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  1. As bus 209 pulled up, Lain looked up from his notebook. He was head of the drum club and he was easily passing every class. He had seen the principal talking to Mya, a young girl on the cheerleaders get squad, and wondered what was happening.
    Of course... His thoughts were answered as a new girl stepped off the bus. He sighed, returning to his notebook.

    The moment she saw the new girl, Mya shot forwards. "Hey! Welcome to Stanville High. I'm Mya, vice captain of the cheerleading squad.
    I'm supposed to show you around." She giggled.
  2. [Quick question. Is this female x female?]
  3. (No. Mya will leave, it's part of the plot?)
  4. [Sorry, I posted thinking it was and then realised it wasn't, so I replied with 'Oh sorry, *facepalms*' but then deleted that because I didn't want to overflow the rp xD]

    River stepped out the bus with the rest of the students, she had her brown hair combed into a high ponytail, she threw on a pair of jeans that morning and a top completed with some shoes. She didn't do her makeup that day because she didn't want to be late, but after looking at herself in the mirror several times she realised she looked perfectly fine. She'd go natural.

    She noticed a bubbly looking student who was welcoming her to the school.

    "Oh, thanks" She mutters and then headed to class.
  5. Mya followed close behind. "So, the principle totally told me that I have to help you get adjusted to the school." She said, rolling her eyes. "But that's boring."

    After a few minutes, Lain stood. He'd be late if he didn't move. As he turned, he watched the new girl and the cheerleader disappear into the school.
  6. River chewed on her bottom lip and looked down as they walked. "Okay. I think I can get to class by myself and figure my way around anyways" She says and gave a friendly smile. She knew this girl really didn't want to show her around.

    She found her lesson perfectly fine, and took a seat. She avoided any eye contact with anyone. She saw a girl who was sitting in front of her turn around and give a smile, she shot up her hand and waved at River.

    "Hi! Are you the new kid?" She asks, this girl wasn't like the cheerleader, she looked friendly.

    "Yeah, I just moved to this school" River said.

    The girl turned around again. The lesson had begun.
  7. Mya giggled. "Great!" She skipped off.

    Lain was seconds from being late to class. He slid into his seat in the back of the class, looking over the students. He noticed the new girl and tilted his head before looking down again. He heard a couple of guys beside him snicker.
  8. River started go do her work. No one was really friendly here, except for the girl in front of her and the cheerleader she met who was only kind of nice. No one else had welcomed her. Instead they just stared at her. She tried to make it not bother her and she went back to writing in the book.

    When class ended, she stood up and filed out with the other students. She tried to look around for the cheerleader but quickly realised she probably ditched her for her own friends.
  9. Most of the students left and the teacher went to the hallway to catch some students running.
    Lain stood and left, but the guys around him surrounded the new girl. "Lookie here." One of them smirked.
  10. River looked up and saw a guy smirking at her. He was a lot taller than her. She places her hands onto his chest and shoved him back a little, but he didn't seem to budge.

    "Leave me alone!" She says and tries to be defensive, but of course she sounded like a tiny mouse squeaking. She moves past him and began to jog towards her lesson, she looked over her shoulder to see if he was following.
  11. He laughed as she attempted to push him. "Aww, little chick is trying to run away!" He laughed and him and his friends followed her.
  12. River starts to run when they followed her, instead of going to her lessons she continued to run down the halls until she leaned against a wall to catch her breath. She looks over her shoulder again and then took a sigh of relief. Maybe she'd lost them?
  13. When the girl started to run, the guys burst into laughter, leaving her alone.
    A young guy walked over. He looked very nerdy. "Th-that's my locker." He said quietly.
  14. River noticed that the guys weren't around so she straightened up and then went to her next class. From then on, she didn't say anything to anyone, it's not like they'd say anything to her in the first place. She answered a couple of questions in class and that was all. When classes ended she did look around for the cheerleader who was probably supposed to be helping her, her being new to the school and all but she was no where to be seen.. For the entire day.

    She sighed sadly and then collected her things when the final class ended. Finally... Now she could get home and talk on the phone with her old friends for the rest of the evening.
  15. On her way out, River would once again find herself surrounded by the pushy group of guys. They were smiling like sharks who had just found a fish.

    Lain was in a tree, sketching, but stopped when he heard their laughter, looking down curiously.
  16. River pushed some of her loose, curly hair behind her ear and began to shake as she saw the tall guys. There wasn't just a couple, but an entire guy. They had smirks on her face and she was surrounded so she could barely get past.. Even if she tried to shove them they wouldn't barge in the slightest. "Go away and leave me alone!"
  17. Lain frowned. They were already picking on her? He sighed as one reached for her backpack.
    "Aww, but where's the fun in that?" The main guy asked her.
    Lain, after tucking his sketchbook in his backpack, dropped from the tree. He waited to see how River would react to them trying to get her backpack before he would intervene.
  18. River backs up slightly and then bumps into someone. She spun around and saw a student who was always sketching something in a sketch pad right behind her. She didn't react or say anything but quickly ran away and exited school. Instead of heading straight home to her family she curled up in a ball, crying. Her first day at school was horrible and it was supposed to be a new start and to get a chance to get to know everyone. It went far from well.
  19. Lain have her a soft smile. "Go." He said softly before looking up at the guys. His eyes turned cold and he frowned. "Leave her alone." He growled.
    "And what is mr. Geek gonna do?" They laughed. One of them approached, and he grabbed their arm, twisting it behind them. "Do NOT make me tell you again." He shoved the guy to the ground. The guys helped him up. "You'll pay for that." The guy said angrily, but they would leave her alone.
    Lain went off to find the new girl.
  20. River just sat there in a ball until she heard someone coming over in her direction. She looked up from her tears and then noticed it was the guy who always had a sketch pad.

    "Hey.. Thanks for everything back there, I really appreciate it" She nodded and smiled warmly. Her mascara was a little smudged now and she looked like she had panda eyes. She took out her makeup mirror and rolled her eyes, laughing at her reflection.

    She got a tissue and wiped it off as best as she could.
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