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  1. This is between BigPapaRev and Rose Queen. A step sister is holding a huge secret and what if the big new step brother finds out? Will he make her do stuff? Will he just promise to keep the secret with no strings attached?
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  2. Name: Britney Pierce
    Age:Almost 16
    Height: 4'11"
    Weight:100 lbs
    Personality: Very sweet girl, that cares about family, but she is stubborn and hard headed to certain people in her life. She makes sure for those she doesn't like to make it obvious. She is funny, and shy, but at times very jumpy.
  3. Name: Charles Tucker
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 180
    Personality: Is very skeptical of people and cynical, spends most of his time to himself listening to music. He speaks in a very monotone voice.
  4. OOC: Did you want me to start it?

    Setting: It's been a week since her and her mother moved in.
  5. OOC: Yea go ahead
  6. Britney has been busy. She hated living here, why did her mother want to marry a rich guy. One which she just met. It was crazy. She was going to have a brother now, in which honestly she can't say that he's not that bad looking. Britney sighed a little as she wondered. She licked her lips thinking as she wondered. She bit her lower lip as she looked down. She twirled her hair as she thought about how life was. They weren't rich, they were on the total opposite. They were poor, barely getting food, which is why she is so thin, but then again her fans were enjoying her look. She had a wig and everything. She was Diamond, well that was her stage name. Britney shook her head. She didn't want anyone finding about that. She looked at her new phone that her new step monster, aka new step father, well will be here in a month. She hated this, she didn't want to live here. The new brother of hers sounds spoiled.

    Lately she has been in her room, all she does is practice for her fans, and hopefully no one finds out about her. So far, its been fine, all she says is she's staying the night at a friends and she goes for a gig or two. She nodded as she smiled. Her mother thinks she is in dance, so they can easily practice. Britney woke up, in which it's morning now. She groaned turning around so her back was against the sunlight. She wanted to get away. She didn't want to get up. But then her stomach growled and loud. So she fumbled and went to get out, but she was stuck in her blankets. Fuck me... She thought. She sighed lightly as she untangled herself from the blankets before she got out of bed. She was in shorts and a loose shirt. Her hair was in a messy bun. She finally began walking downstairs to get herself some coffee. her mother has learned not to talk to her before she gets coffee in her system.
  7. Charles learned that his father had married a new woman, this has been the third one in his lifetime and every time it ended it arguments and lies. He hated his father the only thing he did like about him is that he left him alone and bought him things when he asked for them but other than that he hated the very ground he walked on. He assumed he would also feel the same about his new step-mom and step-sister, they both were short and small his step-sister barely looked like she was 5 feet tall, although he knew nothing about her she did encompass most of the things he found attractive.

    Almost the entire time that his "new family" was moving in he locked himself into his room and aside from the few looks and nods he didn't even communicate with them. He woke up and sunlight was hitting his bed, he sat up and looked over at the window. His hair was a tangled mess on the top of his head so he reached into his dresser and pulled out a brush and brushed all the knots out of his hair. He heard a door open and closed and assumed it was his new sister. He rolled his eyes and stood up stretching. Not used to someone being up before me... he thought to himself. He popped his fingers and walked out of his room and down his stairs scratching his bare chest.
  8. Britney wanted life back how it was. Back to the easy secrets. She knew that it was easier now though because her new step father works away, and her mother is now his assistant. Britney's eyes glanced around as she had saw that there was a note from their mother and step father. She rolled her eyes. " Well isn't that nice," she said in a grumpy sassy tone. She glanced over hearing footsteps. She moved to climb up on the counter to grab her a coffee cup. She set the coffee cup on the ground. She blinked a few times as she wondered. She hated this. So they left without saying goodbye? Way to start the morning. She rolled her eyes as she moved to pour the coffee since it was a big jump down. She poured the coffee before setting the pot back where it was supposed to be. She then moved to the edge and slipped off. Her hair of course bouncing from what she did, along with her breasts.

