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    • The Beginning (open)

      Before this school was created there was a mage, or as the humans say a witch. Well, not just one but two. Sisters with the fate to lead their people to a brighter world after being basked in darkness and death. A prophet had spoken of it their entire lives... what she forgot to mention that only one sister would save their people... the other would be the reason why Sahep was drowned.

      Sahep was in a good point in life, bright with promise of new life... when war broke out with the neighboring ogres that had bid their time within the dark and dangerous forests that lay at the edge of Sahep. Always watching, waiting until the moment they were able to overthrow everyone. Not that ogres were smart enough to over throw a high standing realm such at Sahep. No... someone had betrayed Sahep and their goddess, Sealiah. Gathered all the dark entities to his kingdom. Monsters and beasts that parents used to scare their kids straight when they were acting up. The sisters had a life full of work and love but when war came to the lands of Sahep for the first time in hundreds of years, they were forced to watch as their mother was slaughtered along with their entire village. They were the only survivors and while one of them promised to get stronger in order to protect those she cared for... the other resorted to other measures.

      Years later when the eldest sister, Anise, was 23 and the youngest, Gwenyth, was 20... things suddenly stopped. They realized that they both wanted two different things. Anise wan't to protect the remaining number of her people while Gwenyth wished for vengeance. The sisters split from there and went their own way. Anise learned both light, neutral and dark spells; training herself until she collapsed. Gwenyth learned everything she could about dark magic while hunting down the one who had done the damage to her life as a 13 year old girl.

      It took about 10 years before Gwenyth had gotten revenge and beheaded the warrior who had done wrong by her... after Anise got word of what her sister had done, Gwenyth had already disappeared. Hidden from all magic, eyes and ears. The people of Sahep believed that Gwenyth was the sister meant to protect them but Anise knew better. Something was wrong with her sister. 50 years later, those within Sahep believed things were going to get brighter and that their goddess Sealiah could protect them. Sadly enough gods weren't allowed to interfere with the lives of the mortals. No one had been able to foresee the future when Gwenyth slammed a heavy fist of death and darkness upon Sahep. Her revenge wasn't over.

      Sahep would be destroyed and Anise couldn't do a damn thing about it. Not when the only option was to kill the one woman that had her back since day one. Gwenyth the dark caster, so they called her, only needed 3 months before she ran everyone out of Sahep. Destroying everything on the lands and letting beasts from hell roam the place that had previously been her home. Only one instruction lay within their minds... slaughter anyone who's breathing. Anise managed to save hundreds of their people, forcing them to adapt to the world called earth. Where there were more mortals... the difference was that they are blind to what's truly going on.

      Gwenyth is trying to find out how Anise had managed to open a portal to their neighboring realm. 100 years on earth and Anise had already began to prepare the future generation. Built a school to help house, train and discipline the younger generation on the history of Sahep. Now 256 years after the beginning of Sahep's fall, Gwen has managed to find little holes in a rip of time that led to earth. Fortunately its only big enough to fit small groups of creatures of the night. Professionally trained monsters in the art of assassination. Gwen knows Anise is the one who had helped everyone so as some sort of punishment, she wants to destroy Earth. Just like she had done within Sahep.

      Welcome to Academy of the Gifted, a home that has been around for over 256 years ago. My name is Essylt Anise Saith, headmistress of this enchanting place. Now... you may be wondering why you're receiving this letter. I'm sure you know what you're capable of, a very special student found you and believes you can be a very great asset to this world. Earth... its a mighty place. Filled with all sorts of creatures; either mortal or immortal. Some in plain sight and others hiding within the shadows.

      My goal is make sure our people continue to survive like they have been since their homes had been taken and in order to do this, all of you who attend here will be trained. Not any normal training but harshly tested to your breaking point both physically, emotionally and mentally. It is my job to shape you into the fighter that Sahep is looking for. Now... will you fight for everything that has been taken from you or allow our tragedy to follow us into our new world? The decision is up to you or your guardian.


