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  1. Currently Orochimaru was sulking, he wanted to be within his new body for them god damn eyes of his new host and that Dragon spirit.Oh definitely that dragon spirit.It would be so fun being able to have another source of chakra to add to his.He would be like a god"oh my.."he smirked rather snake like, well of course the Smirk was snake like.He was after all a snake like human.He laughed to himself before standing up,he was wearing his attire of plain grey garbs with black pants and a thick purple rope belt tied in a large knot behind his back and blue tomoe-shaped earrings. He'd given up on Sasuke and had setting his eyes upon a new Uchiha , Uchiha Syuki.
    Taking his time he walked to the cell his new prisoner was within.She would be his,was all he kept thinking.As he reached the cell he glared at the guard"let me enter" of course the guard, obliged and let him in via unlocking the cell and Orochimaru walked within, the mindless guard locking the cell being him.
    "Why hello there Syuki" he gave of that dark ominous presence he had become accustomed to using, whilst looking at the girl that he and Kabuto had fought against, only for the fight to be boring to him.Yes she was strong, yet he knew her potential was far greater, just by merely fighting her.He decided he wasn't gonna give her the satisfaction of knowing what he wanted with her so he merely avoided the subject so it didn't become known."how is that dragon spirit of yours?" smiling somewhat menacingly at her.Licking his lip as if he was a predator and was looking at his next meal.
  2. Syuki raised her eyebrow and glared up at him as he walked into her cell and she shook her head as she adjusted her bandages over her face as her eyes glared out at him. "Non of your business, Orochimaru." she growled and looked away as she kept her knees pulled up her chest. She was a short girl only 5'5 with long white hair and ever changing eyes depending on what she felt. She was pale skinned as well with a toned yet slender body, her breasts were paled sized and she only weighed a light 100lbs. She seemed to be rather grouchy at the moment, she hated to be locked up in a cell, her seal was growing weak too wanting to let her spirit out to ruin the world.

    She was covered in bandages all the way over her body only her eyes showed, her mouth and the rest of her was covered. She was hiding her dragon marking under those bandages that covered her young body. She shook her head and slowly pulled herself up to her feet as she licked her fangs under her bandages and narrowed her eyes. Oh she was tempted to strike out at him and give him a piece of her mind. "What the fuck do you think your up to?" she growled since she had no respect for a man like him. She knew that he had been after Sasuke but she knew the boy was no where as strong as her, she knew she could rip Orochimaru apart at any moment but she held back.

    One strange thing about her was she did not feed on food, she fed either on blood or chakra but no one else knew this not even her own teachers. She fixed her pants and her shirt, then zipped her vest up tighter as she rolled her eyes and watched as Kabuto walked past. She licked her lips wanting to sink her fangs into his neck but perhaps she would feed from the snake. "Give me a good reason not to rip your fucking head off?" she grunted as she let her hands drop to her sides. Her dragon was screaming to get out but she held him back. She knew sooner or later she would be able to let him out and he would go one a rampage, the idea made her smirk and almost laugh.
  3. Orochimaru merely smiled at her, obviously her question not affecting her.He merely shrugged and then stepped closer to her.At his height of 5 foot 8 there was a slight gap difference that made him just that bit taller than her.This gave his god complex a small boost.'yes that's it, everyone should be beneath me' he thought whilst grinning to himself.He had already noticed that upon the floor,near the back wall of the cell, was a tray.The tray still had upon it the meat that he had ordered to be given to her."hmm i take it you don't eat meat then?" clearly changing the subject upon what he wanted from her yet still, he decided he might aswell answer her first question for her.

    "what im up to ey? well that is rather simple.The same thing im always up to.Gaining immortality" a small giggle escaping his lips after he licked them slowly.He then blinked as he noticed something.It was something rather intriguing in fact, what he noticed as the fact that he hadn't realized Syuki's seal could weaken and at the moment he could feel the faint chakra of the dragon that dwelt inside the girl that stood in front of him."that seal of your's...its growing weak isn't it?"he stared down at Syuki, his eyes showing just how inquisitive he currently was.Oh he could definitely stay here all day and learn new things about this new host of his.

