The Next Great War [IC]

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  1. The new Air Nation is now a near mirror image of what it once was. Airbending is now a normal element that flourishes all across the globe.
    The Earth Kingdom however, has risen to be much more corrupt. The current King of Ba Sing Se, in an effort to quell his greed for the world. Has declared war on the Fire Nation and the Water Tribe. The Airbenders sit at a medium and do not know how to act at this point in time. The new Avatar has risen, but Nobody knows who it is, it is even very possible the Avatar themself don't know that they are. Now, with the world seeming like it is about to tip back into strife, it is time for the Avatar to rise. As per what the Cycle dictates however....this new Avatar will be an Earthbender. The very Nation that wishes to cause the chaos, will bear the one who is suppose to tip the scales in favor of peace.
    The World:

    Red: Fire Nation
    White: Air Nomads
    Yellow: Earth Kingdom
    Grey-Blue: Water Tribe
    Starting Points:
    Characters may start in one of multiple possible areas. These areas are this respectively:
    Earth Kingdom:
    Ba Sing Se
    Kyoshi Island
    Si Wong Desert
    and Chameleon Bay [only usable by members of the Water Tribe, as it holds their camp]

    Fire Nation:
    Boiling Rock Prison
    Crescent Island
    Ember Island
    Capital City

    Water Tribe:
    Northern Tribe
    Southern Tribe

    Air Nomads:
    Northern Temple
    Southern Temple
    Eastern Temple
    Western Temple
    Air Temple Island

    Republic City
    Spirit World
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  2. [​IMG]
    Azul calmly walked into the training room for fire nation soldiers in Capital City. He was dressed in his usual attire, wearing tan pants, metal bracers along his legs, red visor, and a long red scarf in place of his shirt. He was armed with four swords, varying in size, and make. His favorite being the largest of the four, which he nicknamed "Kusanagi" which he translates to mean 'Death Eater'. Training has been vigorous with the war progressing as quickly as it has been, and Azul was determined to stay on top of his game. The room was decorated with a lot of Fire Nation propaganda, pictures of the Fire Lord, General, and so forth. While he wasn't the most patriotic of people, he did have a strange love for his home nation. As he walked to the center of the sparring ring, he drew the looks of several soldiers, the most important being Admiral Tai'Fang.
    "I trust your still in prime condition, Azul?" questioned the Admiral.
    "Tch. Let's just get on with this shall we? I have -real- buisness to tend to." replied Azul coldly.
    Azul wasn't very good with formalities, and many would say he lacked the proper respect that every fire nation citizen ought to have. Though he didn't care. He was good at his job, and for that reason alone he knew he wouldn't face any serious repercussions for the way he talked to his superiors. He rotated his head clock-wise, cracking his neck a few times as three soldiers entered the ring as well.
    "Three eh? I'm flattered." He spoke in a lower tone as he began to focus.
    "Only the best for the 'Blade of the Fire Nation'." Replied the admiral, mentioning his hard earned title, though it sounded as if he were being mocked.
    Before Azul had a chance to give a witty reply, three separate fire balls were flying full force at different sections of his body. Naturally he launched himself into the air, spinning gracefully to narrowly avoid the oncoming attacks. Once he landed he was, legs bending as his heels pushed him off the ground in a full on sprint towards one of the soldiers. Even by a military perspective Azul was fast. Abnormally fast. He made his way to the unprepared opponent in a split second, rotating his hips and driving his foot directly into the side of the first soldiers head, knocking his helmet clean off as he flew towards the ground with a lound 'thump'.
    'One down. The next two won't be so easy..' Azul thought to himself. 'Let's try this out...good a' time as any I suppose.'
    The two remaining combatants launched wave after wave of fire attacks at Azul without mercy. The blazing heat causing trickles of sweat to instantly began dripping from his forehead. Funny, considering he himself was a fire bender. Moving quickly as he dodged the blasts, he drew his beloved Kusanagi [With the sheath still on to prevent serious harm.] and began his sprint towards the other two whom were standing close together. Too close. He could take them both out with one well placed move if he timed it correctly. Leaping into the air Azul managed to dodge yet another blast, though he was singe slightly by a second. With lightning like reflexes he swung his trusted blade down forcefully hitting the right soldier on the left side of the neck, while his two feet simultaneously connected with the others chest. The moment contact had been made he exhaled deeply, sending a large blast of fire from both his blade, and feet, effectively blasting the two into the world of unconciousness. Just like that he was on his feet, and save for a mild burn he was untouched. Training exercise complete.
    "Very well done. Come with me, we have important matters to discuss..." Said the admiral, obviously pleased by his actions.
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  3. BA SING SE (outer wall- Lake Laogai )

