The Next Great War [Signups Always Accepting!]

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  1. I Recently noticed something about Iwaku.
    There is an entire section devoted in the Fandom area to Avatar: The Last Airbender, and the Legend of Korra.
    So, I have come to change that. But please, hold your applause till later. As we enter, the world of the The Last Airbender. {And I don't mean that God-awful movie}
    The Basis of this is simple. The new Air Nation is now a near mirror image of what it once was. Airbending is now a normal element that flourishes all across the globe. The Earth Kingdom however, has risen to be much more corrupt. The current King of Ba Sing Se, in an effort to quell his greed for the world. Has declared war on the Fire Nation and the Water Tribe. The Airbenders sit at a medium and do not know how to act at this point in time. The new Avatar has risen, but Nobody knows who it is, it is even very possible the Avatar themselves don't know that they are. Now, with the world seeming like it is about to tip back into strife, it is time for the Avatar to rise. As per what the Cycle dictates however....this new Avatar will be an Earthbender. The very Nation that wishes to cause the chaos, will bear the one who is suppose to tip the scales in favor of peace.
    Now, we come to the part that everyone knows, and everybody has a love-hate relationship with. The CS and [DUN DUN DUNNNN] The rules.
    Name of your character: [Can't come up with a good name that would fit the Avatar universe? Go Here! It has a ton of name suggestions so everyone can be unique! :)]

    Age: [This should be self-explanatory]

    Element They Use: [Air, Water, Earth, Fire. (P.S. If you are an Earth Bender, you can choose to be a Metal Bender)] (Of course you can play a non-bender if you want...after all, there are always chi-blockers and other BA character styles)

    Appearence: [Description...Picture....Meh..I don't care. Just let me get the idea of what they look like]

    Standpoint on war: [Are you for the war? Are you against it? What does your character think about all this?]

    Bio/History: [I'm not expecting paragraph after paragraph after paragraph, just something so other people can know who your character is both personality and history wise.]

    Extra crap about your character: [Do they use a weapon? Any special talents? Etc.]
    [Oh no, It can't be!]
    The Rules
    [People who have seen me GM-ing other rps can tell you I am like..the most lenient person in the world, unless you blatantly ignore the rules..I pretty much could give less of a crap what you do]

    1. This version of the Avatar series [or rather this parody/headcanon] is meant to be darker than the actual series. That means you don't have to be scared to implement romance, and things slightly more sexual or dark than what the real series would allow. [But PLEASE don't go overboard with the sexy stuff! This is not a freaking Hentai Rp!]

    2. You wait until I approve your character..THEN you can use the IC. I've seen alot of rp where people just Pop in when they post their CS. No..You need to WAIT UNTIL I ACCEPT YOUR CHARACTER.

    3. Thanks to the GODLY powers my GM-ness hath bestowed upon me. I will be influencing the world in multiple ways. So you can blame me if your party suddenly gets caught up in a hurricane or is ambushed by some sand-bending bandits.

    4. The LAST thing I want you all to do. If you read this, all of it. And understand it. Please post the words "Balance is Key" in your Extra section [That way, if someone doesn't post an extra section at all, I will know they weren't paying attention]
    [Oh wait..I didn't say who I was gonna be did I? WOOPS]

    Name of your character: Kohaku Akaihi

    Age: 20

    Element They Use: Fire (Specializes in Lightning)

    Appearence: The Fire Guy.jpg

    Standpoint on war: He is Against the War highly. He wishes everything could just go back to being peaceful.

    Bio/History: (Secret, To be revealed in rp)

    Extra crap about your character: Nothing much extra. Bt I thought I would poststuff here anyway, after all...Balance is Key.