      Essylt Anis

    • RP Rules

      • Grammar: doesn't have to be perfect but please, try!​
      • Posting Minimum: 2 paragraphs or more (5 sentences in each paragraph)​
      • Godmodding: Is not allowed!! You'll be asked to nurf your character if op​
      • Character limit: Many, as long as you keep the genders even. (if all spots are taken, wait for a spot to be added or reopened)​
      • Friendliness: Let's all be friends! Add "Fight to Win" at the top of your cs​

      Specific Classes
      1. Marksmanship ( for rangers)
      2. Combat & Strategies (Warriors)
      3. Magic Trades & Spells (mages)
      4. Rogue 101 (rogues)
      5. Prayers of Kraem (clerics)

      Academic Classes

      1. Languages
      2. Mathematics
      3. Horseback riding (for exotic animals of Sahep, very dangerous)
      4. Monster Recognition 101
      5. Art (i.e. dance, art, theater, poetry, music, ritual art)
      6. History of Sahep
      7. (More classes to be added later)

      Academy Rules

      1. NO sneaking off grounds! Though you weren't born during the chaos before we moved here to earth, all people of Sahep have the scent of home. School grounds is completely surrounded by wards strong enough to block out the gods.
      2. Listen to ALL teachers. If they are misbehaving, first contact the assistant of the headmistress
      3. NO fighting other students beyond training.
      4. NO magic/power using without permission from a teacher.
      5. Be inside the dorm before 10pm!

      Academy Schedule:

      1. 6-7:30am Breakfast
      2. 8am-9am Specific class
      3. 9:12am-10:08 Academic class #1
      4. 10:12am- 11:15am Academic class #2
      5. 11:20am- 12pm Lunch/Break
      6. 12:30pm- 1:05pm Academic class #3
      7. 1:11pm - 2: 30pm Academic class #4
      8. 2:30pm Classes are over
      9. 7:30pm-8:30pm Dinner
      10. 10pm Lights out (EVERYONE must be in their dorms)

      MAGIC TRADES AND SPELLS/Horseback Riding: class image #2
      Rogue 101/History of Sahep: class image #2
      Prayers of Kraem/Art: class image
      Combat & Strategies/Monster Recognition: class image #2
      Marksmanship/Mathematics: class image #2

    • Accepted Characters-

      Valeda Trinity Nuez-rogue(assassin)- by Karma200
      Essylt Anise-Mage teacher- by Karma200
      Bozidar Daivik-Cleric teacher- by Karma200

      Terry Rosen-Mage- by @Cats
      Stardust-Cleric- by @Almalthia
      Emryss-Warrior- by @Almalthia

      Team 1

      Valeda Trinity as the rogue (assassin);
      Terry Rose as the Mage (earth);
      Stardust as the (cleric/oracle/charmer);
      Emryss as the warrior


      Mages- 3 (now its: 2)
      • Usually have control over one element; there is only royal one family line within the class of mages that have the blood of Seshak in them. Meaning they have control over 2 elements instead.
      • They are naturally fast but aren't physically strong. Naturally heightened senses (especially to other magic, i.e energy)
      • Available elements: fire, earth, air, water and lightning/electricity.
      Warriors- 3 (at least 2 males)
      • An extremely physical class. Though they may not have magic, warriors are physically strong. Perfect senses that can sense an enemy, dark energy or the smell of danger.
      • Are trained in strategy and extremely harsh training.
      Rogue- 3 (now its: 2)
      • There are different groups for rogue: Thief, scout (spy) and assassin
      • They sometimes have a psychic ability, not all do though. Other then that, no magic for them.
      • Extremely fast, flexible, agile.
      • Assassins are trained so hard, its practically physical abuse. Which is why children are only allowed when they are at the age of 6, with parent permission.
      Clerics- 3 (now its: 3)
      • There are different groups for clerics: healers, charmers (priest/ess), witch doctor and high priest(ess).
      • Healers have a very strong bond to life which gives them the ability to heal, some better then others.
      • Charmers use runes that they draw on their own skin, then holding onto their target in order to help boost a certain area for them. i.e. strength, speed, durability etc. Charmers are said to have been fed a star as a baby.
      • Witch Doctors are healers as well but they're more spiritual and pray to Kraem for strong healing powers. Doing this will taint a witch doctor's spirit each time they use it, which is why they must take 2 purity baths a week. Water blessed by Kraem himself.
      • High priest(ess) are extremely rare and only one has been around, each replaced by a new high priest(ess) if they die. Only witch doctors can turn into a high priest(ess).
      Oracle is taken!!

