The Night Class

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  1. Galveton Academy. A prosperous place with a large campus. One large, two-story school building where academic classes are held as well as two seperate dormitories.

    Up until now, the dormitories were to seperate girls from boys. However, the dean of Galveton has made an additional class, the Night Class. Now, the dorms are to seperate the day class from the night class. The day class goes to school during regualar hours, while the night class goes in when the sun goes down.

    Sure, the day class students joke around about why those students go to school late. Vampires and werewolves are among the more popular rumors. Little do they know, they're partially right.

    The students of the night class are vampires.

    Terry Bonfield was one of the first students to enroll in the night class. Today was her first day of classes, after having to take exams and an oath [To feed only from the feeders designated to the night class and not from students of the day class. Also to not give away the night class's secret, until further notice].

    She waited in her room for the day students to start filing out of the school. She could smell them, all the way over here. It was going to be difficult to restrain herself, but she knew that there were hunters in the day class as well. If she tried to attack someone, she'd be killed no matter what. The point of being there was to try and get vampires and humans to co-exist, not to start a war. She could only hope that the hunters would restrain themselves from killing her brethren.

    Smiling, Terry headed down to the main hall of the dormitory, where other students were gathered around, ready to go to class.
  2. Anna, a human, filed out of the school building, going to the girl's dormitory. The classes were all right for this year being a sophomore. She looked about outside, noticing the sunset. Anna had always liked the sunset hour, because where the school was, the sunset was very pretty. Besides, it was all her favorite colors. Blue, red, hints of orange and yellow, just brilliant.
  3. Perry wandered out of the main school building with the other day students. He glanced out in the direction of the night dorms where through the windows he could see the shadows of people (well, vampires, rather) gathering to head out. He remembered what his mother told him. "Just make sure they don't cause any trouble." Easier said than done but he'd do what he had to in order to satisfy his parent's motives for sending him to Galveton. Distracted he bumped into a girl who was also preoccupied staring at the sunset. She was small with long brown hair. "Excuse us." He mumbled almost inaudibly pushing his glasses back up the bridge of his nose as he kneeled to pick up their fallen books.
  4. "Heh...pretty--AH!" Anna jumped and looked back. "O-Oh! I'm sorry, I should have started sky gazing somewhere else," she said a bit frantically. Anna bent down and began to help Perry pick up the books. "Are you ok?"
  5. Terry watched as the students began leaving the school-building. She glanced a little at the sun before backing away from the window quickly. She touched her cheek gently as it healed from the sunburn she had gotten after the few seconds of exposure. She heard a few other students snicker, but quickly quieted them when she glanced back at them.

