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  1. The Avengers died sacrificing themselves in a ultimate battle with Doctor Doom. Now 18 years later a new threat is coming. With new foes coming, and HYDRA gaining more power. A elderly Nick Fury, and Tony Stark plans to bring back the Avengers initative. He plans on training the young heroes to take on the threat. But The threat is something big...and it wants revenge.
    No auto kill
    can be a your own character or a child of existing characters
    Be respectful to other people
    No god modding
    no speed posting
    some kids can be related
    Have fun and be creative
    Reserved Characters
    Iron man Son(Foxtrot)
    Hawkeye Son(Foxtrot)
    Yelena Balova daughter(N/A)


    Name Steven Bucky Rodgers Jr
    Alias Captain
    age 18
    parents Steve Rodgers and Natasha Romanoff
    powers He had the Super-Soldier serum passed down to him from his father, making him far stronger then a normal human
    skills Skilled in combat. Before his parents died he trained under them in a few martial arts and shield fighting
    weapons/tools Before his father left, he gave him his trademark shield
    Other He values America but questions it more then his father. He cares about people's lives more then his own

    Name Zaina Logan
    Alias Hurricane
    age 19
    parents Storm and Wolverine
    costume? black suit
    powers Control over the weather, healing factor(though not on the level as Wolverine's) and bone claws
    skills Skilled in basic combat
    weapons/tools her claws
    other: Wants to be the team leader
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  2. can i reserve Iron man and hawkeyes sons?
  3. Thanks
  4. Name: Chaelin Moon (actual surname: Rand)
    Alias: Silk
    age: 20
    parents: Silk (Cindy Moon) and Iron Fist
    powers: Chaelin can generate natural webbing from her fingertips and wrists, spider sense (advanced), enhanced human strength, agility, speed, stanima and super human equiliibrium.
    skills: she is skilled in close range combat, basic understanding of technology, photography
    weapons/tools: webshooters
    other: she wishes to meet her father (his idenity is unknown to her).​
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  5. Nice one. Accepted
  6. Thank you ^^
  7. By chance, can i make a daughter of Yelena Belova? She was one of the black widows but compromised by Natasha.
    Or should I just be related to mockingbird since theres technically already a black widow descendant (Steven)?
  8. It doesnt matter to me. Do what makes you comfortable.
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  9. We have three reserved characters now
  10. [​IMG]
    Vorona -Belova-
    Alias: Virago
    Age: 19

    Hand to Hand combat (Adept)
    Multilingual (Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese): She can learn other languages too very quickly and fluently when a certain mission involves other languages. However once the mission is completed--She will simply forget about the language after a few days.

    - Pretty much anything she can get her hands on, It depends on the mission/task really.

    - She is the secret child of Yelena Belova. After Yelena was compromised by Natasha and gave up the Black Widow title, she followed her dreams of becoming a ballerina. She soon conceived a child, Vorona however the Russian government found out and decided to make another Black Widow child. Thus, Yelena had no choice but to give up Vorona and so she was trained much like Yelena and Natasha was. But Vorona proved herself worthy of being equal too or even better then Natasha and soon they held onto her. That is until SHIELD secretly interfered and to Vorona, the government dropped her to which she was taken back to America with Yelena. Vorona fled and somehow here she is now, living and healthy.. SHIELD is currently trying to find her and recruit her into the new Avengers promising her a safer life and better things.
    - Vorona changed her name to 'Dolores Moreau Caffrey'. Thus she goes by Dolores, however SHIELD calls her by her actual name (Vorona) which is fine. Other then that--No one else knows of her and theres a lesser chance of being jumped in the middle of the streets as well with a changed name.
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  11. we can start soon
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  12. I'd like to make two female characters. May I reserve Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) and The Invisible Woman (Susan Storm-Richards) from Fantastic Four as my characters parents?
  13. Sure no problem
  14. Color Ref: 7200d6
    " Everyone calls me Kat."
    . Katherine Justice Richards .

    " Ugh, the press came up with it."
    . Sapphire Knight... but most media refers to her as Sapphire now, for short .

    " Perfectly legal."
    . 18 .

    " Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman."
    . Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic- Fantastic 4) .
    . Susan Storm-Richards (The Invisible Woman- Fantastic 4) .

    " Designed it myself."

    " They're kind of lame."
    . Katherine has inherited her fathers ability to stretch, but because she is a second generation she has also developed a second power: The Healing factor. She heals just as fast as the wolverine (to use as an example), and can also heal others. However, healing others takes more time, and a lot of energy. She has to focus .

    " Other than being super stretchy?"
    . Hand-To-Hand Combat .
    . Quick on her feet .
    . Light weighted .
    . A pretty good a aim .
    . Can be pretty charming .
    . Very intelligent, much like her parents .
    . Great artist- especially when drawing .

    Weapons & Tools:
    " I don't really need anything else."
    . She doesn't have any weapons, but she can make use of anything she can get her hands on if need-be .

    " I feel like we've gone over everything."
    . Had no interest in being a superhero until S.H.E.I.L.D recruited her .
    . Her hometown was unaware of her secret identity, despite knowing the Fantastic Four's identities .
    . Thinks her powers are kind of lame .
    . Wanted to be an artist or a teacher .
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  15. Color Ref: c70000
    " I'm Kyler."
    . Kyler Axel Richards .

    " I feel like it could be so much cooler."
    . Razor .

    " What's it to you?."
    . 21 .

    "They're a pain, but you gotta love them."
    . Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic- Fantastic 4) .
    . Susan Storm-Richards (The Invisible Woman- Fantastic 4) .

    " Again, something that could be much cooler."

    "I'm basically my mom, with razor blades."
    . Kyler has his mothers ability to generate force fields, as well as turn completely invisible. His invisibility power is more advanced than his mothers, so that he can turn his clothing invisible too. He also has a unique ability, due to the fact that he is a second generation: He can shoot little razor blades from his finger tips. When he first developed this ability it hurt, and he didn't understand where they came from, but he's grown used to it .

    " I'm pretty good at fighting?"
    . Hand-To-Hand Combat .
    . Kyler is easy-going, and can get along with nearly anyone .
    . He's pretty flexible .
    . He's very fit, as well as strong .
    . Great liar .
    . Has great agility .
    . He's very athletic .

    Weapons & Tools:
    " I'm pretty handy with a gun."
    . Kyler doesn't really need weapons, but if he must use one he always goes for a pistol .

    " I can't think of much else."
    . Loved the idea of being a superhero .
    . Was living on his own, in an apartment downtown .
    . Worked at a local Walmart .
    . He can be very selfless, and is a good team player .
    . Has played all kinds of sports his whole life, according to their season .
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  16. If this is still open I'd like to make make two characters.
  17. Both accepted
    and sure
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