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  1. Her name was Serya, but, for her own reasons, she went by Selena. She was a beautiful mermaid with a green tail, dark brown hair and green eyes. She was the height of any mortal beauty, and she appeared to be the very nature and beauty of the see given form. She also was currently being tossed head over tail into a pier and she cried out in pain.

    The tide had caught her at the edge of her rounds, and she was now being dragged in, toward the beach. The raging water threatened to carry her on shore, and she cried out, holding onto the pillar of the pier for dear life.
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  2. Kai was wandering on deserted beach, he was a marine biologist a scientist who studies ocean life. His blond hair was long enough to just hang over his eyes and green eyes with frame less glasses scanned the beige sand for any recent changes. As he neared the pier he noticed a tangle of dark brown near the waters surface that seemed to be stuck. As his curiosity got the better of him as he walked along and the object was larger then he expected.

    He drew nearer and nearer and as the object grew larger it also looked partially... human, his nerves started to get to him so he speed up to make sure no one was in danger, but when he arrived his irises grew a large amount no way was this possible the torso of a human and the legs of a fish a, a, mermaid? this was not scientifically probable. He took quick notice she was being pulled to the shore and looked in pain, the waves around here were strong and dangerous, or that's what he wanted to think but his mind was more filled with the thoughts and curiosities of this creature, Kai had to get her to the shore.

    "Please let go, I can help!"

    He spoke a bit loudly to make sure she could hear she was still underwater after all.
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  3. Looking upwards, Selena couldn't hear exactly what he said. But she did know one thing: he was human. Humans were evil and would tear her open to study her, not save her. As the waves allowed her to look up at him, she took in his full image and noticed he looked normal to her, at least at this distance. She finally looked up all the wall and saw the wonder in her eyes as he stared at her tail, which was glistening in the water. She almost reached up to grab his hand, but caught the edge of the pier instead. Then she pulled her head out of the water. Spitting a bit, w he looked up and shook, "why should I trust you?!?" She yelled over the loud waves.
  4. Kai almost jumped out of his skin as she neared and popped out of the water he was entranced by the glistening in her tail, when she spoke he was taken aback for a moment in silence. As his mouth hung open he shook his head to get the words out of his mouth.

    "What other options do you have?"

    He was still in disbelief was he dreaming, hallucinating, or under some sedative? He wouldn't know until he was able to touch her feel that this was real and not a figment of his imagination. But that would have to wait momentarily first he needed to get her to trust him, he could tell not only by her speak but by that cold look in those deep green eyes.

    "I'll wait by the shore and catch you!"

    He said speaking over the lapsing waves starting to stand before she could come out with a retort. He stood and ran back to the sandy beach to await she would have to let go eventually.
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  5. While Selena still did not trust him, her arms were weak from fighting the current and they shook as her knuckles turned white. With a yell, she lost her grip first with her right, then her left. The sea pulled her back in and she flailed in the water.

    The mermaids was flipped head-over-tail through the water, her frame being tossed around like a sheet of paper. She was lucky she was in a beach area, for if not the current would have ripped her to shreds. She'd meant to avoid this surge, but the predictions she'd made didn't hold true and the storm came on her early.

    As she hit the shore, she flapped her tail in the water and strong yet shaky hands caught her shoulders. She gasped and leaned her head back, her hair flowing out behind her as she gasped.
  6. She was hard to miss as the ties spun her around at will you could see the glistening even from a distance as she neared quickly Kai re-positioned himself with his arms extended outwards to catch the mermaid he winced momentarily as the harsh waves knocked him over but not only was it the impact of the waves it was the weight of the girl. Kai coughed the water out as he lied flat on his back on the sandy beach he could definitely feel her true weight which was about what he expected, as numbers and info ran though his head he looked to see if she was alive. One thing was true though he wasn't dreaming.
  7. Helena spat up water and stared at him, leaning her head on his chest. She breathed heavily as she began to moan from the rough treatment she had endured to get to shore. Her tail was fine, but her torso and upwards we're sore and her hands were bleeding slightly. Looking at the astonished face of Kai, she could almost believe for a second that he wouldn't be like every other Human; maybe he'd even let her go! "Thank you..." She whispered against him, "could you put me back in the water by chance?"
  8. The marine biologist watched a bit more closely as she spoke and he almost felt something inside him snap like a foot on a twig.

    "You're Welcome."