    Britney let out a sigh as she fixed her shorts before putting creamer and sugar in her coffee. It was too early, it was nine o'clock in the morning and she wanted to go fall asleep again but she knew she couldn't. She took a sip. Maybe since today was a nice day, she should go tanning. She blinked her eyes. She moved her bright pink eyes to where she heard the footsteps. She rolled her eyes. Well great. She groaned and moved to sit at the dining table. I wonder how long they are going to be gone? I just hope they won't miss my sixteenth birthday... She knew it was in two months. Yes, she was a July baby. She groaned and put her head on the table.
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  9. Charles continued down the stairs he heard noises and a cabinet door close, he chuckled to himself, "She's too short to get a cup." The aroma of the coffee hit his nose when he reached to bottom of the stairs and he noticed his sister with her head laying on the table. He raised his eyebrow and walked pass her without a second thought as far as he was concerned she was just a temporary thing in his life.

    He walked over to the counter and reached up to get a cup out of the cabinet and closed the door. He poured the coffee into his cup and took a gulp before sitting down in front of Britney, what's her problem? he thought to himself. He closely studied whatever he could see of her and took another drink of coffee.
  10. While Britney had her head on the table, one hand was on her mug. She sighed, " I heard what you said." She said grumpily. She knew that she sounded like she was mumbling. She thought about how this coming year, what school was she going to go to? This was going to be so much different. Living here is already different. They are rich. She leaned her head up as she noticed he was sitting in front of her. " Really? You have to look at me when I just wake up, jeez don't flatter yourself." She snapped quietly. She sipped her cup of coffee. Looking at her new phone that she has been texting with. It was so weird. She wasn't used to the iphone still. Before this she was using a slide out board phone. She sighed as she put her phone down. It was so confusing. She looked away and she stood up to sip on her coffee. She didn't want to be near her step brother.
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  11. He flared his nostrils at Britney, "I don't care if you heard me, I think it's funny." She looked up and he looked her in the eye, "Oh and don't flatter yourself short-shit." He watched her fiddle with her new phone that her dad bought her, he still wondered why he would spend money on a girl he met a couple months ago. He continued sipping at his coffee and looked out the window, it was foggy out and would rain later in the day. Charles smiled "Sweet...rain."

    He patted his leg and realized he left his phone upstairs, god dammit he thought to himself, he put his cup on the counter and walked up stairs cussing at himself.
  12. Britney frowned as she heard him. God dammit. why is he being mean. She shook her head and she moved to not look at him, seeing the rain, she sighed as she thought. She was so scared. She had to figure out where to go practice. In her band/ singing group, she danced and sang sometimes. She closed her eyes. She had to take a shower and get ready for practicing. maybe they can go somewhere. She rolled her eyes hearing him, " Thank god, he's gone." She muttered.

    She sighed in relief as she realized that it was raining, and it was starting to pour on them. How was she going to get to practice. She can't drive yet. She had her permit, but still. She looked over as she wondered. She licked her lips before she finished her cup of coffee. She hated this. She looked at her phone and went to try to call one of the members, well just text them to see if they can come pick her up. She wanted to dance and get away from this mess. She knew that she was talented, she was just worried to tell her mother about what life she has been living. One that is really famous. She was in a popular band that everyone listens too. She walked back up to her bedroom to pick up some clothes before going into her bathroom to get ready and take a shower. She had brought her new phone with her too. When she did pass his room she calmly said, " Go to hell." She stated to him through the door as she walked by. Once she did get in her bedroom she picked out some sweatpants, and a cute top, well kind of. It was loose so she can work out in it.
  13. He reached his room and his phone was on the floor, he had knocked it off while he was sleeping. He bent down and grabbed it and grabbed his headphones when he stood up. He grabbed a pair of boxers and a dark pair of jeans and walked on down the hallway towards the bathroom since he didn't have his own.

