The nicest, and not so nice places ^^

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  1. I'm sure we all traveled, just a little bit. So what are some of the nicest and not so nice places you've been too?

    I have 2 for nice.

    1. Lawrence-burg Tennessee-
    These people were just cool and considerate. Within the first week of my 1 month stay, I got known as the chocolate guy at the store near by. Why? Well I bought chocolate every time I went in to go a bit of shopping XP But nice people, and I didn't feel the need to be on guard... Despite apparently a gang being near by.

    1. Texas (Forgot exact city, it's below San-Antonio)
    I was vaguely expecting gun-slinging 'YEEEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!" Or a certain degree of it XP. But my friend that lived there said that i'd get punched if I put on those old western outfits and tried to "Blend in" XD (Which made me want to "Blend in" even more XD)
    But actually, the people there were quite nice. Never did I feel unsafe, and there were even random (Deer I think) roaming around. This one deer was infront of my hotel just sorta chillin as i was chillin out there too. But road rules are a bit different. APPARENTLY, if I'm in the middle of the road, the car who's turning but hasn't arrived yet STILL has the right away -.- My friends little sister saved my life right there o.o If you travel across the states, odds are you'll stop at Dallas air port. That place has this pretty fun monorail to get you to different gates as the place is HUGE!!!!!!!!

    Not so nice-
    Montana (Forgot exact city)-
    Never have I felt bad for not being man enough. I'm there looking for ice. And the people there are just the manliest men you'll ever see. The looks I got were unsettling, and when I did ask, the guy just gave me a look, almost like he was saying "HAH, this sissy boy's asking me for ice" Now i'm a small build, compact muscles. Meaning that my arms are more on the small/medium end no matter how strong I get. (My moms side has small arms, my dads side has bigger arms, I'm somewhat the middle though gears more towards my mothers smaller build)
    When i'm not getting odd looks, it's because i'm snake-ing my way through everyone's massive muscles that they can't see me past their beef. (That last parts a bit of an exaggeration XD But still)

    Dalles Oregon-
    I don't even know where to begin... For one, their Dam looks like a prison, that just happens to be a dam also. BOTH places we went to, there was the shadiest of people. Like my two aunts went to the bathroom of a Wendy's, and BOTH times the same guy just sorta creeped by the womans bathroom door, blocking the way for them to exit until they ask if he can move. Then this simi truck blocked the view of my aunts van and we were like "Okaaaayyyy... I think it's time to go." And as we get out, 2 shady people were oddly close to our van too o.o Like EVERYONE here just looked shady and untrustworthy. Almost felt like a prank show >.<

    So what are some of the nicest, and not so nice places you've been too?
  2. It is my goal to live in a small town on Vancouver Island, surrounded by rain forest. I truly believe there's no nicer place in the world.
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  3. There's rain forest in Canadia?!
  4. O.O That place looks REALLY nice. I'll have to add that to my place to visit.
    It does look like a place of magic. Vancouver island is fairly large though, do you have any specific city/location that perhaps sticks out to you more than the rest?
  5. I googled images.

    It seriously, really does look like the real-life equivalent of an enchanted forest. The fog touches it just right, and you'd have expect fae to start appearing...

    ... Yeeaaahhhh...

    brb moving to enchanted rain forest
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  6. Nice and Meh - Quebec (Approx 10 years old)

    We basically just drove right through Quebec to spend a week at a cottage we were lent.
    So the only thing I saw of Quebec was the pit stops made at convenience stores and like though.
    And not understanding French at all, I didn't really follow much of anything so my Dad had to do most of the talking.

    Cottage was nice (other than Dad jumping me with the Bear horn while on the out house... Fucking asshole >.<).
    It was a lot of boat trips for the most part, though for some reason my Mom insisted that we spend a good amount of time in the cottage itself rather than outside.
    So that was also when I ended up getting into warhammer 40k painting.

    This is in all honesty more a judgement on the Cottage than Quebec though, since like I said all I really saw of it was the pit stops.

