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    "Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, for coming to watch for beloved performers and their amazing acts~!" said an amiable headmaster as she gave a farewell speech to the audience. "The Night Circus will forever be grateful for coming to our shows!" she added, placing a gentle smile on her moderately tanned face. The crowd stood up from their seats and clapped for the performances and the circus' staffs. Ester bowed slightly as well as the rest of the staffs, giving the thrilled crowd one last 'thank you' before they left the circus' main tent. After everyone had left the Night Circus, the headmaster and the performers walked outside the main tent, breathing fresh air and chatting away with each other as they walked around the circus. Some staffs went back to their tents to get rest for the day. Ester strolled around the circus grounds, passing the white and black tents. She will smile at anyone she comes in contact with, complimenting on their performances. The young headmaster sighed tiredly once her honey brown eyes settled on a certain sleeping figure, who is on top of a crate.
    "Sterling Royce! Seriously, you need to stop this habit of yours!" she cried, waking the poor, young man up by pulling on his right ear. The hatter screamed in pain as he felt his niece pulled on his ear harshly. "What the hell, Es!?" he yelled, getting off the crate and rubbed the rather red ear, grumbling under his breath. Ester rolled her eyes at her uncle, sticking her tongue out at him. Sterling mimicked her action causing the both laughing at each other. The hatter and the headmaster walked to the front of the circus, both magicians telling each other about the day.
    "So, I told the lion tamer, how about we go out to a bar and restua-" the hatter cut himself off from his story when he glanced over at the main entrance, noticing the staffs gathering around a dark figure. Both performers hurriedly walked over to the crowd, making their way to the figure. Once they reached the mysterious person, they noticed a strange device in their hands. A device that could change their whole life around. The headmaster spoke to the nearest staff around her, asking them a question.
    "Who is this strange gentleman?"
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    It had been a good performance for Arabella, with managing to confuse and entertain the people who came to see her illusions. People loved a good illusion, especially when it's coming from someone who they had previously doubted in being able to confuse them. Talk about satisfaction. Now, Arabella returned to her tent and changed from her costume and let down her hair, sighing in relief as the locks were released from the tight bun. She quickly took a shower before changing into a white tank top and burgundy shorts, feeling as it was a fairly warm night. She left the tent, feeling the warm breeze glide across her skin as she walked around the circus grounds, seeing who she would run into. Though as she did, Arabella saw near the main performing tent a gathering of people, two being Sterling and Ester. Intrigued, Arabella walked towards the small crowd of performers and staff, wondering what this was all about.

    The wounds stung as Enzo cleaned them, only grunting a bit as he had become accustomed to the scratches. He had gotten used to the scratches and bite marks after a while, with his scar covered arms and hands as proof. These fresh cuts weren't large and the crowd hadn't even noticed the lion's nails digging into his skin during his performance, but that's what Enzo was aiming for. After cleaning up his wounds, Enzo showered to get the animal smell off of him before changing and covering the scratches with some gauze. Enzo headed out, looking around before seeing a familiar feminine figure head towards a group of people who were gathering near the main tent. While Enzo tried to convince himself that he didn't care about what was going on, he couldn't deny that he was actually fairly curious about this. He took out a box of cigarettes and wedged a cigarette between his pale lips, then pulling a blocky silver lighter from the pocket of his pants, flipping it and watching as the orange flame lit of the tip of the cigarette. His golden eyes gazed at the crowd, watching from afar.
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    The night had gone fairly well. The twins managed to woo and awe the crowd as they swung high above them and did flips and tricks with the trapeze bars. There was one moment the crowd had screamed as Wendy let go of her bar and looked as if she was about to plummet to her death but it was all apart of their show. Peter caught her feet and swung her back towards her bar using his bars momentum and the crowd was back to aweing and ooing. By the end of the show, the two were breathless but happy at their acts success. They waited until all of the audience to leave before they made their way to their tent. They washed their face of the make-up on it before changing out of their performance clothes and into shorts and a t-shirt. Slightly hungry, the two decided they would head to the dining tent to see what was for dinner. However, on the way they spotted some of the other cast and staff members of the circus gathered around the front gate. Peter and Wendy looked at each other, shared a frown then headed over to see what all the commotion was about.

