The New Son of Kronos

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Demigods Will Make History​


Our world was once ruled by the Titans. These mighty deities are responsible for the birth of those we worship! The great Zeus, Hades and Poseidon for example, are children to Kronos, the King of Titans. The Titans were eventually locked away, unable to escape while their children ruled Greece as Gods.

Kronos is very angry… In fact, he hopes to be the one in charge once again. His last hope is a son he knowingly didn't devour like he thought he did with the others. This son is named Cyril, meaning "Lordly". He's being raised by his mortal mother, who is doomed to be killed by Cyril once he's ready to make his journey to immortality. It's his destiny to bring down Olympia and free his father. Cyril's even going to the underworld to eliminate Hades!

The Gods need all the help they can get, so I've been entrusted with the job of recruiting more people like me to fight for them. Don't tell them I said this, but I think they're kind of lazy… They're Gods, why can't they fight themselves!? Anyway… It's still a good opportunity for us Demigods to shine.

My name is Philip and I'm the son of Chiron, the God of Centaurs. He too is a son of Kronos. I've never met my father because he's too busy doing God stuff and there's a rule saying they can't be with their half breed offspring. I hope that winning this battle with Cyril will change that law.
My expectations:
1. Follow Iwaku's rules.
2. Be respectful and patient.
3. Don't be shy. Ask me anything you need to and speak your ideas.
4. I'd prefer that everyone chooses a different God. First come, first serve… Once a God gives birth to a Demi, they can't make another. Plus, having the variety will be useful in combat.
5. I'll allow 2 per person.
6. My answer to romance questions is yes.
7. I am aware that Chiron is not a major God. Aside from the fact I wanna be a Centaur, I wanna leave all the major ones open fairly to my players.
8. Zeus is not an option because he's the God of Gods and doesn't like the idea of having babies with humans.
9. You're half God, half Human. Not half God, half Elf or whatever. ;)
10. I'll start the RP when at least 4 other people submit a character. People are welcome to join in anytime; we can find many ways to introduce someone else.

Now here is a list of Gods and Goddesses to choose from. If you wanna be one that's not on the list, speak up! These are most if not all the Greek Gods:

The sensual goddess of Love and Beauty

The youthful god of the Sun and the Music

The fierce god of War

The wild goddess of the Hunt

The sophisticated goddess of Wisdom and Arts

The natural goddess of the Harvest

The joyful god of the Wine

The gloomy god of the Underworld

The ill-favored god of Metallurgy

The mature goddess of the Family

The cunning god of the Trade

The calm goddess of the Hearth

The moody god of the Seas

If you want any information on the less popular ones, I'll be happy to provide it. Otherwise, google them. >___>

