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  1. //The title is just filler until I think of something better

    Kaden was walking down the busy street holding a small bag of groceries. Today was interview day for the people lucky enough to even be considered to a roommate for someone such as himself. His potential employers were to blind to his greatness to hire him so, he's stuck with a minimum wage job working the local convenience store and, as of right now, can't pay the by himself right now.

    As soon as he reached his apartment (#213 on the 3rd floor) he put the bag the counter of the small kitchen that was only separated from the living room by a hallway that held the bedrooms. The bag held a few snack foods such as chips it was meant for the people he was going to interview today. He walked over to the small couch in the living room. Kaden hated his couch he felt as though it wasn't good enough for someone as great as him. He then reached for the remote to his small tv (which he also hated) on the wall opposite of him and started flipping through channels, he had time to kill before the interviews started

    An hour passed and it was time to start setting up set up for the interviews. He grabbed everything he needed to from the kitchen (the snacks and a glass of water) and set in the small coffee table in front of the couch. Next, he grabbed a foldable chair from the closet in his room down the chair and set it down on the other side of the table facing him.

    The time passed as he was interviewing people and it was starting to get dark. He didn't really see anyone he particularly liked. Most of the people were like him; college students who couldn't really afford to live on there with the occasional bum how just wanted a place to stay for free. Was there anyone worthy of sharing a room with someone like him?

    His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door this was the last person who signed up to be his roommate. Kaden opened the door and greeted the other with a warm smile "welcome! please come in and take a seat over there" he said with a happy tone of voice pointing to the white plastic chair. This was it, if this person wasn't worth him time then he was screwed.

    // You don't need to match this I'm just prone to longer starting posts

    Here's my character
    Kaden Rockwell

    (notes: I did not draw this and he tends to wear more casual clothes such as t-shirts, jeans, and pullover jackets
  2. 3288069-XO5EIiY25Ti0CzwM.jpg Jhase Cawfield

    Note: I'm currently working on a new drawing of Jhase, I'll send it to you in our pm when its finished.

    A young man dressed on all black, with black hair and amethyst eyes. He had an awefully blank look on his face. The mans hands were stuffed into the pockets of his black hoodie.

    "Sup." He said simply. He glanced around what of the room he could see. "Nice place. Nicer than I had thought."

    Sorry if its not big enough, I'm aweful tired, and not much for detail atm
  3. // sorry if it's a little rushed I tried to post ASAP

    Kaden looked at the man, he liked...well emo to put it nicely he wasn't the friendliest looking guy ever and didn't quite come off as the social type. Eh, never judge a book by its cover, He listened to the other speak and didn't know whether he should fell offended or not by his state. Of course, the place looked nice nothing less could be worth to enough for him to live in, in fact, this place was barely passable for someone like him.

    He walked over to his little couch sat down and looked at the other's application which, was previously on the coffee table.
  4. Jhase kicked his boots off, and took a seat across from Karen. He leaned back in his chair, and pushed his hood down. Once the hood was off, Jhase stuffed his arms in his pockets again.
  5. Kaden read the name that was on the paper in front of him "Okay, Jhase So, what are some of your interests? How well do you clean up after yourself? Do you have a job?"
  6. "Interests... I like books. Supernatural nooks, to be more percice. I like music; don't worry, I won't blast my chemical Romance at max volume. I use headphones or ear buds." He pushed some hair out of his face.

    "I rarely make messes. If I do, I usually cream it up rather quickly." He shrugged. "And as for a job, I want one? But there's none that appeal to me or accepted me. No one like People that dress like I do." He shrugged.
  7. This kid wasn't coming off as strong but, he was already better than most of the people who had already come in early today. "well, do you have any history when it comes to crime, where do you live currently?" Kaden thought he would ask these questions too, after all, he can't live with some criminal or hobo he was much to great for that.
  8. "I stay away from crime as much as possible. And am I homeless? Right now, I am. I was kicked out of my house a little bit before I saw your ad, because my parents are tired of me, which is kind of why I'm here." He shrugged while he spoke. "They're just letting me sleep on the couch 'til I find a place." He leaned back in his chair. "I can only hope I already have."
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