    Nice - New Brunswick (Approx 12 years old)

    Yes I know I'm Canadian, but I leave Ontario so rarely that seeing another province counts as a trip for me. :P

    Note I never actually got to look around too much, I was brought over with my Mom to help out with the Autism Chapter over there.
    So it's a lot of seeing them and dealing with a newspaper at one point. There were some nice resturants though, and an indoor amusement park.
    Personally I spent most of my time there playing their laser tag. :3

    Nice - Florida (Approx 13 years old)

    It's been almost half my lifetime ago now, but I remember really liking the beaches and the nice weather.
    Didn't spend too long enjoying Florida's scenery though, for we soon went to Disney World for the week.

    Nice and Bad - Mexico (Approx 16 years old)

    The Hotel was nothing but amazing, so much stuff was happening, free food etc. :3
    But leaving it and going to the Market? Eh...

    Their variety was really limited, and all the people selling stuff there were huge hecklers.
    All of them yelling at everybody to buy stuff, restaurants included. Where they were trying to push it a bit too hard.
    Like they knew their stuff was bad and just wanted to con the tourist out of some cash.

    To the point I was actually finding the local McDonalds more trustworthy than any of the places there.

    Other than the Market though (and Taxi Drivers who camp right outside the airport) the other attractions were all great and professional.
    Like we went snorkeling at some point, that was cool. Lots of Parrots were nearby also.
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  7. Both of mine come from a military perspective, thus are both base locations (which leaves me slightly biased)

    Nice - Aviano, Italy. About an hour out of Venice, 3 hours from Verona and a peaceful little town. Easily the best place I've ever lived, euro clubs were always full and active on the weekends and there was a 24 hour breakfast joint right off base that made the best hash browns (potato, bacon, cheese baked into a little crispy triangle)

    Fucking cold - Ellsworth, South Dakota. I hate the cold, I hate the wind, I hate snow. I'm a Dallas, Texas boy myself and winter should only reach 26 at it's coldest. Not -30. UGH.
  8. We're talking cities, right? Well, Budapest is absolutely beautiful. It's architecture preserves some masterpieces because they've not been hit by war, so there's a lot of history around. I mean the hostel was an old mansion(!) Hard to find, but absolutely fantastic.

    Also Sziget.

    As for the not-so-nice... Well, think poverty. Having travelled Eastern Europe and China both, there are a number of sights less pleasant to see. Also not exactly the safest to be as a foreigner, because, well, you know. I recall passing through a place in Poland of which the name I admittedly forgot, but there were people living in ruins of houses and looked like a community of vagrants. Just a few kilometres up straight, the centre was actually quite... Well, fancy. It isn't the worst I've seen by a long shot, but it was one of the first experiences seeing firsthand how close such lifestyles can exist to one another, which, even viewed from a train window, was very unsettling at the time.
  9. Nice: Flagstaff, AZ. Quiet little college town north of Phoenix. Sedona, AZ too. Absolutely beautiful. Brownwood, TX. Quaint small town Texas where a whole lot of retirees live. Despite living in FL all my life and knowing what to expect it was a pleasant surprise that most of the old folks there drove around the speed limit and pretty convervatively.

    Not So Nice (See Also: Shitty): Phoenix, AZ. It's a state capital. It's dry. It's hot. It's crowded. And it's full of illegals without car insurance (according to the father-in-law). Literal accidents left and right, cars abandoned with the smallest of dents. "They'll abandon them and have a friend come back to pick it up before a tow truck does after the other driver gave up waiting." He wasn't wrong. Got to watch it happen right down the street from where we were staying. Tampa, FL. No reasons needed beyond CONSTRUCTION AND SHITTY SNOWBIRD DRIVERS.
  10. For people wise it is hard to tell. There are good and bad everywhere. If I were to choose for the best it would be the Dominican Republic. Stayed at Bavaro Beach (adults only) in Punta Cana for my boyfriend's sisters wedding. The staff was very nice, and if you ran into someone not so nice all you had to do was give them some money (even $1) and all was well, especially drink wise. I don't drink, but some of the wedding guests had a heyday with the free alcohol. The other guests stayed to themselves for the most part, but most seemed pretty nice. Shopping at the local shops was interesting. If you don't want to spend anything it is best not to bring any money because those guys are persistent, but friendly. I can't say the friendliness comes from just wanting to make money, because when I was looking for something specific they would point me in the right direction, when before when I was just browsing they would not let me leave.

    Bad..I can't really say. I have seen bad everywhere.

    Weather wise..Texas was the worst. I don't do good in the heat at all so could not even go outside.