Name and its meaning: Pick out a Greek name and tell us what it means.
God Parent: Choose the God or Goddess you are the offspring of.
Physical Age: How old do you look?
Sex: Male or female?
Appearance: I don't care if it's an animu image or real life image or a thought out description. Just please, keep it matched with the period of Ancient Greece. ;)
Personality: Just tell it how it is.
Strengths: To keep it simple and under control, just put up to 4 of these and keep it reasonable. Follow Iwaku's rules.
Weaknesses: Remember, they're still half human. Don't say anything dumb like "They can get cut!" LOL Be creative and let them balance the strengths.
Powers: Depending on which God or Goddess you're a child of, you have special powers. For example, if Poseidon is your Father, you can control water. Like the above two, list only 4. Feel free to ask me if something's overpowering.
Weapon and Items: What do they carry with them at all times? No need to mention rations and clothes, that's assumed. Additionally, what weapon do they prefer? And yes, fists are acceptable!
Background: I don't expect anything detailed. Just tell a little bit about their life with mortal parents or just the one parent. How they coped with being a "freak" and if they've discovered what they can do for powers yet.
Name and its meaning:
Philip "Lover of Horses"
God Parent:
Physical Age:
A wise, knowledgeable creature like his father. Unlike most centaurs, Philip is very well behaved. He defends the innocent, those he loves, his comrades and those he trains with pride and compassion. Despite having the body of a horse, he's actually quite charming. Ladies like to ride on his back while he shares stories he knows about his father, which helps drive away the loneliness.
- Superior leadership. He puts lots of confidence in his recruits so they can succeed as a group. Philip can also stay calm in high pressured situations.
- A decent doctor. He knows how to make medicines from plants in the wilderness.
- Good agility. Having four legs allows him to run incredibly fast.
- Charmer. He's not the most attractive but still has a wonderful smile, along with a sense of humor. He's been able to get himself out of bad situations without violence.
- If any of his legs break, he'd no longer be able to run. He'd barely even be able to walk.
- People can always hear Philip when he walks or runs because of his hooves.
- Can't use any weapon that's not a bow and arrow. His arms don't move as quickly as his legs do. Without his bow and arrow, all he has left to use is his hooves.
- Although he's clad in good armor, he can't simply dodge from an upfront attack quickly enough. This forces him to either run to safe grounds where he can shoot an arrow or try hand to hand.
- Excellent accuracy. He could kill a person with a single shot.
- Limitless knowledge. Philip can remember everything he reads in his books. This allows him to identify plants, animals, etc. He can even use this to know exactly where he is in the world.
- Able to speak to animals.
Weapon and Items:
Bow, arrows, and quiver. He also carries a knife to help him make more arrows when if he should run out. In a bag, he has a journal to record his progress and some supplies to make medicine or patch wounds.
Unlike other Demigods, Philip's mortal parent as not a human; Chiron mated with a female Centaur. The mother raised Philip alone so Chiron could return to tutoring new disciples. When Philip was old enough, he was sent to Athens to begin his studying. He'd read through every library he could find, even when he traveled to different cities. By the age of 10, he was training kids to use bows and arrows. (10 isn't too young for a horse.) He became a leader for battles and would rush to aid armies no matter how far they were so he could use his healing methods. His good deeds allowed people to look past who and what he was, but there were still those who weren't fond of his presence. He has longed to meet his Father and learned earlier than most that he was a Demigod. Philip received a message from Hermes that Zeus wants him to recruit an army of Demigods to stop Cyril from freeing his father, Kronos. With his destiny awaiting him, Philip plans to make Demigods known to be heroic, instead of freaks of nature.

Name: Cyril
Physical Age: 20
Sex: Male
Personality Power hungry, merciless and blood thirsty.

At the moment, he is as strong as the rest of the Demigods. The more he kills, the stronger he becomes. He's hunting for the secrets and the strength that will allow him to take down Olympia so he can free his Father without fail.


Monsters with the body of a man and the head of a bull. They wield mighty axes and charge with brute force. Normally attack solo.

Giant, reptilian beasts. It starts out with one head that multiplies into double the heads once one is cut off. Therefore, it's important to find creative ways to kill it.

Oversized and overweight creatures with bodies like a man's. They have only one eye, which is also their weak spot. They fight with giant hammers or clubs and feast on the flesh of man. Most dwell in caves on isolated islands.

Hideous monsters with snakes for hair. They are half serpent and half human with venomous arrows. Another Gorgon is Medusa, who turns people to stone when they look into her eyes. Cutting off her head would allow you to use it for your own weapon.
Accepting characters now. :3 My brain's too tired to do anything else now.
I'm going to take Hephaestus, working on character.