      Rangers- 3 (now its: 1)
      • Naturally agile, fast, sneaky and known for their accuracy.
      • Each Ranger in training will be taught how to make an arrow that fit them best.

      • Each of you is tested before you are given a class. The first test is magic. A mage will come in, check to see if your energy carries any sort of natural energy. Second is testing you physically then on your skills as a marksman. The last test is checking to see how deep your connection with the Goddess Sealiah.
      • After being put in the class that fits you there will be three separate teams, each given their own assignments. These assignments are missions to go take out a group of monsters that the academy's watchmen have tracked down. Each time a group goes out, there must be at least one mentor going with them. If things go bad the teacher is there to prevent it as well as grade them on how they deal with certain situations.
      • Mages graduate at the age of 22, Rangers: 24, Assassins: 18-20, Clerics: 18, Warriors: 23.

      Mentors are needed!!! The subjects:

      Marksmanship (For rangers)
      Combat & strategies (For Warriors)
      Magic Trades and Spells- Essylt Anise
      Rogue 101 - reserved
      Prayers of Kraem (For clerics)

      The Gods:

      Goddess Sealiah domains over mortals, fertility and mercy.
      God Noam domains over war, strategy and destruction
      Goddess M'rror domains over fate and time
      God Kraem domains over medicine and health
      Goddess Mey domains over hunting, wilderness and beasts
      God Seshak domains over magic
      Goddess Scery domains over secrets, deceit and the unknown

      Student Application

      (Appearance; digital art, fantasy pictures)
      Role- (for rogues & clerics)
      Personality- (at least 1 good paragraph, this shows me how you rp)
      Background- (if you want it to be a secret, just pm it to me)
      Abilities- (Mages: 1 ability, I'll choose who the royal blood is; Clerics: 2 abilities; Rogues: (psychic abilities are rare))

      Mentor Application

      Assigned Class-
      Abilities: (Cleric: 3 abilities)

    • Update #1

      I've changed the name of the rp, still accepting any suggestions for this.


    (armorwhen she goes out on assignments)
    Name- Valeda Trinity Nunez
    Age- 17 years old
    Gender- Female
    Sexuality- Heterosexual
    Class- Rogue 101
    Role- Rogue (assassin)
    Personality- Valeda is a quiet person who doesn't usually talk. Does what she's supposed to silently and if spoken to, she'll respond solemnly. Val is always calm and rarely gets scared but there are moments when Valeda feels vulnerable and that's when she's alone and there's nothing but silence. When that happens she's usually found in the training room trying to get her thoughts back on a normal track. One that wouldn't effect her day.
    Background- Valeda was born in a family that was surrounded with killers. Each of them had been born and raised as assassins. With the knowledge that her name, Valeda, means brave she strives to be just that. An intelligent, quick witted, resourceful and dangerous young lady who sees the world in black and gray. Like many other assassins, she follows the Goddess Scery instead of M'rror. As the eldest of the Nunez family, she was taught how to handle a knife when she could hold a spoon properly, a short sword when she could stand and a long sword at the age of 5 years old. Then Val was sent to Academy of the Gifted to train as a full fledged assassin. They pushed to her limits, Valeda is a cold blooded killer, just like her parents. People willing to do the dirty work for the people of Sahep. Only the strong last. As an assassin, Valeda had her first assignment when she was 12 years old. She's to graduate when she turns 18 years old.
    The swords in the picture
    Abilities- Teleportation
    Likes: Fresh air, swimming, hunting
    Dislikes: Being confused, sour food, fire
    Strengths: The night
    Weaknesses: Rangers
    Other: Fight to Win!


