The New Eden {Story Description and S/U}

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  1. "It has been a month since this all started. I have no idea what is going on and all I can do to stay sane is to just go with it. To see what I can do to survive. No one has any idea what happened to all those who have disappeared. I believe the count was up to about one fourth of the world is gone? I can’t be sure since you never know who is telling the truth anymore. The person that is telling us anything is the Leader. He makes everyone call him “The Savior” but since when have I done what I was told to?

    We are not allowed to leave a building after dark without risk of being shot or taken. The soldier patrol all the streets and have no mercy for those who have no home. If you have one and need help getting to one they will help you but if you make a habit of it they will take you." ~Portion from the journal of a young girl. Deceased.

    The world as you know it is gone. You and few others have managed to survive the reaping, during which almost all of the population was killed. Now you survive off he land and on your own or in a small self-dependent town. The Leader has a main city called the Garden where he bases his rule and where his main followers stay.

    The great cities and countries have fallen and a new power has risen up. An evil power. You are ruled by the Leader and must do everything he says of face the deadly consequences. He calls the world 'Eden' as if it is peaceful. It's not.

    ~Character Sheet~

    Which side? (Rebellion or with the Leader?):


    ~My characters~

    Name: Jake
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Which side? (Rebellion or with the Leader?): Leader
    Personality: cold, hard, tough, relatively unemotional
    Bio: His parents were taken when he was 10 leaving him to care for his little sister. While he was doing so he always went to try to find his parents during the night after his sister was asleep. When he finally was found by the Leader's minions, they took him to the jail for being against the Leader. When he was there he found out that the Leader was just 'trying to purge the world of the evil'. After realizing this he became a follower of the Leader and would go on his missions. He still stayed with his sister until he realized he no longer needed to and left her. Since then he's being working for the Leader.

    Name: Lily
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Which side? (Rebellion or with the Leader?): Rebellion
    Personality: sweet, cute, shy, innocent, childish, doesn't talk about herself much
    Bio: Her brother ran away from their home when he was 13 and she hasn't heard from him since. They were really close except in the last year before he left, he became distanced and cold toward her. Her parents were taken from them when she was 4 by the Leader's followers because they were part of the rebellion. After they were taken her brother took care of them until he left. Since then she's been living on the streets and with some rebels who would allow her to stay with them.

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