The New Wizards on Waverly place

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  1. It's been many years since Alex Justin and Max Russo have lived on Waverly place. Many years Since Mason and Juliette have met their significant other and moved on. You can still find the Waverly sub station where max Runs it with his family still. However this story is about the Veil Family. The New Wizards on Waverly place they own a clothing shop. The husband in this scenario is again the wizard and His 4 kids are in training for the big wizard test to be wizards. Who will win out and who will be human.

    Mother: open
    Father: @~Dark Disney~
    Older Brother 16: @Princess Poisoned Rose
    Older sister 16 : @~Dark Disney~
    Younger brother 8: @Alexstrasza
    younger sister 7: @~Happily.Ever.After~

    Friends of the Family Female Aka the Harper of the Veil family: @Felilla

    The Mason for the teen girl: @Raven
    The Juillet for the teen boy: @~Happily.Ever.After~
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  2. I'd be intrested in being maybe the older sister or the boy for the older sister. I hope u get more imtrested in this.
  3. well the older sister is taken but you can do the male for her
  4. May I have the seven year old and the Juliet?

    (If I can only choose one I'll take the seven year old ^_^)
  5. sure
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  6. Thank you very much deary :)
  7. yup tag any one you think might take interest
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  8. @Felilla maybe you would like this as well
  9. Can I have the female friend?
  10. yeah
  11. Wouldn't you want to make the mom the wizard? It'd be interesting. But either way um.. I'll take mom and or kid brother spot. But seeing how it's mostly about the kids... I would prefer the kids spot.
  12. which brother
  13. also thought about it but dad's are goofier
  14. The kid spot lol... that would be *goes to look* the younger brother 8
  15. okay
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  16. I would like the Oldest brother if still available
  17. yeah
  18. Are the older siblings twins?
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