The New Girl In School.

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  1. -Character Info-
    Name: Sam Rodgers
    Age: 16
    Looks: (Picture on the left. My profile pic :P)
    Sam rushed into the school and looked at her watch at the same time. Great, she thought, first day at this school and I am already late! As she runs she looks at her schedule and ran to her first class. She swung the door wide open panting. All the students were looking at her "Sorry I am late." she walked into the room."
  2. Name: Teddy
    Age: 15
    Looks: He is 6'1", short silver hair, light blue eyes.

    Teddy woke up and looked at the time. He got out of bed and grabbed a pair of pants. He walk to the kitchen and put some bread in the toaster. He grabbed the toast when it was and walk to the front room. He grabbed a white shirt and his backpack and leaves. He got to school walked into class. A few minute later a girl walked in saying 'sorry'. He looked at her.
  3. The Teacher turns and smiles at her, "Ah you must be the new student." he looks at a sheet of paper on his desk, "Saman-"
    "Its Sam." she interrupted him. She hated being called Samantha. She still kept her smile.
    The teacher nodded, "Well I am Mr.Brown. Now to assign you a seat." he looked around the room and spotted an empty seat next to Teddy, "You seat next to Teddy." he pointed to him and Sam looked at him with a smile.
    "Alrighty." she said and walked to the seat next to him.
    Mr.Brown coughs a little "Everyone this is Sama- I mean Sam Rodgers. Now please make her feel welcome."
  4. Name: Timothy Apollian
    Age: 15
    Looks: Here
    Timothy raised his hand from a spot in the middle of some student, "Excuse me, Mister Brown, but as the responsible for the class's development I must suggest that a new student shouldn't sit next to Teddy. We wouldn't like her to start having bad... influences, would we?" He had a calm look and the only thing that moved during that speech was his mouth.
  5. Teddy looked at Sam as she sat down. "Hi, I am Teddy. And welcome to.." He stopped in the middle. He tried to remember the name of the school. He scratched his head. "Welcome to here." He said. He looked at Timothy. "And what is that sopost to mine." He said.
  6. She smiled sweetly, "Hi." then she looked at Timothy and giggled, "Oh come on. I bet he isnt that bad. He look innocent."
  7. Looked through the corner of his eye, "You do know that Teddy, as well as I guarantee myself that you barely know what subject you're attending to right now.". Timothy grabbed the two wheels, both in different sides of his hair and began to spin them through the students desk in order to reach Sam's seat. It is noticeable that he is unable to walk. His hoodie has a earphone falling from his belly pocket. The hand was stretched, wrapped in a fingertip-lacking-glove made out of black leather. "Timothy Apollian, Responsible for the Class's Educative development." His expression maintains the same look.
  8. Teddy looked up. "No." He said. He looked around. "What I my not be the smartest person here." He looked at Timothy again and shook his head.
  9. Sam looked at Timothy and shook his hand, "Nice to meet you." she didnt think twice about the fact that he was crippled, she had been taught to treat people equally. She took her hand back and looked between the two then looked at Timothy, "Well that was a little uncalled for Timothy."
  10. Smirked at her words, "People like me that pass through horrible things are those who reach the highest mountains." Her turns his wheel chair as he goes back to his desk. "And now I vaguely suggest that we use the last 15 minutes of class for actual learning, shall we not, Mister Brown?"
  11. "OK." Teddy said. He looked outside the window. He started to breath in and out. He sat his head down on the desk. "Why me?" He asked himself.
  12. Sam could tell Timothy was going to get annoying. She has delt with people like him before. She simply rolled her eyes at him then looked at Teddy. Why isnt he standing up for himself?
    Mr. Brown sighs " Yes now lets begin." he taught the rest of the hour and Sam was still a little mad.
  13. Name: Jean-Mark Pourlois
    Age: 17
    Looks: Here
    Jean was waiting by the door for Timothy, and as the bell ringed, he got all excited and entered the class to pick up Tim's wheel chair to take him outside. He passed by people so fast, almost ignoring them, but still saying "Bonjour! Excusé moi! Came to pick up monsiour Tim-oh-tee!".

    Timothy glanced a look at Jean and, impressively, he smiled, "Good morning, Jean. I can feel your energy, what's going on?". Jean begun to clean Timothy's desk from his books and notebooks, putting in his backpack. "Oh, rien! I'm just excited to see you again, every morning." With those words, Timothy's cheeks granted themselves a different colour. Not red, but pink, with very low opacity.
    They left the classroom, Jean pushing Tim's wheel chair from behind, leading to the lockers.
  14. Teddy walked outside and looked up at the sky. "Another bad day." He said to himself. He remembers the new student. "Maybe I can show her around the school." He Turn around and went to looked for her.
  15. Sam watches Timothy and Jean giving thema a werid look. She shook her head and walked past the library. She began wondering where Teddy was.
  16. After filling the lockers with both backpacks, Jean lead Timothy outside. Tim's look lost the joy when he saw Teddy wandering outside. Yes, the weather wasn't great. Still, Jean was happy to be outside. "I have to tell you something, Tim." These words were so simple. Still, the heat coming from inside Jean's throat might have been hot enough to make his cheeks blush. Tim noticed that. "What is it, Jean?"
    The French senior year boy looked around for some excuse, maybe to gather some time, "Well, we've been friends for a long time now, and we're neighbours. Also, we wander around school together and I-", "Jean-Mark, speak. I'm losing my patience.". He was interrupted by Timothy's words, but that was actually a push over for his next two words, "Je t'aime.". Timothy blushed and began to vibrate of nerves, making his wheel chair make some noises. Jean approached him by kneeing in front, reaching his face, and Tim did let him do that. Their next action: a kiss.
  17. Teddy past Timothy and Jean. He want back in the school. He wound around for a while. He turned a corn and saw Sam. He ran up to her. "Hi. would you look me to show you around the school?" He asked her. He was breathing a little fast.
  18. Sam nearly bumped into him but managed to stop herself just in time. She smiled up at him with her deep ocean blue eyes. "Sure. I would really appreciate it."
  19. Tim was blushing after their kiss. And so was Jean, scratching the back of his head. "Wha-what was that?" asked Timothy, "Since when do you feel this for me?".
    Jean couldn't speak much, "Eh, bien... I don't know, since two years ago?".
    Timothy was shocked, he stared at Jean and gave him a terrified look, "How can you love someone like me!? I can't walk!"
    The next look Jean gave was an eyebrow raise, "Does that matter?"
    "If you ever live with a person like me, your life is going to suck! Don't do that to your life!"
    Jean had a sad look lied on his eyes, as he watches Timothy starting to cry in front of him, "I-... Can't love anybody! I'm bizarre, abnormal, unusual!"
    "But that doesn't matter, darl-", "Yes it does!", Timothy interrupted Jean-Mark again. He began to turn his wheel chair, "We need to head back to the corridor.", wiping his tears with his hoodie long sleeves, "It's almost time for my Biology class.
    Jean nodded sadly, pushing Timmy's wheel chair, driving it inside.
  20. Teddy showed Sam most of the school before the bell rang. "What class do you have next?" He asked her.
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