The "New Technology is Evil" Movie of Today

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  1. So here's a horror moth question for Iwaku at large. Over the years several movies have been made that have their scares fueled the new technology on the public mind. I've seen movies about how teenagers owning cellphones and sending chain letter texts is bad. There's a movie about how wireless networks are bad. Haunted websites. Robots turning murderous. AI impregnating its creator's wife with a robot baby.

    It's not a new genre of horror, really, but I don't think I've seen one recently, and I'm sort of curious what that movie would look like.

    What would it even be about? Social networking? Smartphones? Tablets? I mean we've done ghosts on the internet and ghosts in wireless signals and serial killers using Youtube... so what's next? Oh, we've also done serial killers finding their targets through text messages too.

    About the only good idea I could come up with was a dark take on something like Folding@Home using people's computers to figure out some mathematical problem but in Lovecraft fashion the formula actually turns into a portal that lets the Great Old Ones through.

    But what would you think a recent "New Technology is Evil" movie would look like?
  2. 3D tech advances accidentally turn advanced holograms into solid light constructs that attack people at night but fades in the sun?

    I support the 'Science Hero' Trope. Still, some ideas, like the lovecraftian equations sound awesome as opposed to some other ones.
  3. Two words: Google Cars
  4. Hmm. I would say that this century's "New Technology is Evil" would have to be fear of the Large Hadron Collider and the Black Hole that emerges from it. Or was there such a movie already? I think I might have seen one, but I am not really sure about it. If there really is such a movie, then I would have to vote for an intelligent nanobot swarm that consumes everything.
  6. I really think incorporating Technology is Evil theme is much harder to do now-a-days with technology being related to fads and who "actually needs this technology." So to begin as a movie producer/writer I'd go off of that idea that this is a technology that not everyone needs.

    Okay so what does this technology do in the wrong hands? Well let's say we use that buddy sharing iPhone/tablet thing and let's combine that with some sort of group of people who are definitely villainous of sorts. I'd say the theme of Raping and Killing always gets people in a definite horror mood. So we got this group of iphone/Tablet friends/cult that use their technology for what? Well let's just say they like to track other iPhoners/Tablet users to make them their victim. Using what GPS they can of that specific phone they walk and stalk them occasionally sending her/him videos of them stalking them on her/his iPhone. Every time they turn around though there isn't anyone there but she definitely sees herself turn around in the video.

    Pressure and general horror fuel the rest of the movie until the climax in which either the cult is caught and we end with a twist of another movie sent on her/his iphone of someone in her closet, or they get to do what they want with her/him. Overall create a Technology Shouldn't Be Put In The Wrong Hands feel.