The Newbie Arrives~!

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  1. Hey there guys and gurls!~

    I'm a 19 year old female writer, that has been in this amazing enviroment, that we call the world of roleplay, for about 7 years now. Safe to say, I have always loved spinning adventures of written words with others, feeling the thrill of the next post to be.
    So that's why I'm excited to be here, on a site, that seems to have everything a roleplayer could wish for.
    A kind community of players. Administrators and Moderators that most likely do their best to keep it fun for all. And of course a fun variety of roleplays just waiting to be explored.

    You will all know me as Tripell, and hopefully we will all get to enjoy each others company. You can of course read all about my roleplay-preferences and such on my profile, so I will let this introduction be about the me behind the screen.

    As already said, I'm a young female adult with lots of experience. Yet one can always learn more.
    I have a dream to become a horror author one day, and is currently searching for an education that can lead the way.
    I'm from Denmark, a tiny Scandinavian country, and English is not my first language. But I always do my best to write as correctly as possible.

    I have a huge fascination of piercings and tattoo's. I like the punk/rock/goth kind of style when it comes to clothing and makeup. But mostly I am makeup-free and in boring clothes. So I don't scare everyone around me. xD

    But yeah, not sure what else to tell. Of you have a question go for it. And if not, fine by me~

    May you all stay awesome!

    - Yours truly, Tripell.
  2. Greetings Trip and Welcome to Iwaku.
  3. Hi there Trip! :D Welcome to Iwaku!
  4. Hello Tripell, welcome to Iwaku!