The nicest thing someone has ever said/done for you?

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Let's think about HAPPY things! Even if your life sucks balls, you've had to of had at least one shining moment where someone said or did something that gave you the warm fuzzies. Lets talk about the love. :3

What is the nicest thing someone has said/done for you? Why was it so awesome?
Someone told me they loved me. Can't really top that.
I'm at a loss, its like asking me what my favorite memory is. I don't have one, I don't cling to memories or feelings and I can't member anyone really doing anything for me worth remembering. Maybe that explains why I'm so depressed a lot of the time.

In a pinch, its prolly when an ex broke up with me amiably with no hard feelings, just a recognition we couldn't be together.
I think my favorite was from a friend I've had for about five years.
"You've made me who I am, and I'll always remember you".
Well I was told once I wouldn't get killed because I seemed nice.
"I'm happy to hear that everyone keeps saying that RJ is evil, but they've never seen him so serious as to you." - Chinese foreign exchange student ex.

"You'll find a girl you deserve though it's hard to imagine that girl that deserves you exists" said by my best friend who well is just amazing.
there was the time the teachers at my school gave me this special award at the end of year twelve, in front of the whole of my year and their folks at graduation, and the fact that everyone clapped and stuff.

it was a massiv eego boost.
I'm struggling to remember one, so I guess I'll go with the ol' "I love you" thing.