    "Almost time," she said gently, mainly to herself. She paced to the back of the crowd of night class students, adjusting her shirt and crossing her arms over her chest.
  6. "Oh I'm fine of course. And this seems as good a sky-gazing place as any if you're not worried about injury." He looked her over as she helped pick up the books. She looked very genuine and innocent and he bit his cheek to think of what vampire bait she was. He considered that he could be good to befriend her. He flipped over one of her English books. "Hamlet. If I remember the course list correctly you must be a sophomore which means your dorm is over by the library. I'll walk with you that way."
  7. "That's good!" Anna said whilst smiling. She made a little chuckle at the last bit. She looked back up to Perry and tilted her head to the side a bit as he looked over her book. "Hm? Oh, yes! I am a sophomore." Anna stood up with Perry and nodded. "Oh, ok...Thank you!" she said and started to follow Perry to the dorm. " grade are you in?" she then asked, trying to make some bit of conversation.
  8. "I'm a senior. But I just transferred this year. At my parent's bequest. Don't ask why, they're just weird." Perry answered, smiling wryly down at her. He lifted the one textbook that wouldn't fit in his bag and held it between his head and shoulder. "So you probably know this place better than I do. What do you think of this new 'night school' invention?" He cocked an eyebrow at her, curious as to what other students might think.
  9. Eden wasn't normal. But... she didn't quite know what "normal" was, anyway. She wasn't human - she knew that much. But what she was... she honestly didn't know. People have called her a creature of the night... a vampire. But why... she didn't know. She had no lust for blood, nor did she stay awake through the hours of the night... but, what she did know was that she needed and education of some sort... and regular public schools wouldn't permit her to enroll. But oddly... this school did.
    Sitting on her bed, she had her books pressed hard against her chest and her icy-blue eyes wandered around the room. Her light blonde hair was in curly locks that bounced around that would caress the ivory skin of her neck with each step. She was wearing a pair of faded, hole-y skinny jeans, and a simple, baggy white t-shirt. She may not dress the way, but this girl was simply the epitome of beauty. Her complexion was fair and flawless, her lips, soft and full, her eyes, big and bright... she was absolutely immaculate, this girl. She had a dainty figure... Eden only stood a mere 5'2" and had a small, slender frame.
    She exhaled slowly, her eyes rising to the ceiling. She never quite knew what a friend was, for no one ever wanted to be around her. She inhaled quickly and stood up, gathering her things into her bookbag, then slung the strap over her shoulder and stared at her dorm room door.
  10. "Oh I see," Anna nodded and smiled back at him, not noticing the crookedness of his smile. "The night school?" she blinked. She seemed to remember what the night class thing was about. "Oh yeah! I don't know why they have the night class and why only certain people can go in...But I want to be able to go in! I'd much rather have my classes at night than in the day...Then again its probably an enrichment glass for the gifted...I know for sure I'm not smart at all," she said with a nervous chuckle.
  11. Eden walked down the hallway and exited the dorm, her eyes wavering back and forth and her heart pounding. She had never been around a lot of other people at once before... she didn't know if it would be overwhelming or not. She looked outside... the sun was setting. As she reached the stairs to the school, she bit her lip. Much like a ballerina, Eden then skipped up the stairs with poise and grace, and her eyes met two other students who were stopped near the entrance of the school. Other people! She couldn't help but think to herself excitedly, and she blushed and smiled happily. Slowly, carefully, the immaculate beauty approached the two, freezing and stopping within 8 feet of the two.
  12. "Oh." He closed his eyes and nodded smiling slightly. It was sort of infectious, her light-heartedness. She reminded him of his younger sister. "Yes, it must be something like that. I'd advise against spending much time around those students, however. I think it will be much easier if night-schoolers and day-schoolers didn't interact, that is... for scheduling purposes." They went on walking slowly as the sun got lower in the sky. Amused with their conversation, Perry was once again oblivious to the other students in the crowd. He stopped when he realized someone was standing right in front of him. They were practically chest-to-chest. Well, more face-to-chest as she was much smaller. "Well." He squinted and smiled somewhat sarcastically at the new-comer. "Yes? Hello."
  13. "Oh? Um...all right?" Anna didn't know why he advised against talking with them but shrugged and let it be. She looked up and saw that the sky was turning a navy blue with a few hints of salmon pink in the sky. "Heh...Oh! A star!" she said immediately as the star poked into the sky with its shimmer.
  14. -I stumblenupon this place. My threshing gold vibrant hair swoops Down underneath my shoulders. My cheeks are bright pink and my lips are as nude as the sky. I have ocean blue eyes that twinkle when the sunlight glares brightly agaist my delicate face. Im stranded, and i walk to a slump, and my bright baby blue dress whistles in the wind as i float down to my knees.- "Why, what have we here. Let me introduce myself, my name is Milli." I say with blushing cheeks.
  15. Ireland could hardly contain her excitement- she felt like doing a silly little dance right there and then to express how happy she was. Better not though, or else these humans might think her weird on her first day.
    Humans! I'm going to meet real humans! she smiled happily to herself, bouncing along with a cheery wave at everyone and wondering what humans were like. They had so many different scents so what would they actually be like?
    "Hello!" she said to a random stranger and laughed at the confused expression on their face as she swept by.
    She started to hum lyrics to her favourite song but stopped when she saw the girl [Eden] standing frozen. Was she ok? Ireland looked at her, wondering if all humans acted like she did, standing so still , when the boy [Perry] seemed- to Ireland- to act somewhat sarcastically to the girl. A knot of defensiveness for the girl rose up in Ireland's gut but she swallowed it back down. Ireland's frown faded as she thought it best not to take sides and just make friends instead.
    She bounced up to the group and waved.
    "Hello!" she chirped brightly at them, "I'm Ireland! It's my first day here and- oh never mind that- who are you?"

