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  1. Well, ok then. I'm here now so I guess there's no backing out; let's get started XD

    Hi! My username is OnyxTheAwesome, but feel free to just call me Onyx. Or heck, anything similar or close enough to that-- or even something completely unrelated-- will work fine. If I think you're addressing me, I'll more than likely respond to whatever you use.

    As for me personally, I am 18 and a college freshie with way too much time on my hands, despite all the clubs and other things that I do. I am new to this website, however I am fairly new to RPing in general as well. I've been RPing for a bit longer than a month now, and I've been loving it a lot so far! I know there are lots of things I haven't even begun to try yet, and I can't wait to give a few more a go on this site ^.^

    Now, just because I am fairly new to RPing doesn't mean that I am new to writing. I've been writing and editing stories for a while, and preparing for college essays for a long time have both improved my writing skills over the years. I like to think I'm an adept writer, so anyone around that skill level will likely (hopefully ^^;) be satisfied with my level of writing.

    As for the roleplays themselves, I'm really up for just about anything and everything-- and even if I'm not, I'd still love to just hear the idea to see if maybe it's something we could work out. Groups roleplays and one-on-ones, I've done both and I'm ok with both ^^

    Hopefully that was enough information, but hey if it wasn't, feel free to message me or leave a reply or anything! I am super laid-back back and pretty much ok with anything. You'll have to try fairly hard to offend me in any way, so don't worry about messaging me with RP ideas or questions or even anything else really-- I'll likely be ok with it and I will definitely respond. ^_^ So there we go, that's a bit about me, and some info on where I am with RP knowledge and experience as of now XD

    I can't wait to get started once I've settled in, and I hope to get the chance to hear from some of you who are a part of this awesome community!
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Onyx. Here, have a cookie. Enjoy your stay.
  3. Awesome, thank you for the welcome (and the cookie :3)!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku
  5. Thanks! Glad to be here.
  6. Welcome!
  7. Thanks!
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