    For good weather, that depends. If I were to want something stable, then the Domincan. It always seemed to be one temperature no matter what time of day, or night, it was.
    I prefer to experience all sorts of weather, though, so I have to go with North Dakota, where I live. Hot summers, freezing winters, and everything in between.
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  11. Does the phrase "Hot Summers in North Dakota" count as an oxymoron?
  12. Hot for me at least ^^ Normally in the 80s, but usually when I plan a day to do stuff outside it gets in the 90s and 100s.
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  13. I'm just teasin' :D

    I'm just so spoiled on desert summer now that everything is cold to me. I'm sitting at 60 and literally shivering from the cold. I might literally die when I go home. I always prefer heat over the nippy-ness of winter, the only good that comes out of it for me is the practical use of my electric blanket (set on the highest setting, always).
  14. I get sick and pass out in the heat. xD Yet there is nothing to me so for a North Dakotan I get cold fairly easy. I may have to brave that desert heat sometime, though, since you have to drive for hours to get anywhere, and there is nothing but fields to look at. Hours and hours of flat nothingness. ;_;

    That is always the best part of winter. Curl up in a blanket or next to a fireplace or both. Have a cup of hot cocoa and read a good book, or hang out on Iwaku. ^^
  15. @Goldmarble lives there. I plan to live there at some point as well. I'm fucking jealous of the nice roads he has.
  16. The town I live in right now is a really weird combination of fantastic and awful. o____o It's a beautiful small town and people are generally friendly. It's up and coming and a lot of community work and involvement is being put in to making this a great, growing city. They're working really hard to make this a modern and awesome place.

    But it's still got a loooot of racist, sexist, homophobic, uneducated, and judgey as fuck people if you don't fit within society's expectations of what an adult and family should look like. You get shit about EVERYTHING. If you're not white, married with kids, living in a home with dogs and going to church every week there's something wrong with you. And it's REALLY FRUSTRATING always having to be on the defense.
  17. I would choose these two:

    Nicest - Singapore. The people are very diverse and friendly, the small country is very interesting and clean, and I love the food and activities there. Also, it's close to many other interesting destinations in Southeast Asia.

    Not so nice - Los Angeles, California, US. Difficult to choose, but I picked the place I would least want to live in... too many people, traffic, and attitude of the people there isn't so nice especially when compared to other parts of US I have been to.
  18. Can't say I get the whole surrounded by racist, sexist, homophobes part.

    But I can definitely relate with the notion of dealing with nice people IRL, until you do something that breaks their expectations.
  19. In between: Kings Cross, Sydney

    A suburb in the city of Sydney in Australia, pretty close to its city's CBD (i.e, Central Business District for all you nubs peeps that don't know). While it offers many different ranges of entertainment and services, as well as being a red-light district, too, it also known as being a huge hotspot for crime. Hell, it's also littered with organised crime groups as well.

    In other words, it's one of the more "unsafe" areas that I have ever been in lol. Otherwise, it's okay I guess with the stuff you can do there LOOOOL

    Nice: Melbourne CBD

    Basically, the city part...of the city of Melbourne lol.

    The whole CBD area is literally a tourist attraction (then again, most of the CBD areas in Australia are basically tourist attractions). Like Kings Cross, you can do a whole of shit there too. Shopping, going to famous landmarks there (like the Eureka Tower), strolling, dining, etc etc etc. I usually go there for meetups, as well as going to conventions too :D

    Yes, it's quite dense, but then compared to cities like NYC or LA, I highly doubt it's that bad.

    I mean, Melbourne itself has been named as "World's most liveable city" like more than 3 times in a row :P

    In between: Shanghai


    Super atmospheric, as well as being a giant-ass city, with tons of stuff to do too. Home to my favourite type of Chinese Cuisine (SOUP DUMPLINGS FOR THE FUCKING WIN OMAUSBFKAH)

    The cityscape is also absolutely jaw-dropping too.

    However, there are still some things I hate about Shanghai. Summer humidity can go suck a hundred cocks coz legit 80% humidity on average. Shitty air that literally got me sick at one point about three days after I went there for a holiday. Also, the driving there makes you, as a pedestrian, feel as if you are in a game of Crossy Roads.


    So uhhh...yeah, just three cities coz I'm too lazy to write more LOL
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