    Jack watched the night class with a livid expression on his face.
    A growl nearly escaped his throat but he managed to hold it back in time. he couldn't believe it. How could these monsters just stand here and act like they had a right to be here? If it wasn't for the innocent humans present, he didn't know how he would be able to contain his anger that wanted to scream at these...things...and tear them apart. He probably wouldn't survive bt he'd make a considerable dent and alot of giref. No less than they deserved.
    "Bloody parasites," he muttered.
  16. Seeing that the small blonde girl was suddenly overcome by shyness he shrugged and looked up at the star Anna had pointed to. It was pretty. "I think that's Altair." He mused. He was torn out of his thoughts when another girl bounced up. He took a subtle step back. She chirped at them and introduced herself as Ireland. He looked out and saw the sun had completely vanished now. He looked back at the girl with a million different colored streaks in her hair. He got a strange sense from the blonde girl (he glanced at her as she stood there blushing), but Ireland was most certainly a night student. He moved cautiously in front of Eden and Anna and slid his hands into his pockets. "Samhane, Prospero." He answered. "I'm sorry, aren't you a little early to be coming to class?"
  17. Terry walked out, yawning. She could see the other student talking to a group of day class students, waving and smiling. She could see some of the day class students glaring. Terry smiled a little, Hunters. They always smell different from normal humans. Those people, they probably wanted to see all of the night class burning in the sunlight. Lucky for the night class, the sunset only gave them a sunburn. Though it was preferable that they stay inside until all day class students were in their dorm and the sun had fully set.

    She came up behind Ireland and leaned close to whisper, "The hunters don't appreciate you mingling with the humans. Don't provoke them." Terry gave her a little smile and continued on to the school building. Her hand was on her arm, having exposed it too much to the sun. It was fully set by the time the night class was in their first class and the day class was in their dorms.
  18. "Oh no! I'm not early- I wanted to meet some of the hum- day time class, " Ireland shook her head, her smile faltering a little as she realised he was from one of the more well-known vampire hunting families. Still, best not to judge him by his family if she could help it.
    She'd been about to ask him if he was liking the school (and other human things) when a vampire had come up behind her and whispered,
    "The hunters don't appreciate you mingling with the humans. Don't provoke them."
    "whaddaya mean?" Ireland turned around to ask the the vampire but she was already walking away. Ireland looked back at the group and suddenly noticed how the hunter was guarding the two girls and others from the day class glaring at her.
    "Oh." she said, feeling awkward and slightly sad that they didn't trust her just because she was a vampire. It wasn't as if she was going to burn them alive and eat them.
    "Well, good bye anyway Pero and friends," she waved and bounced away again, after Terry. She caught up with her and looked at her with a questioning stare.
    "Hey! Um, you! What do you mean? I'll provoke them? It's not as if I'm sucking anyone's blood dry," she said, then realised how much of an idiot she sounded. Of course hunters were suspicious of vampires and hated them. She should have known that from when they hunted her family. She looked down and notice the vampire girl's hand clutching her arm.
    "Are you ok?" Ireland exclaimed, her kind nature hating to see a fellow vampire in pain.

    Jack had heard the discussion between the colourful vampire girl and the other three humans. He'd glared at the vampire monster for even daring to be so forwards with humans, as if she thought they were equal.
    Equal, Jack scoffed, dropping his cigarette and grinding it beneath his boot.
    He heard the boy say his name was Samhane and felt a glimmer of respect for him. His family were well known amongst the community and Jack had even attended a couple of their banquets, if only to show that he was worthy enough to be there- as worthy as his father had been.
    Jack started walking, deciding he wanted to grab a coffee and check the vampires weren't going to be a nuisance. He nodded at the fellow hunter and two girls as he passed and looked up at the sky.
    It was dark now. It reminded jack again of these night classes and he felt an angry churning in the pit of his stomach.
  19. Eden couldn't speak... the boy spoke to her, but she just simply couldn't form words. So, like an idiot, she just stood there with her head cocked to he right, staring up at the boy. Dammit, why can't I speak!? She turned her attention to the boy and the girl who just approached. The girl seemed far too excited, but her bubbly-ness brought a smile to Eden's lips. The boy didn't seem too friendly. His growl sent a shiver up her spine, but she shook it away before it reached her upper back. She then began listening in onto the conversation. Something about arriving too early?
  20. "They don't like us," she replied, her voice still low. "We're not here to cause problems, but despite that, they might try something if they think we're posing a threat." Terry looked back at the two hunters. "Even if we don't do anything, if we get too close to the humans..." her voice trailed off as her mind began wandering.

    Terry turned to the girl and smiled. "I'm fine. Just a little too much sunlight for me today." She held the door open and waited for her to step inside.