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  1. The Night of Aeon

    Greetings my associates,

    It is July of 1944 AD. The chances that you are here in the holy nation of Vatican City means that you were summoned by one of my agents.

    This means that you have been observed by the Aeons, an agency that works for the Church. Despite our usual views on sorcery, slayings, and the like, the Aeons have once again called for a special group of people that have a high magical and psychical potential.

    The reasons why you have been chosen vary from a deep devotion to your faith to totally personal raison d’être; like removing a curse.

    Since you have come this far, all you have to is take care of some bad blood that exists in this world.

    You see, ever since the massive slaughter of many innocents due to the Great War, nearly twenty years in the past now, a great increase of undead and other demons have revealed themselves to the world. Now with the increased rate of death, 7 beings called the Sins have awoken and are seeking their final sister. For now, they remain in the shadows, feeding off Allied and Axis soldiers a like.

    We also have to be mindful of the Germans and their control of the lands that surround us. Mussolini has fled and is somewhere in the north. Rome itself is being fought for as I write this letter.

    Supernatural agencies from both warring parties believe that the Aeons are a danger and will stop at nothing to stop you in your quest…No matter the dangers involved, we can grant you the one desire that you want the most in exchange for your hard work.

    Chose to continue and you will now be known as an Aeon.

    You are a part a strong agency that has existed since the time of the Crusades.

    We command you to kill the undead in our name.

    This is the price of your salvation to freedom.

    Your Obliging Friend,

    Archbishop Francois St. Clair
  2. Okay the Epilogue of the Prologue is all that's left of the first mission, the wrapup and explanation.

    It did introduce a nasty thing...

    Reality Shards.

    These bad boys are leftovers from the rush job that The Spectre did with shoving the Marvel and DC universes together.

    They are literal pieces of reality, compressed into crystalline form. Staring at the facets will show you alternate versions of yourself. Rotating the thing will show you other versions. Touching it, well unless you're the only one of YOU in all universes, it starts to make you into... well it starts with one of them but after a moment goes, Oh heck, all of them! Which is chaotically fatal.

    And yes folks many of these are floating around the world. Hence the Epic part of Epic Crossover. Finding and containing the items most dangerous to reality itself.

    Just another day in the life, right?
  3. "For me? Online shopping. For most? Not really sure. We've got great takeout restaurants, you can see art from all around the world without leaving home, and you can have almost everything delivered?" Jennifer replied.

    Callahan just shrugged. "I just run the bar. The drinks get fancier and stocking up gets easier, and the people just get more and more interesting..."
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    Name: Silva Lomeva

    Nationality: Bulgarian

    Age: Unknown, absorbing mana keeps her youthful.

    Appearance: Long silver white (ash blonde) hair with bangs just over golden amber eyes. Pale skin, thin figure and an etheral appearance. Silva looks like a living angel.


    Presence Concealment: Silva, being a mixed blooded being, can invoke her powers to conceal herself to the point that is possible for her to almost disappear completely. Thusly, making it almost impossible to spot her without the ability to see into the spirit world. This power also allows her to conceal her true nature from the sight of most people, save for telepaths or psychics.

    Mana Destruction: An attack in which Silva literally dries up the mana of the environment by absorbing into herself. This prevents all forms of human magic from being used in a general area. This also severely weakens demons. However, if she uses this attack her body will be destroyed in the process, due to her inability to properly maintain mana.

    Contract Breaker: Silva’s final ability is to break contracts demons make with other humans. This seems to suggest that Silva’s ancestors dealt with many daemon class beings. She can only control beings that are weaker than her Familiar; however. This leaves the demons the Aeons are currently fighting out of the picture and the demons within the TOME OF INQUISITION out of the question.

    Weaknesses: Silva must maintain a proper amount of mana within her body at all times. The ancestor's of her family mixed a demon's blood into themselves in order to achieve power, making her vampire like in nature. Unlike Tamara’s case, the blood was added by spell, rather than breeding. This makes Silva’s mana level fluctuate at extreme levels. In order to survive she must drain the mana out of others. Depending on the amount of mana absorbed, will determine if a person shall live or die by her hands. She prefers going after villainous people, but this cannot always be the case.

    Personality: Silva is a woman that is masking her true emotions. She appears bubbly and carefree to the Aeons because she believes that is how they want her to act. Silva however, has one goal and that is, just like Tamara, defeat Solomon Griefbone. She believes that by slaying the demon, her powers will stabilize to the point, where she won’t have to absorb other’s mana.