    There was a smile that crept onto his face slowly cynical and definitely not pleasant. He put his hand in his pocket when he took out a glass tube and pulled the plastic off the small needle pushing it into the young mermaids arm and pulled the trigger releasing the sedative. He could feel it this shot is almost instantaneous her weight grew just like when a person sleeps the dead weight. He started to sit up and she slid down his chest and into the sand more, but he picked her up carrying her princess style.

    "You will make it back into the water that I promise but not where you expect."

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  9. (Tablet autocorrected the name Selena)

    When she awoke, she first felt a headache inside of her skull, pounding at her insides. She moaned softly, and from the sound of it she gleaned she was in fact in water. Hope flared within her as she looked up, thinking maybe that man had simply put her to rest to drag her back out into the ocean! She smiled and for that one, that one brief moment, she thought she could trust humans for once in her life.

    That was,.until she looked around and went pale. She was in a large container, maybe five feet by ten feet, and she didn't even have enough room on the bottom of the tank to lay down all the way. She swam forward, confused, until her face hit the glass,a bit painfully. She hissed and looked out to see an empty room, but she couldn't glean why this barrier was there. She hit it with her hands, but she couldn't get through it no matter How hard she hit. Helplessness crashed down on her for the first moment of her life as she realized she was inside a box. She started to cry then, closing her eyes and burying her face in her hands.
  10. Kai was in another room watching her from one sided glass one in which he could see though to her but she could not see him. He was resting at his computer taking down notes he tapped his pencil on the notepad a few times before standing and opening the door next to the window.

    "You look uncomfortable I'm sorry."

    He was genuine in his words, he wished he was funded enough to have a larger tank but the higher ups would never have assumed he'd find something so miraculous as this, well soon that would change with his new discovery he would be funded much more and he would give the girl a much more livable domain. The top of the tank was open so she could just jump out if she felt the need but the mermaid would have no where to go and only Kai to help her.

    "By the way my name is Kai I am a Marine Biologist I promise now that no harm will come to you I just... must study you."

    His eyes glinted with something that should be taken as curiosity and just like a child with a new toy excitement.

    "I should have asked this earlier rather than referring to you as girl, may I get your name?"
  11. Looking at the man, distrust flew inside her body once more. In her mind, he had only proved the one fact she had hoped wasn't true: humans were liars and deceivers. The man had made her trust him and then betrayed her by stabbing her in the arm with whatever that little needle thing was.

    Selena hissed at him before she finally spat, "Selena. There my name is Selena." Then she swam back towards the tank, farthest away from him. Yet the glass was clear and so was the water, so it made little difference as to what she did. He'd be able to see her from any angle anyway She felt exposed and vulnerable, and rightfully so.

    "What is studying?" She said in a quiet yet serious voice. She honestly didn't like the idea of being 'studied'. In her mind, humans would cut her open, look at her, then probably cut off her tail and see how she survived. She honestly tursted him now about as much as one would trust a live shark: they don't look deadly at a distance, but the closer you get, the worse it becomes.
  12. "Studying is... well to put it simply learning about you."

    He smiled though a bit disheartened by her swimming away from him though she had every right after he betrayed her like that, but if he had put her back in the ocean he knew he would never see her or anything like her again, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. He took out the pen and paper from his lab coat that he had brought with him from the other room.

    "See I just right down things you do, and say we will do experiments but I promise I wont hurt you their are ways to learn without doing so."

    He hopped to calm her down some with the flicking of her tail and the tone she was giving him he could tell she was well more then a bit pissed. He sighed and put the utensils away and sat on a office chair next to the tank, but to ease her a bit more stayed on the furthest end of the tank.

    "I know I'm a hateful person for lying to you and I wish to explain to you why I had to do what I did but I'm sure you wouldn't understand."

    He looked at her eyes deep again with that look of curiosity and excitement.

    "But I must know about you, please if you would tell me more Selena."
  13. Selena viewed him with a mixture of anger and annoyance at his probing, as he had no right to do anything to her, "You don't have any right to know anything about me!" She turned away in the water, her back to her as her long tail swished in her own annoyance and anger at being taken away from her home.

    My Home... She felt sudden pangs of grief as she realized that right now she should've been home, sitting around with her friends and slowly beginning to exchange details of the sea and having...well an average life for a mermaid. She wished she wasn't trapped in a tank, forced to sit there and be confined. She wanted to be free and alive again, to be the creature she was. She was Selena the mermaid, and she should be ruling the seas, not sitting in an enclosed representation of it!