    Charles closed the door behind him and looked into the mirror and studied his face, the dark circles under his eyes had gone away and he smirked a little bit. He reached down in his pocket and grabbed a hair tie and pulled his hair back into a small pony tail just long enough to reach the bottom of his neck. He turned on the shower and waited for a second before checking the water, "Goddammit too hot" he said pulling his hand back. He adjusted the water and checked it again, it was hot but not enough to scald. He tossed his phone and headphones on the bathroom counter and got undressed and stepped into the shower.
  14. Britney's new step brother crawled under her skin. She hated him. hopefully it's not him that figures out what she does. Honestly she has so much more money saved up for stuff. She didn't want her mother to feel bad. How have they be getting some food when she wanted to splurge. She would splurge on her mother so much that they wouldn't be here. She groaned, was it her fault. She paused stripping off all of her clothes after turned on the hot water, she liked it so hot, like the hottest. She looked up at the shower head feeling the temp, before going inside of the shower. She began to hum in the shower.

    She was humming one of her songs that the band wrote. She was an amazing singer, but no one will ever find out. She sighed praying that no one will find out. She smiled a little as she wondered. She licked her lips calmly as she thought. She had stepped in, and she closed her eyes letting the hot water run over her body. Of course the shower head was bringing off not as powerful water, probably because he was taking a shower too. Suddenly it got cold. She gasped. Well she was used to the cold showers, so she began to shower as if nothing happened after her body got used to the coldness. She hummed again as she began washing her hair and washing her body. It wasn't long before she had gotten out after rinsing her hair and body of the soaps. She smiled a little looking into the mirror after wrapping her body. She hoped to make sure it was on time, of course her guy friend that was the guitar in the band texted her back, her text tone of the Hunger game whistle. She looked at her phone seeing that he would. She smiled giving the address before drying herself off. Once she was completely dry, well not as wet she put on her clothes, of course turning off the shower so it wasn't going anymore. She hummed a little. She knew she would just sound like a major fan of the group.
  15. Charles started washing his body and he began to wonder about his sister, she seems like a smart-ass but damn her petite body looks good from what I saw. He got out of the shower and put on his boxers and jeans, he adjusted himself and zipped up his pants. Charles grabbed his phone and headphones and carried them with him out of the bathroom. He walked pass Britney's room and heard the shower running. He thought about her for a second then pushed her out of his head and continued to his room. He turned on his radio and blared heavy metal, he couldn't even hear the shower running in the other room. He pulled the hair tie out of his hair and put it back into his pocket and ran his finger through his hair. He nodded his head to the drums playing in the background and texted his girlfriend, they had been having problems, he had a hunch that she was cheating on him but he didn't have any proof so he just acted like he didn't know.
  16. Britney sighed fixing herself. She then moved to brush her hair. Seeing how pretty she looked, but honestly with what has happened with her past, she thinks she is ugly. All thanks to this generation, she probably won't ever be popular but hey at least Diamond has it all. She wished to have a boyfriend, but no. Britney began to do her makeup and her hair. She decided to curl it. She knew that her band members knew of what her true identity is. She licked her lips as she sighed. She knew that she was suffering from a little depression. She had cuts on her arms because she self harms but still, so what it's not like anyone cares. She tilted her head. She licked her lips softly as she eyed herself. She was really quick with her makeup.

    Britney glanced over to slip on socks and shoes. She texted her guy friend the address she was now living at. She smiled and she honestly had a crush. She tilted her head to make sure her outfit was on point. She knew she wasn't that pretty. She walked down the stairs with a workout bag. She grabbed her phone and ear buds. She noticed no one out so she put water bottles in there. She'll just write a note cause she doesn't want to face him. Once she wrote a note saying that she'll be back in a few hours. She smiled softly. She then ran once getting some snacks. Grabbing her keys and purse making sure she had everything she went to go out front to get into a car. She had gotten into her friends car and she sighed, she just didn't want to go back to the house.
  17. His girlfriend didn't answer so he decided he would ride over to her house. He walked over to his closet and grabbed a t-shirt and slid it over his head. He sat on his bed and put on his boots, laced them up, and fixed his jeans. He walked downstairs and saw a note on the table, it was from Britney, it said she was gone and would be back in a couple of hours. He crumpled up the paper and threw it toward the trash can he didn't even look to see if it went in. He walked grabbed his keys off a hook hanging next to the door and walked outside.