    Taka was sitting on a bolder that was at the mouth of a cave next to Lake Laogai when he is approached by a man escorted by two Dai le agents following behind him. The man walks up to Taka who was wearing a cloak with a hood that concealed his face. " are you the mercenary from the north?" The man asks trying to get a good look at Takas face. [BCOLOR=#000000] " the king said he would meet me in person" [/BCOLOR]The man bows " im afraid the king has other matters to attend to at the moment i am his personal assistant " , Taka looks up at the man " you mean afraid" . The Assistants face showed anger as he hears Taka " HOW DARE YOU !, ARE YOU A FOOL BOY! DO YOU KNOW IT IS A CRIME TO INSULT HIS MA....." the assistants sentence gets cut off by Taka standing to his feet. Taka takes a step forward making the Assistant back up to his two Dai le body guards who were already in a fighting stance. Taka pulls his hood down " you know when you yell like that" He holds up one hand and begins to blood bend to take control of the Da le making the two Da le take hold of the assistants arms and makes him bow before Taka. " it really pisses me off" The Assistant begins to panic " wait! wait!" he screams . Taka takes a knee infront of him and pushes his head up so he looked him in the face " tell the king if he wants my talents .. he will need to ask me in person" The assistant nods his head " ok..ok i will tell him" Taka stands back up and walks back to his rock. " i wasent talking to you" The assistants face showed horror before one of the Dai le snaps his neck making a loud cracking noise. Taka turns his head and releases the Two from his bending. " tell the king he has until the next moon " The two Dai le bow before retreating back to the Wall. Taka sits back down and thinks to his self.​
  4. Azul nodded to the admiral, smirking a bit before ducking under the ropes, and exiting the sparring ring. Medical personnel went to check on the downed soldiers as he did so. "Glad to see that you -are- still up to par, Azul." Spoke Tai'fang. The two walked a short distance, various soldiers giving salute to the admiral as they passed by. "Let's get on with this, yeah?" said Azul as he looked over his shoulder at his superior. He wasn't a very tall man, but Tai'Fang carried a certain aura that demanded respect. There are many stories detailing his strategic genius, and tactical planning. Bottom-line, no one wanted to get on his bad side. In brief moments they were in his office, Tai'Fang casually walking over, and sitting at his desk before lighting up a cigarette.

    "You have done us well so far in this war, Azul. That much is certain. Though your next assignment will push your skills to the limit." calmly spoke Admiral Tai'Fang.
    "I wouldn't have it any other way. So, who do you want me to execute this time?"
    "Several. Top priority is an Earth Kingdom politician named Saul Madrid. He is well protected, and with good reason. He resides within Ba Sing Se, the district closest to the Earth Kings estate. He is to meet an end before he gives his primary speech in two weeks time. The reason for this assassination isn't your concern."
    "Say no more. The others?" Azul questioned.
    "You will be contacted once Saul has been dealt with. Until then, treat this as your main focus. Be cautious, for we've received word of a notorious blood bending mercenary close to the location. Utilize stealth at all times if possible. Discretion is key."
    "Transportation leaves in three hours. You will arrive off the western coast of the Earth Kingdom near a small village. There is to be no witnesses. Any questions?"
    "None. The assignment will be completed as stated."
    "Very well. Take your leave to gather whatever you need in preparation."

    With that Azul turned to make his exit with quick strides. There were a few things he needed to make completion of this mission a bit easier. His first stop was the armory, where he received a few smoke grenades, a long black hooded cloak, and a few extra throwing knives. He purchased a couple more items from the market before it was time for him to depart to the Earth Kingdom by way of sea. His ship was small, small enough to avoid general detection by enemy vessels in the ocean. He boarded, and was greeted by a female naval officer.

    "I'm Lt. Yumi Sundai. You've received your mission briefing, and were informed on what is required. Assuming you are successful we will be waiting on the western border where the sun touches the ocean in eight days time."

    "Roger that.." Said Azul as he continued to walk pass the Lt, and taking a seat with his newfound cloak/hood pulled loosely over his head. 'This ought to be quite the trip. Been a while since I've been to the Earth Kingdom.' He thought to himself before zoning out indefinitely, and the boat began making it's long trek to it's destination.
  5. BA SING SE (market Area)

    Taka makes his way through the Market area looking at the different shops . He notice the guards that were trying to follow him in secret which only annoyed him. He stops at a Ramen shop and takes a seat. Taka orders some noodles and Sake , As he waits for his food one of the guards that was pretending to follow him takes a seat at a table that was directly in front of Takas table, The guard was trying his best not to make eye contact with Taka but fails due to Taka glaring at him. " you got a problem kid?" the guard yells Taka just shakes his head looks down at the table. After a few minutes Takas food arrives at his table . He picks up his chopsticks and begins eating. Feeling the guards glare on him causes Taka to look up at the guard again. The guard slams his hand on the table " WHAT ARE YO......" Taka cuts the mans sentence off by taking control of the mans body using his bending. The Guard draws his dagger and faces it up on the table . " please.....wait" the guard trys to fight Takas bending . The people who were around them watched at the man digs his own dagger into his right eye slowly ." AHHHHHH" the guard screams in pain causing the crowd to panic as they watched. Taka releases his bending so he could pick up his bottle of Sake . The guard drops onto the floor with the dagger stuck in his eye . He continues to scream as Taka pays for his food and walking away into the crowd.