    Name- Essylt Anise
    Age- 294 years old (students & teachers aren't sure)
    Gender- Female
    Assigned Class- Magic Trades and Spells
    Personality: Essylt is a king and understanding woman that gladly helps guide children in the right path
    Ancient Spells- Essylt is an old witch and has learned thousands of different spells from all over Sahep. Luckily for her all she needs is her photographic memory. Ancient spells are dangerous and she teaches each mage in the school only one spell each. For emergencies only.
    Scrying- Essylt is extremely gifted in finding people on a map as long as she has something that belongs or belonged to them.
    Anti-magic- Over the past hundred years of her life, Essylt had one of her men steal a spell from Gwenyth's book. One that caused magic to unharm Essylt. This doesn't count for physical damage though. Drinking her blood will give temporary resistance to magic.
    Likes: Peppermint tea, chocolate cake, antiques, cats
    Dislikes: Black magic, dogs
    Strengths: Light & neutral magic
    Weaknesses: Black magic
    Other: Fight to win!

    Call me Bozi!
    Name- Bozidar Daivik
    Closer to death, I say!
    Age- 348
    Gender- Male
    Come child, let us call upon the gods.
    Assigned Class- Prayers of Kraem
    Bozidar is a sarcastic old man that holds what seems like mountains of knowledge. He's the only one that knows about Headmistress's secret, Bozi is truly a loyal servant to Essylt. Bozidar is a very wise person that might seem childish and a bit of a prankster, he truly cares for the outcome of the students. He makes sure to bond with each of the students and helps Essylt in guiding the many students. Though he might not be there, somehow Bozidar finds a way to be somewhere at the right place and time.
    Healing- Bozidar is old and now has amazing healing abilities, he is said to have been blessed greatly by Kraem.
    Charms- Bozidar has several books of charms for different buffs, debuffs, good luck charms as well as bad luck. Years of knowledge he'd managed to save before the destruction of Sahep.
    Witch Doctor- With age comes wisdom and a strong attachment to the spiritual world. Highly knowledgeable on using the energy of the dead to heal the living. This is different from regular healing though as its more for sicknesses or curses
    Likes: Chocolate, writing books, teaching, guiding the younger Sahep generation
    Dislikes: Liars, backstabbers, Gwenyth, dark magic
    Strengths: Prayer chants, healing
    Weaknesses: Dwindled belief in Kraem, healing those of darkness will taint him
    Other: Doesn't dislike assassins (just doesn't know how to feel about them) Fight to win!
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  1. [​IMG]
    Name- Alianne Harman

    Age- 20

    Gender- Female

    Sexuality- Heterosexual

    Class- Ranger

    Role- (for rogues & clerics)

    Personality- Aly is generally quiet. It is more out of habbit that anything antisocial. Her father has been taking her hunting since she could draw a bow. When not hunting, Alianne competed in exhibitions. It was evident that she was quite the markswoman as every arrow she loosed flew true. She'll only miss her mark if she aims to miss. She'll only hunt if she needs the food, even then she whispers a short prayer before loosing an arrow into the heart or eye of her mark. She prefers a clean kill.

    Background- Aly is the only child of a successful farmer on the outskirts of town. When she was a young girl, Alianne's mother had fallen severely ill and passed. Aly then took over her mother's chores as well as the ones she already did. A few years ago, her father had become ill one winter and passed shortly after. Alianne Harman has been running the farm on her own since, but it was recently bought from her, rather forcibly, by a far wealthier man. It was then she decided to pursue the path her father had once discussed with her due to her inherent ability to rarely, if ever, miss her mark.

    Longbow, simple but effective.
    A simple dagger at her hip for close range combat. Prefers not to have to use it. Also used for hunting.
    Abilities- (Mages: 1 ability, I'll choose who the royal blood is; Clerics: 2 abilities; Rogues: (psychic abilities are rare))

    Likes: Wolves, animals in general. Archery.

    Dislikes: Poachers, trophy hunters, stabilizers on a bow. They just don't look right and take away from the bow's beauty.

