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  1. Ken was a typical teenage guy... until after a one night stand. Now it turns out he is going to be a father. Will he be cut out to be a father?

    Name: Ken Woods
    Age: 17
    Ken opened his locker and moved his blue hair out of his eyes. After he found the stuff he needs he shut it and head to class. Now a days it seems like he is just going through the motion. The same damn thing every day. Yeah sure he has tons of friends and stuff like that... but nothing exciting ever happen in his small town Rockford.

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    Korra had always been a quiet girl. Being raised to look differently and think differently left a bad taste in some people's mouth. Korra had never talked to a guy, let alone kiss a guy and now she was walking down the hallway stuck in her thoughts of last night. Had she really gone all the way with a guy she really truly didn't even know. Yes.. She did and she could see him walking down the hallway as she looked up. Quickly she lowered her head.

    "It was a one night stand. You have to act like you don't care."
    She thought to herself as she began to walk closer to him. Hopefully she would be able to pass him and make it to class before he said anything.
  3. Ken stopped once he saw Korra he smiled at her. It wasnt like a victory smile... it was like a sweet smile.
  4. Korra was looking down at the ground when she saw a pair of feet in front of her. Slowly she looked up to see Ken standing in front of her giving her a smile. To her surprise it was more of a sweet smile then anything, which took her by surprise. She arched one of her eyebrows looking at him. Was he for really trying to make her feel better. It had been about a month before school started since their little meeting. They had been in school for about a week now and since this was the first time in awhile she had saw Ken she wasn't sure what to say.


    She turned around to see a bunch of guys waving at Ken. For some reason a flicker of anger shot through her. Quickly she turned to face Ken giving him a dark cold stare.

    "Go ahead. Run and tell your friends that you hooked up with the virgin of the school. I know your DYING to tell them."

    Korra could feel her eyes begin to water and she wasn't sure why she was getting so mad. Before Ken could say anything she brushed passed him and headed to the bathroom to clean her face.
  5. Ken ignored the guys. He looked into her eyes, "What happened between you and me is none of my friends buisness. I dont plan on telling them anything." Ken wasnt like other guys, when he slept with someone he didnt tell the entire school.
  6. Korra simply gave Ken a shrug. Between the two of them? They didn't even know each other before. They were just science partners last year. It was just by luck they bumped into each other over the summer and with the way Korra was beginning to feel that wasn't good luck. Quickly yet gently Korra took Ken by the wrist walking him into an empty classroom. When they were alone and the door was locked she turned to look at him.

    "Look what happened between us. That was a mistake, I was tired of being a virgin and you were there with me, and..."
    Korra gave out a small sigh and hugged herself as she began to stare at the ground.

    "Look was great don't get me wrong. It was. It's just I should have waited for someone I knew longer. Someone who I was dating and we knew eachother's secrets. I shouldn't have rushed into this like I did. I'm sorry."

    She continued to look at the ground lost in her own thought. Remembering the night as if it was yesterday. Her body shook slightly as she got the chills.
  7. "Look I completly understand. Believe me I thought it was a mistake too... Even though it was great and... but I normally dont do that unless I have know the girl for a long time. I should say that I am sorry."
  8. Korra quickly brushed him off.

    "It doesn't matter please just leave me alone."

    She was beginning to feel a little sick as she broke away from him and headed to class.
  9. Ken was confused. You were the one that brought me in here. With a sigh he walked to class.
  10. Korra sat in her last class of the day feeling nauseous. Her head was pounding and it felt like it was 180 degrees. Yet somehow she managed to pull through. When the bell rang she quickly ducked for the door racing down the steps to her car. She felt so sick she wasn't sure if she would be able to drive, but she knew she was going to give it a try.
  11. Korra nearly ran into Ken. But luckly he moved out of the way.... something seemed off about her... she looked pretty sick. He sighs. I should make sure she is ok, then he follows her to make sure she is ok.
  12. Korra could feel that someone was following her and when she reached her car she quickly turned around. Her long hair whipping across Ken's face. She tired not to giggle, but couldn't help it. Quickly covering her mouth with her hand as she let out a soft quit giggle.
  13. He smirks and crosses his arms, "Gee you dont look to good. And what are you giggling about?"
  14. She gives a slight frown.

    "Yeah, I don't feel so good, and nothing."
  15. "Really?" he arches an eyebrow, "No offense but you look like crap right now."
  16. She gives him a glare and sighs to herself.

    "Yeah I know I feel like it to. Anyway I should probably get home before i'm to sick to drive."

    She gave him a faint smile as she climbed into her car and laid her head on the steering wheel. Feeling a headache coming on and knowing she had a long ride home.
  17. Ken walked up to the window and knelt down to look at her, "Maybe I should drive you home. You look like you will pass out any minute."
  18. She looked up at him and gave him a soft nod. Slowly moving over to the passenger seat. Letting him hope in the drivers seat. As the car started she closed her eyes and began to drift into sleep.
  19. He started the car and drove off.
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