    Putting her hands on her head, she started to quietly weep as the true nature of being confined struck her. She was there to be analyzed like a plant, tested on and made to determine her use before she was disposed of. She didn't want any of this, and it wasn't fair to her. She'd given this man her trust and now she was in a delicate situation. She couldn't leave, nor could she do anything else. That was the main thing that scared her: the helplessness of her situation.

    She slid down onto the bottom of the tank, hands on her head as the longing for her home came on her in waves of despair and agonizing defeat. She was now a slave to this man, or at least a science experiment.
  14. Kai frowned a bit at her displeasure and sad face, sure he should not expect her to be happy about this situation but he had in his own mind at least shown her respect and kindness, plus their are many others who would do her harm he wouldn't let it come to that he would keep her safe. His green eyes watched her with a sad glint in them but just for a moment he shook it off and stood up.

    "Well for now I just have a few questions Selene."

    He took out his pen and notebook again tapping it a few times between his writing down the questions.

    " Question one. What is your normal diet?"

    He watched her his indirect way of asking her so he knew what to feed her the last thing he needed was to have her starve to death no he wanted her to remain healthy. After awaiting her answer he also gave her another to answer.

    "You showed you can breath air but what is the limit to that? Seconds, Minutes, Hours?"

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  15. "Selena, not Selene. Selene is another mermaid who isn't of my own realm. You need to learn the names." She hissed in displeasure and began to swim in little circles around the tank, still crying softly and her face showing signs of depression. She hated containment and now she was reminded of why she had begged her father not to have a room for her.

    "Diet?" She was asked and responded, "Diet was...uh I tend to eat fish, either raw or cooked, but I prefer to roast them a bit using some rocks near geysers. Some squid if it can be caught and simple things like that." She raised and eyebrow at why he was asking, but didn't bring notice to it, "And I'm not some wild animal, I do cook my food if possible."

    Then she was asked another question and she looked at him, "Air breathing is different. Maybe a few hours at most...I think that I can go maybe six hours before my lungs start to starve? I mean, I'm not a fish, but I prefer gills instead of my throat if you understand that."
  16. The biologist blushed for making a mistake with the girls name, it had been only a few moments, but he was never really good with names or faces but he would be sure to change that since he was going to be spending a lot of time with her. He was having quite a bit more trouble with her weeping then he had anticipated.

    "I apologize I'm not good with names Selena."

    He wrote down those answers along with her name to help himself remember though one blunder was enough to teach him not to make that mistake again. He couldn't help but laugh at her defending herself from being an animal.

    "I do not think of you as some wild beast, you are much more than that, and if anything humans are much worse than you."

    He didn't even hesitate when he spoke those words he didn't hate man kind but he felt ocean life was much more refined. People tortured and killed their meals in an inhumane way and with pesticides and fake dyes, so on and so forth but to eat fresh raw fish was even something they did. He was so suprised she could breath through her lungs for such a long period though.

    "Wow I'm impressed."

    he took just a few more notes before looking at her and putting the information away for now. Since this next question was more of a personal question and not for study he was a bit more fidgety as he tapped his finger in his pocket to try and conceal it.

    "Speaking of which how often do you eat and about what time?"
  17. Looking at him, she started to sigh and leaned against the side of the tank, her eyes puffy but not exactly welcoming to him. In fact she appeared to be rather angry with him and her hate was overwhelming her sadness. This was going to let her not be so open in a few minutes.

    "Well we aren't exactly that different. Minus the tails and gills we actually are quite like humans overall. I mean, everything above out waistline is the same anyway, except for these," She pointed at her neck and she indicated the opening and closing gills on them.

    Then she heard his remark about the lungs, but she said nothing. She simply knew she could, for as a young girl she had tried to do such. She almost insulted him, but then she decided not to push her luck too far yet.

    "Well eating for me isn't exactly down to a science. Three meals, sometimes two if we go out to hunt. We eat at sunrise and sunset, if I was able to see the sun in here." She saw the top of the tank and all her apprehension from before came to her. She couldn't stand not being able to swim for more than a few seconds, even if she could stretch and move around. Containment for her was torture.

    "Are you able to get me a larger...this thing by any chance?" She asked, sighing and thinking about it more.
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