The New Hunger Games

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  1. Welcome to The New Hunger Games. Here we don't send teenagers to their death with regular assistance from the outside world. No here we release the teens with nothing but the clothes on their back but we don't stop there. Before sending these kids out we don't just tell them they're going to die. No we allow each child to choose what he or she would like to be proficient in for their inevitable demise. Also instead of having 26 children running around for their lives we have 4 groups of children fighting for there families, friends and respective countries. So sign up your child today. If you value you pathetic lives.

    A Message from your Government

    We all know the basic rules but allow me to go into detail about the rules:
    No God Modding
    No Meta Gaming
    Two Character Maximum
    Romance Allowed
    Fade to Black Required beyond Kissing, embracing.
    NO firearms Only bows and arrows
    Ammunition is limited!
    Melee weapon constraints.
    Melee weapons or physical combat weapons must be realistic as well, blades dull over time or get nicks and chips in them, you must maintain your weapons or they will break, no blade lasts forever
    Melee weapons involve risk of injury, And Armor is nearly useless, You are not immune to hits!
    Your character enter the world with nothing. You don't get into a fight and then pull out your sword from God-knows-where. All items must be crafted
    If your character is poisoned he/she will stay poisoned for as long as poison lasts.
    Other then that, Rules to be reviewed and expanded upon over time.

    Sexual Preference:
    History (You can put It here or slowly reveal it in RP):

    Strength Level:
    Agility Level:
    Survivability Level:
    Craftsmanship Level:

    Please Not that YOU ONLY HAVE 10 POINTS TO USE FOR YOUR CHARACTER no more no less.


    LvL1: You can throw Punches but that’s about it.
    LvL2: You took martial arts but remember very little about it
    LvL3: You practice your martial arts every day and you’re pretty much the best you know
    LvL4: You now are capable of fighting with a weapon even though you’re not very good at handing it
    LvL5: You’re now a threat to be feared by anyone who is a lower level than you when it comes to brute strength and very well learned in various weapon tactics


    LvL1: You can run but in most cases it doesn’t do you any good
    LvL2: You don’t drown anymore when you’re in water.
    LvL3: Climbing tree exceptionally fast is you specialty and hop from branch to branch
    LvL4: Front flips and back flips off of trees and other stuff is a common thing for you.
    LvL5: You’re not only fast on the ground but in water as well not to mention you a parkour master.


    LvL1: Bundling up on a cold night is all you know.
    LvL2: You can make a fire and you have a finite knowledge of berries
    LvL3: Cooking and hunting in the wilderness as something you know all too well.
    LvL4: How to make a simple shelter you read the book and you now kind tell if something has poisons or not.
    LvL5: Not only can you make a good looking shelter, cook, clean and point out deadly things around you can also cure and heal yourself and others.


    LvL1: You know how to whittle a bar of soap and you also know how to chop down some wood.
    LvL2: Ok now you can make yourself a small knife with a few rocks not too bad.
    LvL3: Swords now are now your specialty and also you can craft shields.
    LvL4: Now you’re getting creative by being able to make bows, arrows and armor.
    LvL5: You may not know how to make iron anything but being able to make small items out of rocks isn’t that bad if you think about it.
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