Name and its meaning: Anstice (one who will rise again)
God Parent: Hephaestus
Physical Age: 17
Sex: Male
Appearance: Anstice no longer has hair, and his eyes are completely black, though always seem to reflect fire. Anstice's skin is dark, but is largely covered in burn scars. His left arm looks like he simply wearing plate mail, other than that, he wears a toga and a large cloak, covering most of his body.
Personality: very harsh and extremely fearless, he is well known for his reckless fighting style. His harsh attitude is only made worse by his speech impediment.
Strengths: Expert Swordsmanship, High Immunity to disease
Weaknesses: Scarred and unsociable appearance, slurred speech
Powers: Heart made of the flame of the gods (he resurrects after every time he's killed), a metallic arm
Weapon and Items: The blade of Hephaestus, the finest sword he ever made for mortal hands
Background: Anstice was born with no powers, and as he grew up none developed. Since there was no reason his mother never told him of his heritage. He grew up uneventfully as a farmer until he was 17. On Summer's Solstice he burned to death, as he burned his body was dragged away from the fire, completely burned and without his left arm. His mother died as well, but his body was taken by Hephaestus who wanted to be able to help his son. Hephaestus crafted his son a new arm, attached it, and placed a small piece of the god's fire in his chest. Before Anstice was revived, Hephaestus hurried him away so as to not cross the god's law that they never meet.

However, with the blade of Hephaestus in hand, but no knowledge how to use it, he spent 30 years searching out swordsman to teach him, becoming one of the most skilled swordsman in Greece.
Name and its meaning: Zale "Strength Of The Sea"
God Parent: Poseidon
Physical Age: 27
Sex: Male

Personality: A tidal wave of power, and a calm lapping of waves. Zale is duet of human nature extremes. If he is prodded, and angered, his fury takes a hold of him until he either calms down, or he has 'Dealt' with his source of aggression. On the other hand, Zale is one of the calmest individuals that one can meet, and actively stays out of sight from the majority of Society having been raised in wars.

He doesn't like the military or soldiers in general, and makes it known with his blunt nature. He doesn't like subtlety, and makes his thoughts, and moods known without any chance of confusion. His simple lifestyle hints to a crude, and stupid thought process, but his blue eyes hint to a deep and complex thought process, that you'll probably never understand, or get the chance to.

Calming Aura: Zale's calm demeanor, and gentle nature often allows those around him to feel at ease at his presence despite his size, and allows him to make friends easily unless the subject is of a royal nature, and demands a distinct etiquette.

Sea Faring: Zale is an expert sailor, and fisherman of the seas, and has sailed the various seas by himself on nothing more than a small fishing boat. With Rod in hand, he could catch the mightiest spoils of the sea.

Polearms: Zale is very skilled in the use of most combat polearms, but is most capable with his signature Glaive known as Water's Fury.


Salty Blood: Zale's body requires him to consume salt more rapidly than most. Food, and drink consumed by him must be high in salt or he will start to become sick, and weaken.

Meditative state: Zale must meditate one hour a day in order to calm his thoughts or he will react in extremes, and lose sight of friend and foe, much like the ocean's lack of mercy when a boat is caught in a storm.

Social Cripple: Zale has no time for proper form, and words, and is considered barbaric by most standards. He is not capable of subtlety, and likes to act before thinking in most situations.


Increased Strength: Zale is capable of great feats of strength, and has been written to have wrestled sharks, and other large animals both on land, and from the sea.

Command of the Sea: Zale can control the sea and it's weather in his immediate vicinity, and can communicate with all Sea Life, as well as absorb the oxygen of the water through his skin allowing him to breath underwater.

Manipulator of Water: Zale is also capable of manipulating water when not near the sea. He's able to increase the quantity of water, as well as it's purity, and can move it in various directions with hand gestures.

Weapon and Items: Water's Fury

Background: As a small child, Zale was found stranded as a baby on a piece of debris at sea, where he was fished from the waters by a passing military ship filled with Sailors venturing to a foreign war. Taken in by a Ranking Officer, Zale was raised as an adopted son, and conscripted into the Military where they soon discovered his abilities, and placed him within the Navy, and used as an Ace in the Hole in Naval warfare.

After a particularly nasty skirmish at sea, Zale's ship was shattered by a volley of Ballista bolts, and the ship was sent tot he bottom of the sea along with Zale... it was then he learned of his ability to survive underwater. When he surfaced hours later, amongst the wrecked he found a strange looking polearm, which he took with him. (not knowing the gift to be from Poseidon, his father.)