    He thought about using the five elements seal.He then dismissed the idea as he wanted to see the true extent of the Dragon spirit that laid within the small girl.He thought back to the small skirmish he had with Naruto.Oh that was fun, the way Naruto lost his temper.He felt his whole body tremble with excitement at the thought of the dragon being stronger than the nine-tailed fox.he wanted it.He definitely wanted to see the ferocity of the dragon and it's sheer will.All of a sudden he made a small "mm" noise, it was obvious thinking about the power had aroused him somewhat. Unconsciously he let his tongue slide out,with a small hiss.The moment he heard the hiss he snapped out of the place his mind had taken him only to be looking at Syuki,slowly sliding his tongue back between his lips and teeth. 'urgg no fun'he thought to himself.
  4. "Your stupid to think I am going to give you anything. I am not like the others you have gone after." she said narrowing her eyes. "You even try anything and Ramako will tear to to pieces and you will no longer be matter. No Orochimaru, this power will destroy you as it almost did the Hokage that sealed it with in me." she said and cocked her head to the side noticing his tongue. "Does it matter what I consume, no it does not." she snarled at him as her eyes shifted slightly a fierce redness taking over as she shift in her stance. Unlike Naruto she had a lot better control of Ramako who was the dragon inside of her. She licked her lips under her bandages once more and shifted ever so slightly again.

    She wanted to eat his chakra, every last bit of it but she had to restrain herself which was hard to do and her stomach rumbled more. She moved her head and suddenly her eyes landed on Kabuto who froze in spot staring back at her. "My Lord, shes a Chakra eater." muttered Kabuto as she suddenly struck, vanishing through the floor her teen sank into Kabuto's neck. She deiced to let him live as she yanked her mouth free of his neck and Kabuto went pale and passed out as Syuki stood there her bandages wrapping back around her mouth. Her head turned and she glared at Orochimaru as she licked her lips under her bandages and narrowed her eyes, she laughed.

    "Seals may weaken but I am far past Naruto and his fox." she whispered as her body became smokey and she seemed to vanish under the door floating slowly down the hall. Kabuto managed to pull himself up but he was as weak as can be. "I think she is more powerful than you my Lord." Kabuto said. Syuki was calmed now that she had fed but she was trying to find a way out of the lair though, something else was going on with Orochimaru. He seemed to let of a strange scent and it smelt like that of an animal in heat. She suddenly brought herself outside and looked around glad to be free at last and she stood on a branch still in a transparent form. She had to be careful though Pein and Itachi were after her.
  5. Orochimaru couldn't help but start to laugh.A chakra eater and he didn't even realize, oh he was gonna have some fun.He didn't care if he would be destroyed in the process of trying to take his new host.He'd be revived again via one of his cursed seals. if he gave them some of his DNA before hand that is, but in reality there was alot of his DNA within the world.He then started to walk out of the cell after the guard came rushing in asking if he was alright."yes yes, im fine you dimwit, get a few guards together..we're going hunting"With that the guard left his presence and went to get at least six guards. Orochimaru didn't need them, but he figured he might aswell use them to try and get syuki to use some of her chakra.

    After a leisurely stroll to the entrance of his hideout, he waited impatiently for the guards."YOU IDIOTS!if we lose her coz your taking more time than me to get organized, i will kill all of you!"he hissed at them as they appeared.He didn't wait for a reply, he started running after the scent of Syuki, he knew it wasn't far.He was good at that.Noticing where someone is via the small scents that each different being gives off.He felt himself nearing in on her with a lick of his lips he jumped over a gap between a branch and the next before landing upon a branch near the one he could tell Syuki was upon, even if she was within a transparent form.

    "well well,that's a first, someone other than the Iburi clan to be able to make their body a different substance."he giggled rather impressed.He could tell where she was, even if he couldn't see her all that well via his heightened smell.He looked at the guards who were following him and then he told them all to just stay still near him.He had within his pocket a genjustu pill that he figured if he could get close to Syuki he could use if she became a physical body.he sighed to himself, a process of letting his body be hit would have to take place.He hated when that happened, he may be near enough immortal, but damn does taking a chakra technique hurt.
  6. She shifted her head and turned seeing that he had spotted her, she narrowed her eyes, she could not get away from him she would have to fight. She took on her form her bandages tightening around her. "Would you just give up, your not going to get what you want." she said glaring down at Orochimaru. She felt her dragon growing angrier and angrier inside of her body and she calmed it though. She was not going to use its chakra just yet, once her dragon was out then it was rather nasty to put away. "Your making him angry, he wants to rip you apart." she said to Orochimaru about her dragon. She was not sure how she should attack though, she did not want to do this first.