    Numbers are in the order in which characters were accepted. [Unless referring to one of multiple similar characters such as the two water tribe chiefs or Air Nomad Elders]
    Character Roster:
    Avatar:Tikaani "Tika"
    Earth King of Ba Sing Se: None Yet
    Fire Lord: None Yet
    Air Temple Elders:
    Water Tribe Chiefs:
    Good Guys:
    1.Kohaku Ryuu

    Bad Guys:

    2. Taka Hojo
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  2. Taka Hojo


    Element They Use

    Special Element abilities
    Bloodbending- is a Sub-skill of Waterbender which allows a waterbender to hydrokinetically take hold of and manipulate the various fluids within an organism's body. This technique is referred to as the darkest, most powerful, and most feared of all bending techniques and is the only art known to endanger the user's mental state.

    Standpoint on war
    ( neutral ) MERCENARY

    Taka is from a small village from the north that had bin destroyed by the first great war with the fire nation. Since he was a waterbender he was imprisoned in a fire nation prison which he escaped from when he discovered how to Bloodbend . Mastering the abilitie to Bloodbend had taken its toll on Taka causing his mind to go into a darkplace and slowly losing any emotion he had left . Now a mercenary Taka takes jobs from either side of the war as long as the pay is good even if it means taking out his own kind.

    Taka is skilled with hand to hand and a beast with a dagger .He mixes these skills in with his bending abilities . balance is the key that makes Taka one of the most dangerous Mercs you could ever come across.

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  3. Name of your character: Kohaku Ryuu

    Age: 19

    Element They Use: Fire


    Standpoint on war: Kohasku is against the war.

    Bio/History: To be updated. (hope that's all right.)

    Extra section: Kohasku likes to use daggers, after all, balance is key.
  4. @Kazuaki Bara You seem to be missing something in your post, kindly re-read the rules and fix it, then you can be accepted.

    @TheColourlessRainbow Accepted! Just add a small bit the history / bio just so we know how your character acts.
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  5. Dear Iwaku:
    Please send us more Avatar fanboys/girls to join this rp...That is all.
  6. make a banner and make it flashy " build it, and they will come"
  7. Name: Azul

    Age: 27

    Element: Fire

    Appearence: [​IMG]

    Stance on War: For it.

    Bio: [ Short Summary ] Azul was born into the fire nation, and trained from an early age in the arts of fire bending, and sword mastery. Seeing his potential, the elders of the nation recruited him into their ranks to work as a sort of assassin so to speak. He is normally cold, calculating, and has a dark sense of humor. He relishes in combat, and seeks out any opportunity to improve his skills, and test out new techniques. He has very few friends, if any at all. He uses fire bending only in dire circumstances, as he enjoys sword combat far more. News of the war brought a smile to his face the day he heard the Earth Nation was plotting against his own, because war means death, and he certainly loves causing it.

    Extra: Balance is the key to severing the head.

    Attached Files:

  8. Accepted!
  9. Great! Any idea when you'll be hopping IC?
  10. Ic is already up.
  11. could i make so i was hired by the earth king
  12. Sure.
  13. Name of your character: Tikaani "Tika" Akhilesh

    Age: 16

    Element They Use: Earth/Metal - Avatar

    Appearence: black.jpg

    Standpoint on war: Avidly against it but since shes the king of Ba Sing Se's daughter she cant always voice it.

    Bio/History: Daughter of the Earth King and a woman peasant that died during her birth (as her father explains it) Tika is an only child. Shes a skilled Earth/Metal bender but hasnt discovered her Avatar abilities yet.

    Extra crap about your character: She always carries a blunt sword with her, its blunt cuz she refuses to fatally harm someone - Balance is Key. Tika named it Chikyū Rūn (Earth rune in Japanese).
    Hates cruelty
    Loves animals
    Loves sweets
    Hates bullies
    Hates pink
    Hates bugs
    Loves swordplay
    Loves music & Dancing​
  14. my original story was going to be a merc who was payed by the earth king to hunt the avatar lol ,
  15. Lol well that still works since he doesnt know shes the avatar yet, nobody does.
  16. I accept this character as the official Avatar of this Roleplay. Welcome Avatar Tikaani!
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  17. Thank you! =D yay! Is there anything I should know about the avatar this generation?
  18. Not that I haven't already said.
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