The Night of Aeon (Action Supernatural Fiction)

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The Night of Aeon

Greetings my associates,

It is July of 20XX AD. The chances that you are here in the holy nation of Vatican City means that you were summoned by one of my agents.

This means that you have been observed by the Aeons, an agency that works for the Church. Despite our usual views on sorcery, slayings, and the like, the Aeons have once again called for a special group of people that have a high magical and psychical potential.


The reasons why you have been chosen vary from a deep devotion to your faith to totally personal raison d’être; like removing a curse.

Since you have come this far, all you have to is take care of some bad blood that exists in this world.

You see, ever since the massive slaughter of many innocents, nearly twenty years in the past now, a great increase of undead and other demons have revealed themselves to the world. Now with the increased rate of death, 7 vampiric beings called the Sins have awoken and are seeking their final sister. For now, they remain in the shadows, feeding off warring parties a like.


We also have to be mindful of the rebels and their control of the lands that surround us. The Prime Minister of Italy has fled and is somewhere in the north. Rome itself is being fought for as I write this letter.


Both warring parties believe that the Aeons are a danger and will stop at nothing to stop you in your quest…No matter the dangers involved, we can grant you the one desire that you want the most in exchange for your hard work.

Chose to continue and you will now be known as an Aeon. You will meet with a young woman with in one weeks time. If you do not meet with her, you will not be accepted into the agency and you will have to defend yourselves from the armies.

You are a part a strong agency that has existed since the time of the Crusades.

We command you to kill the Supernatural in our name.

This is the price of your salvation to freedom.

Your Obliging Friend,

Archbishop Francois St. Clair

It is the near future. Italy has broken into all out civil war because of finical hardships that have rocked the nation for many decades. With the occupation of Rome by the Separatist Parties, an ancient society called the Aeons is summoned from the four corners of the world to help defend the Holy City. They are all people with Supernatural abilities that have allowed them to stay hidden from war time aggression for five years. Now with the Separatist backed Ghoul Society trying to break into Vatican archives, this could prove fatal to the ever approaching Allied forces.

This is a tale of the supernatural during a modern war.
Re: The Night of Aeon (Supernatural)

The Night of Aeon.

RP Genera: Mystery, Drama, Suspense, Alternative History, supernatural fiction, Steam punk
Max # of Characters: 2
GM: Rory

Plot Summary: Set in near future, Italy is fighting a civil war. While that is occurring in the background, demons are becoming more aggressive in attacks around the Vatican. While the secular Organization deals with them on a global scale, the Church has summoned their own elite group to deal with the issues around Italy (neither agency will cooperate with foreign demon hunting organizations).

The Aeons are a group of Demon Hunters gathered by the Church, known as the most professional inquisitors. They are not meant to be exorcists, but simply those who kill demons. The organization operates and scouts entirely on ability. Anyone can become a member if they have the power and the will to destroy heretics and whatever else the Church finds "inconvenient." Faith is a secondary condition, though they will baptize the members. The members gain powerful privileges and influence, and they'll even go against the wishes of the Church without orders to eliminate heretics.

For new people wishing to join, you'll have to fill out a sheet:

Character Sheet:


Nationality: Were your character was born. Would prefer that the characters come from Europe or the Middle East. If portraying someone from the US, please no holy Rednecks.

Age: The characters cannot be younger 18 or older than 30.

Appearance: A picture/description of what your characters will look like. Characters must have a ‘uniformed’ look to them. Simply if you use a character from photobucket, please use a robed type. Please no ninjas, knights, pirates, or things of that nature.

Abilities: If they have any. Be creative but not unbelievable; powers can be magical based, pyshic, etc. However, they must be explainable; not High Fantasy things like elves or it's just lolmagic. Everything should sound like there is a science behind what they can and cannot do. This can also include strengths, skills, etc.

All characters must have weaknesses to counter-balance their abilities, be they physical, racial, psychological, etc.

Personality: How your character would react to situations. Are they nice? Arrogant? Rude, etc.

Equipment: This will include any non weapon gear that you‘d have. You‘ll gain weapons as the story progresses.

History: What are you doing ? Why were you selected to join the Aeons? Who were you with? Add a short past - where they grew up, perhaps how they got to be where they are at the start of the RP. Be creative but not over the top.

Ask my maid, Silea! But seriously though, if you have any questions or there is anything I have left out, just go ahead and ask me (in this thread or PM).

I hope that you’ll enjoy this plot line and join up.
Re: The Night of Aeon (Supernatural)

Name: Tamara “Tammy” Jaeger

Nationality: Proclaims to be Austrian; however, Tamara herself is of Nephilimic background.

Age: She appears to be around twenty years old, the age at which her Nephilimic blood first shown its full signs of kicking in, it is due to this fact that her true age is most likely not known.