    She jumped when a guard threw a kunai at her, she turned and glared at the guard. She spun around and let out a huge breath of fire sending many of the men running. "Cowards." she said as her bandages covered her mouth once more. She stood on the underside of her branch and stared up at Orochimaru. "I sense there is more than one motive to why your coming after me Orochimaru. Tell me what that is, hmm?" she asked and cocked her head to the side. She really did not want to fight, she knew her seal would break if she got to worn out. She kept her eyes on the snake of a man her hair falling around her, though she was upside down everything was normal on her.

    She was going to take her time, she was not just going to me a fool and she knew he knew this as well. He may seem stupid but this man was rather smart. Kabuto appeared beside Orochimaru and stood there. "Should we not summon?" he asked cocking his head to the side. Syuki laughed slightly as she pulled her hair from her face her eyes entering her full blown Sharingan and she narrowed them. She stared Orochimaru over then over at his partner and smirked, she was just as powerful as Mandara not many people knew this though. She shifted again as she suddenly vanished and stood in the shadows a few feet away she was watching and waiting yet she would not attack.
  7. Orochimaru felt himself huff in annoyance, It was obvious he didn't want to tell her exactly why he wanted her.What did she mean by more motives? he'd only had one motive behind capturing here and even now the same motive was what was driving him to chase her the way he had been.He glanced at Kabuto with a slight sigh."no, she'd kill them easily" he muttered somewhat.He was being serious with that, but had kept hidden the fact he could tell Kabuto didn't have enough chakra for the summoning, yet he had enough to be a distraction he noted with a small lick of his lips.

    The guards were idiots he thought, it was obvious he didn't want them to attack her just yet hence he was just stood there."morons"he snarled as he glanced over at the withdrawing men.He crossed his arms, whilst he went into a sort of mediation styled thinking.Different ways to attack her came up within his head, some of them dismissed instantly whilst others he took some time to change them into a suitable process, before doing simulations within his head.Everything he came up with failed within the simulations."pssh..."he grumbled quietly before jumping down onto the floor.

    As soon as he landed on the floor he placed his hands on the floor and used the technique summoning:impure world reincarnation. The three three coffins that came up had within them the first three hokages. He restrained their movements after they all stepped out of the light brown coffins that they had come out before implanting the talisman ,which is attached to the end of a kunai, within the three corpses brain's, so he could turn them into mindless killing machines at his disposal,His talisman's were special as they refused the corpse from being able to be swayed by emotion, by making them have no personality, unlike Kabuto's talismans which allows the corpses pro's with their fighting techniques, yet made them harder to control.
  8. Syuki felt the shift in the ground and she narrowed her eyes and stared over at Orochimaru, she rolled her eyes knowing those corpses were not that strong really, they were just his puppet, she felt sorry for the Hokage. She narrowed her eyes some more before she jumped high above the forest and began to run, as hard as she could. Syuki ran harder and harder, faster and faster anger running through her body. She wanted to kill Orochimaru but she knew that it would not be a good idea to fight him at the moment. Syuki could fee her dragon wanting to come out but she would not let him out even though her seal was close, very close to breaking, she had far better control of the spirit which was a good thing.

    She still was tense though, she was not comfortable with the thought about the Hokage coming after her. She let out a grumble then narrowed her eyes before she jumped up onto a rock them further up she went heading up a mountain. She was trying to get away from the village, she did not want to put any innocent person in danger. She suddenly froze as Itachi appeared out of know where with the rest of of his gang. She went wide eyed and backed up suddenly before her head turned and Sasuke appeared out of the trees. "What are you two doing here?" she suddenly snapped her hand went to her chest as a sudden pain shot through her body. She knew that these two males were here to try and make her join their sides.

    "Get out of here, leave me alone. I don't want anything to do with any of you. Mostly you Itachi, how could you slaughter our clan!" she growled panting slightly. Her anger flooded through her more and more and she suddenly went wide eyed. Her seal had broken and suddenly she felt the chakra raging through her body. Yet Syuki grit her teeth and managed to hold it back, she did not changer her form, not yet. "Would you just leave me alone, your in danger." she said panting a bit. She suddenly narrowed her eyes concentrating and her body vanished under the ground and she started to think of ways to get her way out of this mess. Orochimaru was the least of her worries now.
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