The New Son of Kronos

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There was quite a list of things to accomplish during an early morning in Greece. A charismatic centaur stepped out of a stable that was as cozy as any house could be. He lived outside of the village, which he enjoyed because it displayed a beautiful sight when the sun was rising. His tail swished with content while he gazed, the corners of his mouth moving outward in a smile. This would be the last time he'd see his home, possibly forever.

Philip stepped back into his house, gathering his pieces of armour so he was no longer bare and vulnerable. He searched through his belongings and found a whistle that looked much like a miniature trumpet. His fingers felt the smoothness of the carved wood before he looped a string through it and tied it around his neck.

When he walked back out with the rest of his supplies, two women were standing near the doorstep. Both of them looked somber, one with her arms behind her back and the other with her arms crossed over her chest. Philip chuckled to himself and approached them, his hooves clopping ever so quietly against the short grass. They were an older and younger sister that visited him more often than anyone else.

"Philip… Will you tell us about your adventures when you come back?" asked the younger sister, the elder one only smiling.
The centaur smiled warming and bowed his head to them and answered, "You can count on it."

He hoped he would be able to grant her the favour and then handed them a small key he used to lock and unlock his stable house.

"Would you like to take care of my home while I'm gone? You're welcome to read my books anytime you'd like."
The pair nodded gleefully, the elder sister taking the key and holding it tightly against her heart as a sign of promise. Philip grinned, his eyes moist but releasing no tears as he embraced the both of them with his long arms.

"Tell the other girls to take care."

After those words, he trotted away from his house. He went towards a valley of grass, trees, flowers and small mammals while blowing the little horn around his neck. It summoned a group of centaurs that galloped towards him from the thicket of plants, each with a quiver on his back and a bow in his hands. Philip trained them for this day and right there in the valley, they began their walk to the ocean where they'd meet their new comrades.


[size=+1]"May the waters continue to bless me with a bountiful crop!" a man out in the shallow edges of the Aegean Sea yelled as he thrashed around in the waters in what appeared to be a struggle. He was then sent up into the air as the beast he fought with came up, a shark with snapping jaws hoping to claim the man. Zale turned in the air, narrowly being missed by the several rows of sharp teeth that eached seeked to end his life. As he came back down, he plowed into the water, and latched on to the fin of his haul.

Again, the shark thrashed in the water, sending water, and foam in all directions as he fought off it's prey now turned hunter. Zale held a firm grip, and guided the shark farther inland hoping to get the beast suck in the sand bar where he'd then haul it up onto the beach with ease. Each thrash, was slowly driving the shark closer, and closer to it's doom...

It was then that Zale sent a devestatingly concussive fist into the side of the shark's head knocking it out. A few moments later, they both surfaced, and Zale grasped the large animal by it's tail, and swung with his arms, sending the massive beast up into the air, and several yards inland where it crashed into the sand with a heavy thud.[/size]
((I'm still working on my para-roleplaying, so bare with me if my posts aren't quite as long as you guys, I'll try my best.))

Lystra had been gleefully sitting under an apple tree she found, her smile reaching ear-to-ear as she slowly chomped on a crisp, ripe mackintosh apple. Her long blond hair blowing softly in the wind, her skin shining ever so golden, as the sun reached her face, it's rays warming her body from the breeze. It's days like these that Lystra always longed for, the quiet, relaxing, enjoyable days that didn't require a fight for food or shelter.

The apples were so beautifully ripe it contented Lystra enough to let her guard down, for just a while. "What kinda' man lays his hands on the woman he loves, calls her Angel and shows no remorse, and the blood, he covers her body in bruises and scars, you don't understand just how beautiful you are." She sings softly to herself as the wind picks up speed, the lovely daylight hiding behind a cloud now.

Lystra's thoughts suddenly took a turn, her face a frown. Something was wrong, something was going to happen. She straightened herself, and got her guard back up. Lystra was not going to let anything silly spoil her nice day. Her sword at ready, she made her way closer to the beach. Before she could start into the climate of the water, she heard a large crash, signalling her defenses further, "What in bloody hell was that..?" Lystra whispered.


[size=+1]Walking up out of the water, Zale's tan skin glistened in the sun's light, and his blue/gray mane of hair clung damply to his body, one that was so magnificently maintained that he might have made Atlas himself jealous if in a certain light. He reached out one of his large hands, and clasped his fingesr firmly around a large glaive with wave like blades, and rested it against his shoulder as he continued to the large shark that he'd chucked onto the beach. The lack of oxygen had awoken the monster of the sea to it's danger, and it began flopping around violently. With an eerie grace, Zale walked through it's thrashing, as well as it's misaimed snaps at his legs with it's large mouth, and stopped when he stood before it's head.

Lifting his weapon up, Zale closed his eyes a moment, and offered a prayer to the great animal before he drove the blade deeply into it's skull with precision. As the blade bit deeply, the animal instantly ceased all movement, and went limp on the shores... a perfect killing stroke to spare the animal it's suffering... a merciful kill. Zale then pulled te blade from the corpse, and twriled it in hand before stabbing it into the ground, where he then knelt before the shark, and rested both hands over it's eyes, and gently rested his forehead on it's in what seeemed to be another prayer.[/size]
As Lystra made her way outside of the brush and hit sand, her face curled into confusion. For what she saw was a man kneeling by a shark, a dead shark to be precise. She didn't know what to think of it, her breath caught. How had the shark gotten on land? And why was this man kneeling in prayer? She knew now to stay still, her breathe coming in small waves as she awaited any movement from the man. She was still in defense, as she realised, he could pose a potential danger.

She sheathed her weapon slowly, so as to be more agile, and crossed her hands behind her back. She took in the scents of the waves coming to shore, their distinct earthy and salty smell filling her nostrils. She then took in the shaking of the palms branches and the feel of sand between her toes. Lystra took another deep breathe, her lungs tingly from the humid sea air. This wasn't an act that came easily to Lystra, she was horrible at being patient.

She finally decided she had given enough time, one step forward and she cleared her throat. A friendly expression warming her face. Lystra wasn't in the mood to fight today, and she hoped to goddess she could keep it like that.
Anstice had ended up falling asleep in a forest the night before, his cloak was pulled tight around him as he lay against one of the trees. He was woken up by several loud noises, which irritated him, not only could he not sleep in a town for the night, people had to go and wake him with, no doubt trivial, tasks. Grunting he stretched a bit before standing up and grabbing his sword and slinging it across his back.

Anstice began walking in the direction of the noise for lack of anything better to do for the day. Breaking the edge of the forest he ended up on a beach, the commotion obviously coming from a man with a shark. Anstice didn't feel like getting involved so he simply put his sword against a tree, sat next to it, and watched what was going to unfold as a woman also came on to the beach.