger for the second weapon. Hope that is okay with you.
  9. Perfectly fine, and he is accepted.
  10. Okay cool, Thanks.
  11. Welcome. All we need now is more people to join in and we can get this rolling.
  12. You know... Perhaps contacting some people who were once in a rp similar to this one would benefit your chances of gaining members.
  13. Hm. I shall look them up.
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  14. I am more excited for this than I should be-- I have a few things to finish, then I will get started on a CS. c:
  15. @Comedy

    Since NPCs (Alfred) are/is available, I take it this is set after Cainhurst was forsaken and left to freeze over?
  16. Yes, it is set after Cainhurst was forsaken. Other NPCs are available. EX: Eileen, Gehrman [Though, he won't be in combat much.]
  17. Also, a friend suggested this. It is optional, but you can also do "Relationships" with NPCs and talked over with OCs. They did suggest this with the notion of allowing an explanation how your characters met certain NPCs and on what grounds you stand with them. Like, people with Cainhurst would be on 'foul' grounds with Executioners. @OwlFeather @Edward @Grothnor
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