    Silva believes that good and evil are just a part of nature and thinks that it is her duty to prevent suffering. She will use her powers on anyone that she deems needs “salvation” from this world. Compared to her familiar, she is not evil, rather indifferent.

    Her greatest joy is to play on the Church’s organs.

    Equipment: Silva owns the Blue Robes of the Sisters, which is the uniform she wears most of the time. Her possessions will vary to her various duties that St. Clair sends her on. Most of the time, she only carries a small case of food on her person.

    History: Silva’s past is kept hidden by the Church, so she is only allowed to mention so much about herself. First spotted by the Church sometime during the First Balkans War in 1912, she served with the Nurse Corps of the Bulgarian Monarchy. She was often called an “Angel of Mercy” by the men around her because with her touch, the wounded soldiers would feel no more pain. However, has her powers increased, she started to have issues keeping the men awake. Many slipping into deep, almost lifeless sleeps. Often spotted with a strange succubus named Lala, the “Angel of Mercy” continued her journeys ‘healing’ wounded soldiers of both sides. However, she was captured by the Turks and until the break out of the Great War, in 1914, she was kept somewhere in the Eastern half of Europe. However, with the entry of Germany in the War, the Turks handed her over to the Bavarians, who then sent her to Rome. Knowing that she might be helpful to the Aeons, a younger St. Clair accepted her into his ranks and she’s been there ever since.
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    Name: Ruth Trep (Mathew Trep)

    Nationality: German
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Ruth has brown hair and green eyes. She is more physically fit than is “appropriate for women her age”. (But anyone who makes that comment better look out…) When Mathew inhabits Ruth’s body there are noticeable changes, the body will walk, sit, and have the mannerisms like those of a guy.



    Brief back story-
    Right now both the spirits of Ruth and Mathew are attached to Ruth’s body. They can speak to each other and the one inside the body can see the other sibling. Most other people cannot see the sibling without the body and only one of them can occupy the body at a time. The one without the body cannot stray far from the body. (100 foot leash.) Although Ruth occupies her own body most of the time Mathew must reside in the body for at least one hour every twenty-four hours. (Or Mathew will die.) Their thoughts are separate and they can’t read eachothers’ minds.

    Seeing Spirits/Daemons – Either can sense spirits/daemons whether they are inside a body or out.

    Possession- The incorporeal sibling may possess another person/body. Brain of target must be intact. Target must be inebriated, brain dead, mentally unstable, a willing host, or extremely stupid. Spirit ( and possessed body) must still stay close to Ruth’s body.

    Pulse- A wave of spiritual energy that affects spirits whether they are inside a person or not. It cannot knock native spirits out of a body, but can be used to perform an exorcism on invading spirits. If it hits a person that person will not be physically harmed, but could get very disoriented for a short period of time. Although the body-less spirit provides the energy, the pulse must be directed through the forehead of the body. The ability can only be used once an hour. This takes a lot of effort from the spirit that initiates the pulse. If this is done, then that spirit will not be able to inhabit Ruth’s body or anyone else’s body for one hour.

    Speaking with Spirits- Can commune with ghosts, daemons, and other spirits. The body-less spirit must do the talking, but the one in the body can listen.

    Separate Abilities:

    Ruth- Ruth is not particularly skilled in hand to hand combat, but she can fight moderately well. Mathew is currently teaching her how to fight. Ruth is deadly accurate with a bow. She is very knowledgeable about daemons and magic, although she really can’t do any magic except some minor cantrips. ( Causing someone to sneeze, creating a floating globe of light, causing milk to turn sour, ect… Nothing that could really help in battle.) She created the wand that she uses, but it took her over two years to make it. (Wand details in Equipment area.) Ruth is usually level headed and calm although she is rather stubborn and somewhat of a tomboy. She is trying to teach herself some “real” magic, but all of her spells seem to fizzle leading to much frustration.

    Mathew- Mathew is skilled in hand to hand combat as well as with a variety of close range weapons. Before he died he wanted to become a daemon hunter so he has basic knowledge on various common daemons. He can be overzealous sometimes and has a quick temper. He hates Daemons with a passion and wants to eradicate them all no matter what the cost. Mathew is distrusting of magic and flat out refuses to even learn the basic knowledge.


    -Ruth and Mathew tend to bicker with each other over the little things.
    -Sometimes Mathew gets out of control. Ruth has to keep her brother’s anger problems in check.
    -Since Ruth’s body is constantly switching spirits is has become more susceptible to possession.
    -If one of the spirits is forced to stray too far from the body, then it will die. The spirit outside the body cannot willingly make him/her self go too far away.
    -Using spiritual pulses and possessing others tires out the body.
    When they switch spots there is always a short period of disorientation for the one entering the body.
    -If Ruth’s body dies, then they both die.


