The Next Earth (Sign up sheet)

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  1. (The plot is basically they are on a planet searching for a new earth because the earth has died)
    Character sign up sheet:
    Back Story:

    Name: Justin Thorne
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Occupation:Technologist and Researcher (also the leader)
    Personality: He tends to be alone, when he isn't he is very kind and compassionate. He never seems to yell and he also is very chill when I comes to Serious situations. He always wants to cheer people up when they feel down.
    Back Story: He was raised on his own and he tries his best to be the best at stuff though he can be useless. Whenever anyone lost faith in him he showed them wrong and proved he was able to do it. He just doesn't ever give up.
    Equipment: Researcher's Laptop, pocket knife, sun glasses, Phone, and some wine when he is frustrated.
    Strength: Discovering things they may want to find out, being adventurous.
    Weakness: Listening to conversationswhen he shouldn't, blood, drinking too much.
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  2. Hi there, I have a few questions:

    1) if they are on the planet, why are they still searching for a new Earth? Have they already found one?

    2) How many people are with them? Are we the remnants of humanity, or are we scouts? Is humanity living in massive space stations while we root around looking for a new world to settle?
  3. 2. No we are gonna start on the space ship looking for the next Earth
    1. The planet was killer already and no they didn't find one
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