The nicest thing someone has ever said/done for you?

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  2. Astaroth held her hips and smiled.
  3. Jacqueline

    "Lets see...sources..." I scroll down the article until I get to an actual list of 'reliable' sources. "One here is an informant who 'knew' the family...Itzlie's family anyway. Er, another one is a statistics about missing kids...a certain percentage of runaways per on so forth. He has...huh, he actually hired a private investigator to look into Itzlie's family. Doesn't look like it went into too much detail...In fact he has more information about the River's death. Police report that was issued to the public, newspaper story, supposed 'autopsy' report, and not to mention...oh, dear...apparently he said he talked with the River's kid. Wendy? Winnie?" I blink "Oh...uh...don't we have a Winnie Rivers here?" I shrink and decide to click away until Im back at the page about Itzlie's family. I grin slightly as he pats my head "Hey, I am just the John Watson to your Sherlock Holmes." I glance down at the article once more. "This is more about the horribleness of the family than it is about her brother...ah, Ivan! That's what the author says his name is. Itzlie and Ivan...Aw. Thats...actually a very cute pair of names for twins..."

    Then we get us. Jacqueline and Jack. Goodness...we were creative kids weren't we? I laugh slightly at Jack's thought. I suppose he was my twin. Just in a sort of creepier way.


    She reaches back towards the couch and throws a pillow at me. "Ah!" I exclaim and duck before it hits my head. I look back and see it has hit the kitchen floor. I pout at her but can't help but grin. "Wait...did something happen back at the house?" I ask her with a tilted head. I hope to goodness sake that no one hurt her while she was there. Anger begins to boil up in my stomach but I shut it down. I can't assume before I know. Besides, I haven't gotten angry in a long time, and it's not pretty. I don't like it when it happens.


    She tells me she was surprised by my sudden affection and I lightly laugh "I was sort of surprised by my own actions, if you ever don't feel comfortable with any action...please let me know..." However a big smile grows on my face as she tells me she didn't mind it. "O-oh good." I shake my head "I am glad we left this house when we did...and I am glad it didn't end any worse." I pat the top of her head "We got really, really lucky," I don't think I could bare it if something happened to her.


    I think my words drained the life from her eyes. I am truly horrible, aren't I? I brush the hair that had evacuated it's prison of a bun(which was a majority of it, my hair abilities have seemed to have disappeared along with my strength and will to stand up straight, go slouching!)

    "Im sorry...oh goodness I am sorry have to understand..." It was the same fear I had when Scott found me. What the hell were they going to do now? My heart is sinking into my stomach "I-I don't know if it will do much help...a-and w-we can get some answers from Jennifer...I don't want her or your brother to go through interrogation. W-we can understand what's going have to understand that we can handle this situation." I realize it may have been my own venom that was building in my skull. That I wanted to find whoever sent them...and I want to do what they did with the kids. Make them bleed. How horrible is that?
  4. I'm at a loss, its like asking me what my favorite memory is. I don't have one, I don't cling to memories or feelings and I can't member anyone really doing anything for me worth remembering. Maybe that explains why I'm so depressed a lot of the time.

    In a pinch, its prolly when an ex broke up with me amiably with no hard feelings, just a recognition we couldn't be together.
  5. "You make me happy."
  6. I think my favorite was from a friend I've had for about five years.
    "You've made me who I am, and I'll always remember you".
  7. Well I was told once I wouldn't get killed because I seemed nice.
  8. "I'm happy to hear that everyone keeps saying that RJ is evil, but they've never seen him so serious as to you." - Chinese foreign exchange student ex.

  9. Said something similar to someone once.
  10. "You'll find a girl you deserve though it's hard to imagine that girl that deserves you exists" said by my best friend who well is just amazing.
  11. there was the time the teachers at my school gave me this special award at the end of year twelve, in front of the whole of my year and their folks at graduation, and the fact that everyone clapped and stuff.

    it was a massiv eego boost.
  12. I'm struggling to remember one, so I guess I'll go with the ol' "I love you" thing.