    He walked over to his car and got in when he got a text from his girlfriend, he read the text and flared his nostrils, "Fuck that I'm already dressed and outside I'm at least gonna go over there and see you." He put the car in reverse and drove out of the driveway and down the road. He made it to his girlfriend's house and there was a truck in the driveway that he didn't recognize. He screeched into the driveway and got out of his car. Charles stormed up to the door and hit and kicked it until he heard noises coming from inside. His girlfriend opened the door, "I thought I told you to not come over!" "Oh fucking well I was already on my way, and mind telling me who the FUCK is here?" Charles yelled. She turned her head and looked at the truck, "Uh it's one of my dad's friends he's fixing something in the kitchen." Charles snorted, "Then I guess you won't mind if I look?" he forced his way passed her and into the kitchen, no one was in there. "Where the fuck are you, you fucking bitch." His girlfriend grabbed his arm, "Baby please just leave, I don't know where he is." He pulled his arm away, "Don't call me baby, you fucking whore we're done..." He stomped toward the door and slammed it cracking the glass.
  18. Later that night....

    Britney had ended up being a lot later than she thought. She had ended up eating with the group and having a great time. She was glad to have friends. At least she trusted them with her secret. She really was happy about writing a new song and finding some new moves. It had been yet another successful day. She bit her lower lip humming the new song that they were writing. She was really pleased with today. It was a really good day. She still felt bad about how she wasn't pretty. She walked up to the door, unlocking the door and sneaking in before locking the door again. She went up the stairs looking around, she couldn't see Charls anywhere. She licked her lips as she sighed. Did he go to his girlfriend's house and stay the night. Oh to be a guy and not be judged about having sex.

    Not that Britney has anything to worry about. She was a virgin and she was planning on keeping that forever. Well keep her innocence til she gets married. She moved to start looking around the house for him, seeing him no where. She forgot to check his room. She calmly walked past it and went to put all of her stuff in her bedroom. She closed the door to change into comfy clothes.Once she was in short shorts and a tank top. No bra. She was happy honestly, but now she was all alone it made her realize how alone she really was. She sighed lightly looking down before heading to the living room so she can watch tv. Her room was big, but it didn't have a tv in the room. She was totally fine with it too.
  19. Charles had completely wrecked his room throughout the day, he had burned pictures and let the pieces burn the carpet, he had punched a whole in the wall and had broke a vase his dad had kept in his room for no reason. He heard the door open and he perked up and listened to see who it was, there was only one pair of footsteps, "She's back..." he said out loud. He listened to the noise come up the stairs down the hall and pass his room leading towards Britney's room and then he heard a door open. He sat down on his bed and looked down, he realized he never took off his boots so he took them off and tossed them across the room hitting the wall and making a noise louder than he anticipated. He went to lay back but as soon as he did his stomach growled, fuck I forgot to eat... wonder if Britney will go get food, the thought to himself.
  20. Britney was sitting on the couch looking at the wall. She had dropped her bag but then hearing some noise from shoes hitting a wall. She jumped and screamed a little. She was very jumpy, she just couldn't help it. She frowned a little. Even though she was full, she was hungry. It wasn't like she could drive. Well she could. She sighed a little as she thought hoping her mother will remember her birthday. She really prayed. She smiled a little at the thought. She paused, What am I going to do? Britney didn't know anyone to have a get together, actually she had some friends. She was part of the misfit group. Britney leaned back thinking how she had began to get peckish. She wanted something to eat. Maybe she should order food. She wondered if her new brother was okay.He sounded upset, well from the whole hitting the wall thing. She stood up and moved to walk up the stairs and to his door. She raised her hand to knock on the door. She wasn't sure if she should knock. She looked down not wanting to get bullied so she decided against it and began to walk away. She just didn't want to get bullied by her now brother, she has dealt with that too much.
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