The New Girl

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  1. Knock knock knock. The sound of the hollow wooden doors of the large house in front of her rang in Aviana's ears. She stood silently with one hand in her pocket and a small bag on her back. Apparently they had already moved her things into her room which she honestly didn't appreciate because that meant that they had arranged her things and she was going to have to fix everything how she wanted. She looked at the tall blonde headed woman next to her, pulling her hand back from the door as she stood with a big smile on her face. Kill me now. Please.

    She would be happy if it was legal for her to get a place of her own but it wasn't so she was stuck here in a home full of other kids she didn't feel like getting to know. A couple answering the door interrupted her thoughts. They had equally dark brown hair, though the man had blue eyes and the woman, green. They had huge smiles of their faces, a bit too big for Aviana's taste.

    "Mr. and Mrs. Dallas. This is Aviana Corbitt," the blonde lady said. She didn't even bother catching the woman's name on the way there. Oops. "Aviana say hi to your new parents," she said with an encouraging smile. Aviana silently tried to remember where her room was as she stood in silence. The moment she remembered, she rolled her eyes and shook her head. "They're not my parents," she said as she pushed past the couple and immediately went upstairs. Last room on the left. She remembered those words and followed them, walking into a practically blank room. Just great.
  2. Trent ignored his stepfather's calls from the kitchen. He watched out the window as a car pulled up to the foster house across the street. He smiled faintly. The new girl... She was pretty. He wondered what she was like... Where was she from? What did she like? Hate?
    Was she excited to be here?
    The questions bubbled in his mind like a pot of water on high.

    "Trent! Lunch was ready ten minutes ago!" His stepfather grabbed his shoulder, pulling him out of his thoughtful daze.
    He followed his father to the kitchen where lunch was on the table.
  3. Aviana silently looked around the room efore running a hand through her hair and opening the window. She plugged her headphones into her ears and blared the music as she began to destroy the room. She pulled all the clothes from the hangers and out of the drawers, she messed up her bed, and she pushed things off of the dresser. When she finally finished, she pulled her hair into a ponytail before beginning to fix it how she wanted it.
  4. Trent sat silently as he chewed on his Mac-n-Cheese and his turkey sandwich. His stepfather say across, blabbering about his job and how he should have been the one promoted. Trent, though he should have been listening, was preoccupied with thoughts of the girl across the street. Maybe he should take her something, like he had done some of the other kids... But that would seem a little weird, as he hadn't done it in a while. He couldn't ask to visit her, that was creepy... Would she go to his school? He hoped so!
  5. Aviana sang along softly as she put things back, not hearing the knocks on her door. Mrs. Dallas finalky walked in, grabbing Avi's attention. She pulled out her headphones and crossed her arms. "What?" She asked, irritation seeping voice. "Lunch is ready if you would like something to eat. Look Aviana I know this must be difficult for you but if you need someone to talk to Im here for you," the older woman said softly before leaving. Aviana rolled her eyes and put her headphones back in, continuing to clean her room.
  6. Trent finished his lunch, and finished his plan. He would get a small gift and go over to personally give the gift to her, as well as give Mr. And Mrs. Dallas a gift, maybe one of his stepdad's pies. He stood, taking his dishes to the sink and quickly scrubbing them clean. He ignored his stepfather's question on why he was such in a hurry and dashed upstairs.
    Simple basket, a 'Welcome' card he always had a stock of, two yellow tulips from the vase on his desk, a candle that smelled of caramel that he has never used, and a bar of chocolate he had just bought the day before. He signed the welcome card and slipped it between the tulips. Trent hurried downstairs.
    "Drake, after dinner can I say hi to the new girl across the street?"
    His stepfather looked up from the TV. He had decided to watch television while Trent was upstairs. "First, I've told you, I'm your fath-"
    "Yes or no?" Trent stuck his hands in his pocket.
    Drake sighed. "Alright, fine. But remember, no later that 10 pm."
    Trent smiled. "Thanks Drake!" He then dashed back upstairs to take a shower.
  7. Aviana finally finished with everything just as her playlist restarted. She pulled her headphones out and wrapped them around her phone before throwing it on the bed and letting out a loud sigh. She closed her window and brushed through her brown hair before walking out and heading downstairs to eat. Ignoring the stares she received, she sat down in a random seat after getting her food. She ate silently, keeping her head down and refusing to speak to anyone as she felt no need to.
  8. After his shower, Trent dried his hair. He slipped into a black t-shirt with his favorite band and a grey hoodie. He pulled on fresh jeans and his best sneakers. There... Now to wait.
  9. The minute she finished eating, Aviana got up and cleaned her plate before setting it out to dry. She ran upstairs and changed into a purple and blue bikini before sliding on a pair of Jean shorts and a pink tank top. She slid on her sandals and found herself a towel. She went back downstairs and headed towards the door. "Where are you going Aviana?" Mr. Dallas asked with interest as he tilted his head. "Local pool to swim," she said as she walked out without another word. She headed down the street, hoping to find how close the pool is.
  10. Trent jumped on his computer. He figured if he finished his lab report in chemistry, he would have more time after dinner to talk. He had just started typing when Drake stepped in, wanting to talk.
  11. Aviana finally found the pool and noticed only a few people there. She walked over to a lounge chair and laid her towel down before pulling her shirt and shorts off, laying them out as well before sitting on the edge of the pool and letting her feet dangle in the water.
  12. As Drake sat down, Trent saved the file on his computer. He didn't want to lose his work... Again. He turned to Drake. "What do you want? I was doing homework."
    Drake sighed. "I'm sorry to bother you, but we should really talk about your mom." He said softly.
    Trent tensed. "There's no need to. I know what is happening and what it might mean in my future, okay? Now can we stop talking about her?"
    Drake bit his lip. "Look, I know it's tough for you... But you have to understand, I'm here for you. You don't have to deal with it alone."
    "You're not my father, and there's no reason for me to confide in you." Trent said, crossing his arms and sitting back.
  13. Aviana waited until she was alone at the pool to ginally jump in. She swam around for the better part of an hour before climbing out and sitting on the lounge chair next to her things. She finally stood up and dried off as best she could before slipping her clothes back on and heading to the nearest ice cream shop. After getting an ice cream cone, she headed back to the Foster home, walking inside silently and heading to her room. Just as she went to close the door, Mrs. Dallas' foot stopped it and she walked in rather angrily.

