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  1. Angel Lovelace
    15, almost 16
    She is caring, quiet, bubbly ( if you get to know her), jumpy, and shy.
    She is abused at home by her father, and she had just moved from New York because her mother had passed away and people were getting suspicious if she was getting abused or not.
  2. Dylan Thorpe
    He is 16
    Dylan is the most popular guy in school, Dylan has it all, looks, brains and Talent. He is the starting quarterback for the Mason City High Mountaineers, and the has a on again and off again relationship with cheerleader Toni Sinclair. However, the fly in the ointment for Dylan is his Bipolar disorder that no one knows about and the stress put on him by his parents and Coach.

    Description: Six foot Two, Muscular build, Jet Black hair and Black goatee, Brown eyes, Tattoo of christian crucifix on right arm, Four leaf clover on left
  3. Cool shall I or you start its her first day (:
  4. Go ahead and post, I'll reply as soon as I can
  5. Angel was in a dress and she was being dropped off at her new school by her dad. This sucked trying to hide her secret it was really hard. Putting on her jacket and fixing her heels. She put these on because she wanted to seem average even though she was short. She sighed as she stepped out of the car and headed to the front. She fixed her jacket. Trying to hide this was hard. She had to use lots of foundations. She smiled softly as she looked around. She saw some people hanging out.. Cheerleaders... Well she wanted to be one. She is great at dancing.. She soon went to go into the office and she softly spoke " I need to forecast because I switched and moved. " the lady gave her paperwork and she went to a chair an started filling out the work
  6. "Red 46! Red 46!" Dylan barked through his mouthpiece during the first two-a-day this season.One of the receivers shifted to Dylan's left, causing the Strong-side linebacker to enter the box. Dylan saw this from a mile away, but decided to ignore it.

    "Ready Go!"Dylan barked again and the ball was snapped to him. Almost immediately he could feel pressure from his left, so he stepped up into the pocket, only to be crunched by the massive 347lb senior defensive tackle simply known as "Gravy Train". The stars exploded in his face as he lay there, finally saved by tweet of a football whistle.

    "Alright ya bums, hit the showers." Coach Sasser said. Dylan peeled himself of the grass and headed for the locker room.

    "If you play like that, there is no way we will win a fourth straight state championship."Dylan's best friend and teammate, Vinny, joked while getting dressed. Dylan grunted in response as he pulled on a shirt. "Hey cheer up man, it is the first day of school!" Vinny said gleefully.

    Dylan grunted once again as he put on deodorant and left the room.
  7. Angel quietly kept answering the questions on the packet. She knew this year was going to be weird. She closed her eyes and smiled as she read over her answers. Soon she stood up and then went to the lady and gave it to her. She fixed her heels once again. She was told that she was going to have a person show her around before school started so she can find a way around. Soon she smiled at the lady and nodded. The last asked" what's your name?" Angel looked up and said " Angel "
  8. Dylan strolled through the hallways up to the nurse's office for his medicine. Why did this have to happen to me he asked himself. Everything had been going so well until the second semester of freshman year. He hustled into the nurse and got the medicine he needed to keep his "problem" under control.He then headed to the office. He was part of student council, and as such he was to greet new students and show them around school. When he got to the office, he noticed a red-headed girl he had never seen before, this must be the new hid.

    "Hey Red, you must be the new kid. I'm Dylan" he said as he extended his hand.
  9. Angel sighed softly as she stood there waiting for them to print out her schedule. She looked over to the side as she heard someone come in. She was so confused. She raised an eyebrow as she heard him speaking. She blushed and smiled. She then said, " hello.." She looked down, she was very shy. She closed her eyes thinking, " i am angel." She said to him. She slowly reached her hand out and took his hand and smiled. She was hoping maybe he was the guy to show her around. She thought by his clothes that he was jock.... that was like a player... but that was just by looking at him. She smiled and said, " iam the new kid." She said to him.
  10. Dylan smiled back at the redheaded girl named Angel. "Well Angel, on behalf of the most handsome, charming and perfect man you will ever meet, welcome to Mason High."He said as enthusiastically as he could. He pulled out his phone to check the time, Yikes, Toni is going to kill me he thought to himself. He turned back to Angel, "Since this is your first day here, allow me to give you the grand tour."

    He opened a door that lead out of the office and motioned for Angel to follow him.
  11. Angel blushed as she looked at him. She then thought about this, she didn't know what to think. She bit her lower lip and said, " Aww thank you." She said to him. She then saw them give her the schedule. Choir, dance, math, science. Awesome. She smiled and then looked over at him and smiled she then went to go follow him. She was happy, " thank you so much"
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  12. "Don't mention it kid" Dylan said as he headed down the primary hallway in the school. He stopped and turned to Angel. "Ya mind if I take a look at your schedule" he asked politely. He took a quick glance before handing it back to Angel and headed off to the music hallway. "So, what brought you to Mason High?" he asked
  13. Angel smiled softly. She tilted her head and then looked over and then handed him her schedule. She walked with him. Staying quiet. She didn't know what to o. She said, " um... a new start?" She asked. " Is that a good one?" She asked softly. She thought about it. She didn't know what to do. She didn't want to tell anyone that she had a bad father, plus her father would kill her literally if she told what he does. She smiled and then said, " you've been here for every high school year?" She asked.
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