Since then, he's lived as a Hermit in the seas, and various islands in order to avoid the majority of society, as he's grown tired of their waring nature, and the constant turmoil that follows "Land Walkers."
Suitable for you, TC. ;) You got it! *Crosses off Poseidon for Jumi*
Right... there's my character idea.

Feel free to gut him to your liking, and I'll make any edits that I must.
Zale is awesome! I love the picture too. <3
Don't forget to finish, TC. Appearance and Personality's left undone. He's looking pretty cool though. We'll have to play with that resurrection. :P Egyptian gods? Norse gods? Greek gods are fun and all but are we limited to one pantheon?

*Eyes the many sons of Zeus and quickly kicks them into the wastebin*
I'll work on finishing this weekend, I'm surprised I got that much done really.
No rush, TC. *hugs*

I can only handle one country with one group of Gods, Jack. Sorry to disappoint. Cool as it would be to include them. Maybe someday I can make a sequel where those Gods will collide or make one RP for each group and let them all meet somehow... Make it a story like Snatch or something. XD
Name and its meaning: Lystra (Free)

God Parent: Athena

Physical Age: Sixteen

Sex: Female


Personality: Lystra is an independent girl, she has never once willingly accepted help and attempts to do everything on her own. She's stubborn and arguementive, this usually causes her to push everyone's opinion out of her mind, she's a My way, or the highway kind of girl. She's creative and always has random thoughts, which sometimes can become rather annoying to those around her. She's entirely clever and crafty and will always come up with a great scheme to get around obstacles. She does care for those she loves, but can become quite cold-hearted when the trust is broken once, she's not one for second chances.

Strengths: (Not entirely sure where to go for the rules, but I'll put up four general powers that I assume would be good and you can let me know)

Persuasion: Lystra is incredibly persuasive and tends to get her way with things. She tends to find out a person's weakness and uses it to her own advantage.

Advanced weaponry skills: Ever since she was able to walk, Lystra has been handed a weapon to wield. Intense training and hours upon hours of pain and blistering hands, Lystra has mastered most and maybe all weapons available in the present time.

Mild clairvoyance: Lystra has noted that lately she has been getting immensely accurate pre-cognitive dreams, and sometimes will have very short visions during consciousness.

Optimistic: No matter the circumstances, Lystra will always have a smile on her face, and think positively of any situation, which in turn, gives most people she meets, the benefit of the doubt.

Weaknesses: Lystra is very impatient and tends to make her decisions and actions on impulse, thus always getting herself into bad situations. She isn't a very good combat fighter, she's very materialistic, and because of that aspect she usually suffers from starvation and lack of sleep because of being so picky, and her sense of direction usually gets her lost.


Extreme health: Immunity to any terrestrial disease and the ability to heal wounds rapidly.

Animate: She is able to animate inanimate objects.

Energy Bolts: She's able to conjure mystical energy bolts.

Weapon and Items: An enchanted sword given the ability to have almost one hundred percent accuracy. (Note: this does not mean it can kill in one single blow, it can just almost always hit the target, anywhere.)

Background: Lystra was homed by a group of men who were retired from war, they would always keep her busy with chores or training with weapons. They knew she was not normal, but yet they accepted her anyways, which always made Lystra smile. She was told she had been found in a helmet left by the men's house, only wearing the necklace etched with her name. She had left the house by age eight, and has since then been travelling by herself. Thus meaning she had never attended schooling or learned the meaning of a friend.
Very well done, my honeybee. ;3 At first, I was like "Woah!" when I saw the powers because they don't match up well to Athena but then I remembered that she is Goddess of war, wisdom and a bunch of other things, so the powers can work pretty well. Especially since in the myth of her birth, she came from Zeus's forehead, so that can be where Lystra inherited the bolts. XD Anyway, done blabbing. Very good strengths and weaknesses too, you did just fine on those.

Welcome aboard! Just need another couple players and I'll get it started up.
Thank you so much.
And I assume honeybee is my nickname now? :3
Can't wait to start. :D
Yeah, I'm pretty much adopting you and naming you Honeybee. -^^-
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