The New Girl (Ouran High School Host Club)

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  1. OK so I've always wanted to do this Here. Even though it will be 1x1, I will always double up. So this is an Ouran High School Host Club roleplay.

    The plot is that Tamaki and my character, Sayoko, used to be best friends when they were just little kids living in France. Then Sayoko's parents divorced and she went to go live in Japan with her dad. But she always kept the locket that Tamaki gave her before she left that has pictures of them together.

    ~*~Years Later~*~
    Sayoko just transferred from Lobelia Academy to Ouran Academy and it was her first day, even though it was a month into school.

    Sayoko left her class for a moment because she was Getting light headed and went into the abandoned music room, only to be greeted by hot boys.... And Tamaki...

    Later on, Tamaki seems to stay away from Sayoko because he is scared to loose her, so she goes out with Kyoya. Tamaki tries everything to get them to break up, but it doesn't work. Finally, after a month, Kyoya and Sayoko break you because they just didn't work Well together. So Tamaki takes his chance. And they get together.

    The rest goes from there! Here is Sayoko!

    Name: Sayoko Yukimori
    Age: 7 to 15 then up
    Likes: drawing, listening to music, making costumes and her own cosplay, being with her friend Tamaki, looking at her locket, being alone, playing the piano, being on stage
    Her precious locket with the pictures of her and Tamaki: [​IMG]
  2. All I need is for someone who is willing to double up as Tamaki and some other characters :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.