The New Kids of Hogwarts

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  1. It was the first day of Hogwarts for Shade Malfoy. Her parents said it was nineteen years since they were last seen there. They hoped that nothing like when they were in school would happen to her. But Shade wasn't scared. She was ready for anything since she heard her father's stories. She knew she could handle it.

    Shade sighed as she hugged her parents. "Good bye mother and father. I'll miss you. Promise to write please." Her father, Draco Malfoy, smiled. "Of course, darling. We will write you every day." Shade smiled and nodded. The trains whistle blew, signaling it was going to leave soon. "I should get going. Bye! I love you!"she said before rushing onto the train, hoping all the compartments weren't taken.

    Shade searched and searched the train, but sadly every single compartment was taken. She sighed, not knowing where to go then. This is ridiculous. There should be at least one empty compartment. But everyone has some stupid reason as to why they have a compartment, she thought. She leaned against a wall, wondering where to go then. Hopefully someone will then ask me to sit in their compartment. Someone who I hopefully won't hate.

    ((Sorry if it isn't as good as someone could've made it. I tried my best.))
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  2. Alex sits in the compartment alone, the very last one on the right. His parents couldn't make it since they were on some trip or whatever. Harry Potter, his father, oh so famous for that thing at Hogwarts so many years ago. Alex sneered as he looked out to see a girl lean against the wall.

    Opening the compartment he looked at her, "hey, the trains about to start, you can't be out there." He said, not meaning it to sound as rude as it did. He scoot over on the seat, leaving the door open if the girl wanted to come in. He looks out the window to watch the sky, for whenever the train would start moving.
  3. Shade looked at him and sighed. She walked in and sat across from him. "I'm Malfoy. Shade Malfoy. Who are you?"she asked, her voice sounding regal with a slight hint of mystery and cunningness.
  4. Crow hadn't seen his parents, they hated him and had dropped off at the station an hour early. So he had the choice of the compartments however all of them had been too spaces and bright. He had been silently wandering the train until he found a closed compartment with a warning on it "Closed Due To Damage" he decide to open it and take a peak to see the room was nearly completely dark with light slithering in through places the curtains had been ripped. It was perfect so he slipped inside and closed the door. He sat in the corner where the light couldn't touch him and fell asleep gently snoring.
  5. Alex thought for a moment, "hmmm... Malfoy, huh? I think my father mentioned that name before. Well, I'm Alex Potter." He said, still looking out the window, "you can. Call me Potter, or Alex... Or Al... Actually, no, never call me Al." He was a bit rude but carelessly about it. He yawned a bit.
  6. She scoffed. "Of course. A Potter. Well I can't be that mad now can I? Potter saved my father. Least I can do is be a bit kind,"she sneered, being rude but obviously not caring. She stood up as the train started. She walked out, looking for the trolley.

    While she looked for a trolley, she saw a boy in the darkest compartment that nobody should be in. She opened the door. "Hello? You shouldn't be in here. You could get hurt."
  7. Crow slowly opened his eyes and looked at the intruder with uncaring eyes "I'm fine...." He said coldly as he got further into the corner and tried to fall asleep again. He ignored the person in the door hoping they would leave him alone so he could go back to sleep, his stomach suddenly growled he hadn't eaten since since yesterday due to his parents forgetting to feed him, so he hadn't bothered to eat.
  8. Alex watched Malfoy, "what's her problem? Shesh." Peeks out the door at the supposed to be empty cart, "Hey, who's in there now? I'm pretty sure the trolley is coming soon... Might get in trouble both of you." He leaned back and moved over, only half caring as he put his feet on the seat in front of him.
  9. Alexis slipped onto thh train with little more than a couple of hugs to her parents and the rattling of her owl in its cage. Once on the train she tried to find a compartment but her family reputation proceeded here and she was pre-labeled "the weird girl". Angrily trudging down the train she noticed some people standing in the corridor shouting something into a closed down compartment.

    "Erm, what are you doing? I don't think the boy cares to come out?" Her voice sounded so small compare to the now violent clacking of the rails be nah the train. The while blew and over a loud speaker, (magical of course), they were instructed to be seated or risk punishment.

    "May I sit with you? I'm Alexis by the way..." purposely not espousing her last name she hoped they wouldn't see through her and kick her out for being directly related to the famously strange Loony Lovegood.
  10. Shade looked at her before going back to her original compartment with the Potter. She sat across from him and sighed, getting out her book and reading. She sighed, already missing her parents
  11. Crow sat in his corner of the damaged compartment, he would probably be kicked out as soon as the trolley lady saw him in the closed compartment but he didn't care he would just wait to see what happens.

    (@BookDragon143 who are you talking to? Crow or the other two?)
  12. Shade waited for the trolley lady since they weren't allowed out of their compartment. "This is pathetic. We should be allowed to roam around like the other years,"she muttered.
  13. Alex looks towards Alexis and offers a smile, "go ahead. I'm Potter. Alex Potter. May have heard of my family." He said as he moved the his feet. He looked towards Shade, "it's because they think we may cause trouble." He looked back out the window.
  14. "Really? Come on Potter. This isn't like when our parents were in school." She looked at Alexis. "I'm Malfoy. Shade Malfoy. Who are you related to? I would lobe to see if all the people my father told me about had their children come to Hogwarts." She smirked and looked at her.
  15. With a nervous smile Alexis said, "my parents are Neville and Luna Longbottom..." shivering s litype she took a seat and remembered all the things her father has told her about the malfoys, she hoped shade wasn't so heartless.
  16. "Longbottom, eh? So you're father was the one to destroy the last horcrux, correct?"she asked. She put her hands hinder her chin, smirking. "I always wondered why people would still let their children go to Hogwarts after the battle. Father told me that it just wouldn't be the same since the Dumbledore, Snape, and McGonagall are gone and he doesn't know the new headmaster. If it wasn't for Mother I would be going to Beauxbatons. Father's to nervous what happened to him would happen to me. Don't blame him,"she said and shrugged.
  17. The trolley lady walked slowly down the train, passing the compartment Crow was in. Crow sighed but jumped suddenly when seeing her angry face in the door. "Oy, Brat! Why you in there? This compartment is closed!" Crow stared at her wide eyed "ehhh, the rest where full?" He said casually trying to sound believable. With unimaginable speed she picked him up by the scruff and pulled him along to the next compartment that had a free spot, it had three people in one who had talked to him earlier "Hey...." He said before sitting down casually and pulling his hood over his head.
  18. Shade looked at him. "Told ya you'd get kicked out of that compartment. So stranger, what's your name?"she asked with a smirk. She cocked her head to the sided like she was actually wondering.
  19. Crow pulled his knees to his chest and hugged them "Names Crow...." He said without looking at Shade. The trolley lady sighed "Want to by something to eat guys? I haven't got all day!" she said in a stern tone trying to hurry along to the next compartment.
  20. "I'll take two chocolate frogs and a bottle of pumpkin juice please." She took out enough galleons to pay for what she wanted and gave it to the trolley lady. She took what she wanted and sat back down.
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