    "Look here Aviana. It's blatantly obvious you don't want to be here but your attitude has got to change. From now on you are not to go out on your own on these streets with these wreckles drivers. Do you understand me?" She said as she glared at the teenager.

    Aviana stared, her face impassive as she shrugged. "Whatever now get out of my room," she said as she narrowed her eyes ever so slightly.

    "You do not talk to your moth~"

    Before she could finish the word, Aviana crossed the room in a few steps, pushing the woman back without even touching her. "Let's get one thing straight. You are NOT my mother. You will never be my mother and I don't want you to be my mother. Hell I don't want to be here but I am because I'm forced to so back off!" She yelled before taking a step back, allowing the woman to exit. She slammed her door before leaning back and listening through it.

    "Don't worry sweetie. Just give her some time. This has to be hard on her and she's just goin through a phase," Mr. Dallas said to consol his wife as they headed back downstairs.

    Aviana walked across the room and opened the window, plugging her headphones in as she pulled a chair over and grabbing a notepad and a pencil, sitting down and staring out as she looked for some inspiration to write a song.
  14. "Alright.. Have it your way, but your mom-"
    Drake was cut off by Trent's next words.
    "All you ever knew about my mother was how good she was in bed." Trent muttered as he stood, walking out. He knew Drake wouldn't stop him, because he knew Drake trusted him not to get in trouble, and he wouldn't. He went to the garage and grabbed his skateboard. Opening the garage door, he put on his headphones, blue and black with ear-clips so they wouldn't fall out, and started listening to music. He grabbed his helmet and sunglasses from the rack by the door. Putting both on, he rode out. At the edge of the driveway, he flipped his board, nailing the landing and riding down the street. He didn't leave the neighborhood, turning back and heading the other way.
  15. Aviana sighed softly in frustration as she found it hard to write. She decided to use her current situation to start it off. She finally put pencil to paper and began writing, occasionally glancing up in thought. The final time she looked up, she noticed a boy come out of the house across the street and flip his skateboard. She smxouldnt help but stare before finally looking down, writing intensely as she tried not to lose her train of thought. When she finally finished, she walked over to her closet and pulled out her guitar before taking her headphones out and sitting back down in the chair. She began strumming softly as she came up with some music and started figuring out a way for the music and words to align, not really caring who heard at that moment.
  16. Trent rode up and doing the street, jumping curbs, flipping his skateboard, racing cars. He did this until he felt most of his anger gone. As he returned to his house, he took his helmet off, stretching as he also pulled his hoodie from his head, careful not to pull his headphones out. Putting the skateboard and helmet up, he glanced at the house across the street. He couldn't wait to meet that girl.. With a sigh, he pulled his sunglasses off and put them beside his helmet.
  17. Aviana kept her eyes on the boy as she slowly figured the song out and sat back in the chair. She noticed him glance over at the house and frowned slightly. Why is he looking over here? She shrugged it off before setting her guitar down and taking a break. She thought for a minute and got up, going over and locking her bedroom door before going back to the window. She looked up and figured an easy way to get to the roof before climbing out and onto the ledge. She carefully jumped up and pulled herself up as she climbed onto the roof, turning around and sitting down in silence.
  18. Trent closed the garage door behind him as he went inside. He was met by Drake, who apologized for earlier.
    "I'm sorry I brought it up... I know it's hard..."
    Trent shrugged. "I'm sorry I yelled." He said. "I'm going to finish my paper." He said, going back to his room. It was hot, so he opened the window, then sat at his computer. Drake began to fix dinner.
  19. Aviana glanced around to make sure no one else was outside and let out a soft sigh. She watched the house across the street and noticed a window open. She squinted to try and get a better look of the person before finally deciphering it was the skater boy. She knew it seemed creepy but she didn't care. She stared into the window without a word, wondering if he had even noticed her.
  20. Trent finished his paper after a while. He stood, ruffling his hand through his hair before plopping backwards on his bed. He took his headphones out and stretched, groaning slightly. What to do... Sitting up, he looked at his notepad. He didn't feel like drawing.. He finished his homework, he already spent time outside... He looked out- and noticed a girl on the roof next door. Not any girl.. But the new girl! He looked away from the window thoughtfully.
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