    Estelle was tired. Very, very tired. Balancing on a rope was much harder than he made it look and it took all of his concentration as well as his balance. He had pulled off a few flips that amazed the crowd but left him sore. So he was really looking forward to heading back to his tent, changing, eating, and maybe adding in a bath. Estelle made his way to the ground after the crowds had left and headed towards his tent. He changed into some shorts and a tank top, using some hair clips to pin his hair away from his face. Hmmm, he wandered what was for dinner. His stomach rumbled in agreement and so he made his way through the doors of his tent. However, he saw a group gathered around the front gate. Was one of the audience members still here? Was someone hurt? Frowning lightly, he began to make his way over.

  4. L O W E L L
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    {x} interactions: Sterling @Serenidad-tempestad

    Lowell's act was as gut wrenching as it always was; not gut wrenching in the sense of danger, causing 'ooooh's and 'aaaaaah's, no, gut wrenching as in 'bones aren't supposed to bend like that'. His contortionist performance always stunned however, whether it be an uncomfortable silence from the squeamish, or an awe-struck crowd, a stun was a stun. Lowell always managed to slightly sore from his performances, a faint, familiar ache in his joints that he had long accepted as an after routine to his shows. After all, no normal humans bent like he did. Of course, there was going to be some repercussion, and if his only punishment for being a freak of nature was an annoying ache, he'd take in in stride. He was just about to head off to his own tent after the performance, until he spotted a crowd gathering by the entrance. It didn't take him more than a minute for him to notice the familiar Hatter, and deciding to pester him about it rather than addressing the situation upfront, he made his way over to the duo.

    "So, what's everyone lookin' at?" Lowell said suddenly, almost appearing out of nowhere as he swayed back and fourth on his heels, blinking pale colored eyes between his fellow performers and the crowd forming in the front.

    F L O R E N C E
    {x} location: heading to her tents.
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    Like always, a real life fire bender never failed to put on a flashy show. She had done one of her better performances tonight, an act of fire flipping- and swallowing, that drove the crowd crazy as she became a fire gypsy in the center of the stage. However, the minute her curtain dropped, the sexy, fire goddess act faded, and she wore her infamous bitch face as she tried to wipe the soot off her face. She may be immuned to the fire's heat; but nothing would ever protect her from the gross, black dust that it's smoke left behind after her performances. After a few moments of annoyed scrubbing of her hand on her face, she eventually gave up and headed to her tent for the night, looking forward to a nice, long rest. Until her eye caught commotion at the front.

    Yeah, nope, it didn't concern her. As long as she didn't get sucked into whatever the hell was happening up there, she was good with the unknown, just beginning to stalk back to her own private quarters to attempt and enjoy the rest of her nice.
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    Sterling glanced over at the Contortionist, startled when he heard his voice all of the sudden. He gave him a small smile before responding to him. "It seems a strange man had appeared out of nowhere," he replied to the young man next to him, his greyish eyes gazing over to the coated gentleman.Sterling walked over to the stranger as he put on a smile, waving his gloved hand slightly at him. "Greeting, sir!" he spoke, with a happy-go-lucky tone of voice. "I'm sorry to tell you this but the circ-!" The gentleman in a black coat interrupted him and handed the small device to the Hatter, causing him to raised his brows and stared at the ticking device as the figure quickly threw a pair of smoke bombs on the ground and vanish. The sound scare off some of the performers while others stood where they were, covering their face from the visible suspension of carbon or other particles in the air. Once the white smoke had cleared off, the magician used his top hat to clear off any carbon, coughing as he did.

    Ester hurriedly walked over her uncle and glanced over the area for the figure. Her honey brown eyes looked at the Hatter, raising a brow as she pointing at the pocket watch. "Did he just vanished into thin air after giving you a watch without an explanation?" she questioned, the Hatter only nodding in response. She gave a closer look to the small device, noticing the details and a wind-up key on the back. "I know this is a watch, but what is a wind-up key for?" she asked Sterling. Some of the staffs gathered around the magician and the headmaster, looking at the device. Others left them and walked back to tents to go to change into different clothes and walk over to the dinner tent. The headmaster told the remained staffs to go to their tents as well, though few wandered around the circus ground, talking about the event that happened today.
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    Arabella had only been present in the growing circle of people when an unexpected cloud of smoke burst from the center, surprising her momentarily before she composed herself. She spotted the two familiar people - Sterling and Ester - and she wedged and squeezed herself through the people until she was standing right next to Ester. "What's going on?" Arabella asked as she looked at the empty spot and then glanced towards the old-looking pocket watch that Sterling held in his palm. She didn't bother to mention the ticking contraption, as it wasn't unusual that Sterling would sometimes get weird things. Arabella quickly scanned the crowd, and many seemed to be bewildered. "Everyone looks pretty shocked. What happened?"
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