    Strengths: Her aim is true. A natural leader, but does not actively seek leadership.
    Weaknesses: She is of a kind nature, but can still be untrusting of strangers.
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  2. FIGHT TO WIN!!!!!
    Out of robe:
    Name- Terry Rosen
    Age- 17 years old
    Gender- Male
    Sexuality- Heterosexual
    Class- Magic Trades and Spells
    Role- Mage
    Personality- Serious, quiet, with loner tendencies. Enjoys solitude and tends to sit back and observe. Private, rarely talks about their feelings. Can be insensitive to the hardships of others. A planner. Well-organized and hard-working. Works steadily towards identified goals. Focused, with well-developed powers of concentration. Will usually accomplish any task once they have set their mind to it. A perfectionist. Clean, thorough, detail-oriented. Avoids mistakes. Logical and analytical. Not adventurous or spontaneous. Realistic. Doesn't appreciate strangeness. Conventional. Interested in supporting and promoting traditions and establishments. Dislikes countercultures. Dutiful, always follows the rules. Punctual. Finishes tasks.
    Background- Terry comes from a poor family. He has 2 brothers and 3 sisters. One day, when terry was wondering the streets, he saw a strange glowing book, in a dark ally way. Terry went over to the book and picked it up. As soon as he picked it up, Terry could feel the book's power. He opened and saw all of the list of spells, and other magic stuff. Terry took the book home, but he told no one about it. Every day, when Terry came home from school, he would take the book out to the forest, and try to cast spells. At first, Terry failed at every spell, but one day he manged to cast one. Terry was so excited that, he spent all day in the woods, casting spells. Eventually he started to do hard spells. One day, he cast a spell on himself that would grant him a superpower. He tried cast it on himself again, but for some reason it would not work. One day when he was practicing a spell, his mother called for him. When Terry went to his mother, she handed him a letter that said he was invited to the Academy of the gifted.
    Weapon- Staff
    Staff (open)
    Abilities- Earth attacks.
    Likes: The cold, sweet food, cats, and soda.
    Dislikes: Being left out, dogs, bugs, and people who lie.
    Strengths: team player
    Weaknesses: short-tempered
    Other: N/A​
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  3. Mentor Application

    Name- Jacob Reyes
    Age- 35
    Gender- Male
    Assigned Class- Rogue 101
    Personality: A very tough guy, he pushes his students to their hardest even if they are injured. He has a warm heart but keeps his composure. A very respectful person, he treats his students as he wants them to treat him.
    Abilities: Shadow Imitation- able to imitate his shadow to trick opponents
    Likes: Insects, guns and knifes, books, hard workers
    Dislikes: Books, Slackers and arrogant people
    Strengths: Patient, calm, outgoing, fast, effective with dagger.
    Weaknesses: Weak with guns, too much heavy clothing and too harsh.
    Other: Owns a cutlass and a flint pistol.
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  4. Just so you know, he can't be a mage and be taking rogue 101.
  5. Student Application Fight to Win!!!


    Name- Stardust
    Age- 19
    Gender- Female
    Sexuality- Straight
    Class- Cleric - Charmer
    Personality- Stardust is very witty and sarcastic. She seems to never take anything seriously unless she is working. While working she is very intense and likes to get things right the first time. She becomes frustrated if things don't come naturally to her. She enjoys working with others even if they don't like working with her, just to practice her craft is something she loves. She is very kind and tender hearted with a bit of a temper that can lead her in the wrong direction sometimes. She doesn't hold grudges and forgives easily, even the worst infraction. She believes in second chances...and second, second chances even third and fourth chances. She is honest to a fault and cannot lie to save her life although she can keep a secret. She is trustworthy and wants everyone to like her. Most of the time this is her downfall.
    Background- Stardust was born to a Cleric and a Mage in this current dimension. Her mother was a Charmer and since she looked like she was following in her footsteps they named her Stardust. It became apparent quickly that she was to be a cleric as at the age of five she was caught inside Essylt's home saying that "Pretty Lady's cat is gonna have kittens today.". From then on she has trained under Bozidar and has been a star pupil soaking up knowledge like a sponge. She strives to please both her parents and her teachers and not let anyone down.
    Weapon- Rapier and Stiletto for Florentine Style fencing
    Abilities- Precognition and Healing
    Likes: Learning, practicing what she's learnt and testing her limits, singing, dancing, Science, History and languages, cats.
    Dislikes: Math, people not liking her, injustice
    Strengths: Fencing, Precognition and Healing
    Weaknesses: Giving everyone the benefit of doubt. Cannot lie. Wants to be liked/loved.

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  7. Please use digital art or fantasy like pictures x] Also, if you're a mage you have the ability over one element. Not psychic abilities. You could have her as a cleric? The only one with precog abilities, for now.
  8. I call earth as my element
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  11. I like your character @Cats just so you know mages usually graduate at age 22.
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