    Ruth- Calm, collected, and dutiful. She is very moral and only moderately religious. (She will not reveal any of her insecurity about her religion to the church though.) She tends to be very to the point and a bit of a know-it-all.

    Mathew- Extremely religious. He is passionate about destroying daemons and the undead. He has anger problems and can be a bit unstable at times. He is a do-er not a thinker.


    Ash/Rowan Footed arrows with Silver tips- Silver is a pure metal that hurts evil. Along with damaging evil, Ash wood and Rowan wood combine to form a very effective combination to hurt spiritual beings.

    Silver Hunting knife- Silver is a pure metal that hurts evil.

    Rowan Wand (15 max charges)- Can cast magic arrow when it is activated. To activate the wand Ruth must point the wand tip in the desired direction and say the magic word. (She usually mumbles the word so others can’t tell what it is.) The magic arrow is a fast moving bolt of white magic that can severely burn the living as well as turn the undead. The bolt is spherical and about as large as an apple. Once the item is out of charges Ruth must recharge it by concentrating on it and muttering the correct incantations. She must say the spell once for each charge she wishes to restore. The recharging spell takes about 20 minutes to say once. Mathew cannot use the wand as even he does not know the magic word.

    Bottles of holy water.

    Ruth and her brother Mathew lived in the country with their mentally unstable mother. Their father had abandoned them and their mom had not been right since. Mathew, Ruth’s senior by four years, had been a troublemaker from little on. He was always getting in fights and generally terrorizing the other children in the area. Ruth was always charged with the task of keeping her brother out of any real trouble and being his conscience since he was seemingly lacking in morals of his own. Ruth was bookish and took every opportunity she had to read. Even with her limited selection of literature she always found a way to read something.

    Their lives were pretty normal up until the summer when Mathew was eighteen and Ruth was fourteen. This was when they got their first horrible taste of the supernatural. Mathew and Ruth witnessed a Daemon rip out a child’s heart and were powerless to stop it from happening. Although the Daemon spared them from the same fate, the incident left both of them changed.

    Mathew turned to the church to learn more about these abominations. He became obsessed about them and trained to hunt them. He learned how to fight better and smarter in preparation for the day he would fight a Daemon. Ruth decided that she would go to the old hag Marie in the next village. It was from her that she learned what she knows about magic. Marie told her constantly that she would never be skilled with magic, but Ruth never listened.

    About two years later Mathew went on his first ill-fated hunt for a Daemon. He was under prepared and had no real plan. He didn’t even know what the daemon he was fighting was capable of. It was a body thief. Ruth didn’t find out about him going until it was too late to stop him. She showed up just in time to see the daemon steal her brother’s body. The daemon’s plan was to destroy Mathew’s spirit as soon as it left the body, but Ruth intervened and the daemon accidentally put Mathew’s spirit into Ruth’s body. Ruth tried to kill the daemon with her new wand, but she couldn’t bring herself to fire on her brother’s body.

    First they went to the Church, but the clergy could not free Mathew’s spirit from Ruth’s body without exorcizing him and destroying his soul. After leaving the church they ran to Marie’s shack. By the time they got to her shack it was almost morning. Marie informed them that the body switch had solidified at midnight. When they went home to tell their mother they found their neighbors outside with the authorities. According to them Mathew had come by last night and murdered their mother.

    The siblings could not stay in the village. There was nothing there for them and no one who could help them. For awhile they sought out churches with renowned preachers, but none of them could help without destroying Mathew’s soul. A couple of the more zealous ones tried to force Ruth to eject her brother. After that they talked to people of magic, but none of them had a real cure. Neither Ruth nor Mathew would ever try to trick another person into giving up their body. All their wanderings got them was the reputation of to be feared. Ruth was the fickle hearted witch who exorcized daemons, but, according to the stories, only to aid her quest to summon an evil spirit from the hereafter. When Ruth and Mathew received the invitation to join the ranks of the Aeons Ruth saw it as the final hope for a solution.
  6. I call second dibs on Lucifer Morningstar. ( He's a global at my calculation)
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    Whatever floats your boat. Just as long as you post in the RP more than once a month.
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    I'm going to comment that the rp stalled the first time on no account of my own...I was an active poster of the few.

    And I didn't even join the second attempt.

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  11. Coldplay is okay, but I don't listen to a lot of pop music in its prememe form.
  12. if i can find motivation to finish a side story maybe lol
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  14. I'll make you a temp mod so you can. Wait a few
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