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      Shade sighed as she laid in her room. She had to watch her little sister, Julienne, tonight, like every other night. It was such a bore and she felt like just for once she should be given her own time... Except her parents didn't really care about her and constantly ignored her.

      Not long later, she heard the front door slam, knowing her parents just left. Almost on queue, Julienne started crying. She got up and went to her sisters room, trying to calm her. She tried everything. Feeding, rocking, burping, everything and yet she never stopped.

      Shade finally had enough.

      "If I only knew the words to get you out of here and to the Goblin City, I would say them! I want you out of here! I wish the goblins would take you away! I wish the goblins would take you away right now!"she screamed into the crib, tears falling down her face but hard to see since her pitch black hair covered her face. She stormed out of the room, slamming the door. She couldn't take it. Not anymore at least.

      She was sick of only being seen as a disgrace and now as the help, and wanted to be seen as an actually person with feelings. And she could no longer take the yelling. She wanted out. She wanted free.

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  1. Jareth looked up from his throne, he heard a voice echo through the water well in the center of the room. He quickly rushed over and brushes a finger tip over the water creating ripples in the surface, there he saw her , holding up a baby, and wishing he would take her away. This girl had his jaw dropping. Had his Juiliet been reborn into this girl somehow? Just seeing her made his heart beat faster, if this child really was bringing the girl such grief, he would use his powers to take it, and turn it into a goblin here.

    He smiles and with a swoop of his hand transports his goblins and himself , he perched on the tree outside the window as a white snow owl, and watched as his goblins took the baby from its cradle and start to one by one leave through the window where he had opened a Portal, by now she would hear the crying come to a sudden and abrupt stop, and movement would shuffle about the room.
  2. Shade was surprised at the sudden quietness. She went into the room. "Julienne? Why'd you stop crying?"she asked, trying to turn on the light. But it wouldn't turn on. She went over to the crib slowly. "Julie?..." she whispered, scared to move away the blankets in her cradle. She looked around, hearing noises.
  3. Goblins shuffled about in their hiding places nevously, Jareth rolled his eyes, they were not that smart when it came to being hidden, and one began to giggle then the other started to join in, untill he decided they might as well not hide anymore. When she lifted the blaket only a teddy bear would remain. "Shade, ive come to grant your wish, You do not have to suffer any longer, i took the baby away." He tucks a stand of her black hair behind her ear with a smile. "Ive brought you a gift." He smirks and a ball form in his hands. "It will show you , your dreams." He plays with it in his hand before presenting the shiny ball to her. " A girl of such beauty deserves a gift that will bring her happiness like this."
  4. Shade gasped and turned to how me. "Y-You're... the king aren't you? Oh my gawd you must be? I thought it was just a story! You... Please... Bring her back! I'll do anything! Just bring her back! My life will be an even larger hell without her here! Please bring her back! I-I swear I will do anything to bring her back!"she pleaded. She looked up at him, sniffling. "Please..."
  5. He frowns a bit annoyed at the sudden change of heart. "I did as you asked shade? you want to the baby to be taken and i took him, dont you want to see your dream. " he lifts her chin with a gloved hand and shows her the ball again. "Hmm?" When she sniffles he decides to give in but he wont make it easy for her. "You have 14 hours to go through my labyrinth and get to the bay, at the end of those hours she will be one of us and will no longer be able to come back to this world."
  6. "What?! No! How about..." She paused. "I will go with you in her place! Take me instead! They don't care about me anyway! They won't even know I'm gone! Please! Take me instead!"she pleaded. She looked at him, tears running down her face, obviously scared. "Please... I'll take her place... Please... I'll do anything and I'll even... I will even become a goblin in her place."
  7. When she refused Him he sighs and begins to turn his back to her when she comes up with a new deal. His eyebrows shoot up and he turns back around them smiles and lets his eyes wonder up, as if he is weighing the options. He nods. "Fine, Ill take you in her place, shade, but remember it was you deal not mine, you cant go back after this, are you sure." He asked watching her closely he handed the ball of dreams to her.
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  8. Shade caught the ball and looked into it. She nodded. "Yes... Yes I'm sure... I'll go in her place. And I promise you when my parents come back... They will shrug off my disappearance... Or be mad for leaving her alone..." She looked up at him. "But anything is better than there." She smiled softly.
  9. "Fine, I will do it." with a swipe of his hand the baby girl returned to the crib but sleeping quietly. "Come then Shade." He held his hand out to her, the momment she touched it she appeared in his throne chamber, goblins sat all over perched like birds on a wire on almost every surface. "Welcome to your new home."
  10. She looked at him and nodded, putting her hand in his. She gasped as they we're teleported to the throne room. "Oh gawd... That scared me for a second..." She looked at him. "What should I do then, since I am most likely a prisoner of sorts?"she asked.
  11. "your no Prisoner, you are my queen now, that other girl was going to be a goblin princess once she grew , she would have made a great sister to some of my goblins and to myself, but not you, you have the air of a queen about you, and ...I am also deeply in love with you." He Kisses her knuckles before dropping her hand."explore and do as you please. "
  12. She blushed deeply. "Wh-What? You love me? We just met today!"she exclaimed. She backed away slightly, hoping to not trip over a goblin. She was shocked. She was now going to be a queen... because he was in love with her?! It was too wild for her imagination.
  13. "Yes we did, but i had love at frist sight, and I wish to know you more and more Shade." He watches her back away and his more pompos temper shows. "Well you are the queen, ill give you some room for a Little while." with a swipe of his white cloak he turned into a snow owl and flew off.
  14. She looked at him and was surprised. She didn't know where to go and was a bit scared. "He... loves me...? How...? Gawd if only I knew where to go..."she muttered and looked around, going to the nearest door and looking through it. She saw a large hallway and started walking around, wondering where she was going or at least what was at the end of the hallway.
  15. Mirrors were all around, and on every mirror was a different version of her. All of her reflections looked quite different from one another. all of them mimicking aspects of her personality. "Like them." Suddenly a hand was on her shoulder. "I know id said id give you room but you seem lost, so i returned, these are the mirror of truth they show alot about a person."
  16. She shot her head back to look at him. "Oh... Really? I would never have known. But... Why are they showing me these ways?"she asked, going up to a mirror where she was wearing a red and black Victorian style dress with her hair up in curls. She also had a crown made of gold with rubies, sapphires, and diamonds encrusted in it. She looked back at him.
  17. "Because its part of who you are i assume?" His eyes filled with sadness as he saw the reflection looking back at him, His Juileit..She looked just like her. He put his hand to the glass his eyes filled with longing. "Your so so beatiful."
  18. She looked at him. She couldn't tell if he was talking to the mirror or to her. "Jareth, are you alright? Why do you seem sad?"she asked. She touch his arm gently, her delicate fingers running up and down his arm.
  19. "Im fine." he smiled quickly and averted his eyes from the reflection he saw. He smiled gently at her touch and reached up to hold her hand. "Is this okay?"
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