To describe a Nephilim as being almost angelic in nature would seem to be slightly blasphemous. However, there is no other word that fits Tamara. She is seemingly made of the purest of marble and her skin is uniformly white. She tends dress in blacks or dark blues, often to accentuate her skin tint, which can, at times, can cause a sense of startling purity.

Abilities: Since she is a Nephilim, her mana level is very high. Tamara’s body has an extremely high physical and magical potential. She can jump to the top of lamp posts with ease, leap from rooftop to rooftop and match the speed of most demons. As well, she has total resistance to vampire powers since she is an 'elemental' vs. supernatural. Here is a list of her powers.

Masque: Tamara does not need to run. Often, she will simply mask her presence from her vampiric attackers. Masque works against controlled humans and ghouls very well, though a higher level vampire will still know the difference between a "normal" vampire and her. (Is used regularly)

Blind Seraphim’s Claws: Tamara’s hands turn from a human to being sharp like claws. The roots of this power comes from her Nephilimic background. If all her other weapons are lost, she will use this as a last ditch effort to escape. Tamara’s greatest fears are that her Nephilimic powers will consume her soul and mind. (Moderately used.)

Wanderers' Charisma: Another one of the Nephilimic powers that she holds. Her eyes turn from brown to red. This allows her to strike fear into the hearts of her enemies because in her world, Nephilims are a rare breed and many feel that one look into these eyes will grant the ability to plant suggestions in one’s mind, such as blending in with her surroundings. (Almost never used.)

Lethe's Touch: The most extreme of the Nephilim's powers, Lethe's Touch is used only in the most urgent of circumstances. It allows the Nephilim to erase all knowledge of the Nephilim Bloodline from a person or, in rare occasions, an entire area. It is believed that she used this on herself in order to 'forget' that she is Nephilim. (Used on self and is no longer accessible for her usage)

Shield of the Archons: When cornered, Tamara will fight and fight hard. The Shield is a projection of sheer mental force, telekinetic in nature, which protects the Nephilim on all sides. Physical attacks are her primary targets, though a few magical-orientated blows will also be stopped, depending on whether or not the spell effects are physical in nature. When all else fails, and the world has turned against her, she can always flee towards the Church. Sanctuary is a two-part power. The first part is a spell-like ability to transport her to her haven at the moment she needs it most (this isn't for casual transportation). Secondly, it places a generalized form of the Shield of the Archons about the haven in an attempt to stave off anyone who manages to find out where the has Nephilim fled to. (Usage unknown)

Weaknesses: No one should ever confuse a Nephilim for a human or, at least, not for long. It's not that they're inhuman-looking - they just don't act human. Also, Nephilim tend to fall rather hard in love - inexperienced as they are in emotions. This makes for disastrous results at times, especially when the potential lover is incapable of reciprocating the same feeling (for whatever reason). The Nephilim are nature spirits (akin to the Elementals) of such great magnitude that even normal humans can perceive them. Vampiric creatures from birth, however unlike vampires and other blood-sucking species the root of her bloodlust is psychological rather than physical.

Personality: It is often said that Tamara seems disoriented on the surface, which unconsciously conceals being humble. She has a younger sister persona to herself. On a deeper level, she is, in fact, moderately emotional and enormously easy to set off. If enough of this emotional conflict enters her brain, it will switch over to a more aggressive state. Then her mind is merely filled with a desire to kill, and has an instinctual knowledge on how to do it. It is this fear of turning into a mindless murderer that causes Tamara to hold back in many battles and things that she does. Tamara also likes to talk more in German than English; however, she is well versed in both languages and will use both. She also can speak limited Latin, due to her role with the Church.

Equipment: Her basic kit contains Holy water and a stake made out of silver, which is a pure element that hurts evil and a few other personal belongings. Since Tamara is a natural being vs. a true vampire, silver is not "toxic" to her. She does not believe in using guns but if she needs to, she'll use them.

History: The Nephilim (Hebrew: נפלים, Nefilīm) were a race that came to dominate the antediluvian (pre-flood) world, and are referred to in the Bible as the heroes of old, men of renown (females seem to be rare). The Nephilim are an odd Bloodline, all around. They are not "born" like vampires and, in fact, most vampires feel no affinity for them whatsoever. In times past, there have been various pogroms against them, wherever they were found.

How she is still around in modern times is only known by few. Her past is kept a hidden secret from all, except for the Archbishop himself. What is known is that in 1923, her "tomb" was discovered in Egypt by the Organization but due to her power level she was shipped off for the Church to deal with since they have access to Holy Items.

Sometime later, Tamara forced an amnesia spell on herself, so no one from other religious organizations could track her movements. However, she still has a purely psychological impulse that pushes her to suck the blood of others, because there is no physical reason behind those impulses there is no definite cure for them.

Currently is one of the Heads of the Aeons
Um I would be interested in making a character but um it may take me some time to come up with a complete character concept.
No problem. If you need any help with ideas just let me know. I am the GM, afterall. ;)