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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Mar 24, 2012.

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  1. Iwaku is getting more and more active! With so many new roleplays going up, having a single Signup area for all out of character threads wasn't quite doing the job from an organizational perspective.

    We now have separate Signup & Plot Discussion forums for EACH of our genre sections.

    AAAANNNNND a "Global Signup" forum that automatically lists ALL signup threads from each of the genres. 8D

    Best of both worlds! YAAAAY!

    To go with this new setup we have NEW SUB-GENRE PREFIXES. Members will have to edit their threads and add in their appropriate prefix.
    We probably MISSED useful prefixes, so if you have a suggestion for a sub-genre or a "global" prefix, feel free to suggest it!

    There is a good chance we accidentally moved your Signup thread to the wrong section! Ask the nearest mod to move it for you if we did!
    I tried to make sure all the threads were moved to the right section, but I'm likely to have gotten a couple mixed up. O___O Contact the nearest staffer online and they'll get that fixed.

    ...and.... expect an updated sub-genre prefix guide in the Wiki soon. 8D
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  2. This is awesome, Diana. Truly.

    Let's have a hand for Diana, people!

    *starts cuffing and kicking all the members*

    Only one tiny little thing about this... When you go to the Global Section and click to enter an OOC, you then CAN'T get back to the Global Section using the breadcrumb thingy. You have to return to the index or use the back buttons.

    If this can be corrected, that'll be cool. If not, then I can fuck off and die.

    *goes back to hitting the members with sticks*
  3. Awesome! Glad to hear Iwaku's getting more popular! :)

    (gets hit) Ow, my ovaries! D:
  4. Fantastic! For a moment there, I thought I just put it in the wrong place. XD Glad to hear this new system is up! Best of both worlds.

    And if you hit me with a stick, I am getting either a dump truck or a sword to hit you back. O.O
  5. Oh yay, new system! ~does cheers~

    ~is hit, grabs shovel and hits back~ NO! Bad!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.