The New Girl (Ouran High School Host Club, Open)

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  1. Hi! My name is Shade! I've actually been role playing for about seven years. Through those seven years, I've really been wanting to do an anime role play. More specifically to that role play, Our an High School Host Club. I know it's girly and dumb, but I just actually love the plot of the anime. So if you're interested, just say it on here or message me.

    I'll post my character later. So for now, bye!

    (PS, if you talk to me outside of the role play and I seem to be acting the same as my character, that is totally normal. Usually I can feel what my character feels. Weird I know, but it happens.
  2. Here is my character:

    Name: Shade Nightingale
    Eye Color: Emerald Green
    Hair Color: Midnight Black
    Age: 16
    Place of Birth: London, England
    Grade: 10th
    Bio: Shade was born in London. Her parents then split up because of stress. So during the school year she stays with her wealthy lawyer dad, while on the holidays she is with her rich model mom. They both say that they love her and will do anything for her, but are constantly busy and always push things back. This has given her trust issues and is scared to ask anything of someone.
    Likes: Reading, playing the piano, exploring Japan and London, being alone, quiet places
    Dislikes: Being rude, rude people, homophobia
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.