The New Club with No Name

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  1. She was impressed by how well the old Victorian mansion converted over to a nightclub. They tore down most of the downstairs walls, leaving only major supporting walls and pillars. It opened the entrance right up into the dance floor. The large kitchen with its island counter with marble top was instantly chosen to be the bar area, settled into the perfect little corner surrounded by booths for people to sit and socialize. The DJ's spot was opposite the bar on the other side and the large dance floor in between. The entire place was painted black, with bright green detailing and sheer green drapes wrapped around the columns and pillars. The lights flashed with the music and but the only real illumination came from the bar area, leaving much of the rest of the club dim. A name for the place still escaped her, but it didn't seem to matter, people still found the place and they kept coming back, bringing friends the next night.

    Though the second floor was a much different story. The stair case had a wrought iron handrail, twisted to look like vines and flowers. There was more of the drapery, twisted around the railing. It lead to a lavishly furnished balcony that wrapped around a small portion of the second floor and opened up to offer a view of the dancers below. The hallways that led away from it were covered with more drapes, those these were heavier and made of a velvet. It had a completely different feel to it than the energized ground floor, and a completely different purpose. One she hoped the mortal patrons of her nightclub wouldn't figure out.

    She was rather new to this business. Thankfully the younger members of her coven had given her tips on what to include and how to attract customers. What better way to hide their existence than to be among those that pretended to be them! Though the club wasn't originally intended for humans, she had been convinced by a the others that it would be a better front and bring in a little extra money for them. It was intended to be a meeting place for the vampires, the were-folk and the fey or whatever else happened to wander upon it. The upstairs was for her coven. For her vampires to...feed in peace if they found a willing mortal. Not that they would remember it anyways.

    Absinthe, the owner, the manager, the organizer of the place, stood on the balcony and watched as the Saturday night party goers filed in as the doors opened and the music started blasting. Already her people were in place, manning the bar or already on the floor attracting other to come join them. All of them dressed as the stereotypical goth girl or boy, playing their parts. She did the same, dressed in a green and black corset with a black lace skirt that barely brushed the floor. Her long black hair was tied back for once, with fake green braids tangled into it. One of the younger vampires had painted her nails black, she found it rather pointless, but let her do it anyways.

    She sighed. The night was beginning and her presence was required on the floor ready to step in should one of the not so human patrons decide to make a scene. She walked down the stairs, hand trailing on the railing. She could see the bouncer checking IDs from there, making sure everyone was legal and nodding them in. The place was big enough for now, but if business continued as it did, they might have to relocate to a bigger location or start limiting the amount of people allowed inside. The latter would be a shame, she would love to allow anyone who wanted to into her club.
  2. Kiri had queued for over half an hour before she reached the bouncer at the entrance to the mansion. He was tall and very slender compared to the muscular doormen she was used to seeing in the city clubs, but for some reason he gave off a very powerful air. She could tell he was stronger than he looked. She passed him her ID and he nodded her in with a sharp dip of his head. For some reason this knocked Kiri off balance slightly. He was unnaturally good looking, dark hair, dark eyes, porcelain skin. Her best friend Tyler grabbed her arm, "Wasn't he beautiful? Oh Kiri, I'm in love!" She always got over excited about guys. Kiri just nodded and laughed. Keeping hold of Kiri's arm, Tyler pushed forward through the crowded dance floor stopping right in the middle. She always loved attention, thought Kiri. They started to dance to the beat of the strange trance music blasting from the speakers.

    "Drink time! Stay right there Kiki. Snakebite and balck for you, yeh?" Kiri nodded, "Yeh thanks Ty, I'll get the next round ok?" Tyler bounced off to the bar, only stopping to get attention from the staring guys. When Kiri had lost sight of her in the crowd she carried on dancing. She hadn't wanted to come out tonight, she had a book she wanted to read and was planning on relaxing, but Tyler had convinced her. This place was apparently the coolest alternative club for miles around. Kiri had spent two hours getting ready, her electric blue pixie cut had been washed, straightened and styled perfectly, her make up meticulously applied, pale foundation, dark eye liner and shadow, and dark red lips and she'd worn her favourite outfit, a black and purple, jewelled corset over a long sleeved net top, with a short, black, ruffled skirt. She added black and white striped tights and knee high black boots.

    "You'd think this place would have a name if it was so cool..." Kiri thought out loud. Tyler still wasn't back with drinks. It had been 15 minutes. "She always does this!!" Kiri hissed under her breath. Tyler had a habit of wandering off and not coming back. She always seemed to get distracted by the boys and couldn't resist them when they showed her interest. Kiri was alone in the club. Oh well, may as well make the most of it, she thought to herself. She really hoped someone would come and talk to her. She was too shy to start up a conversation with anyone.
  3. Sitting in the cold wasn't Melody and December's idea of fun for the evening, but they were ready to see if any of their respective kinds would be there. Melody bounced on her toes as they waited to get in. Her long, straight, blonde hair fell to her waist ending in a straight, uniform line. A pink hairband pushed her bangs back, revealing almond shaped eyes and a button nose. Her mouth was also tiny but seemed well suited for her face. Her green eyes closed whenever she smiled, which she did often. Hidden beneath her hair were slightly pointy ears that looked too real to be costume.

    December towered over Melody. He stood at 6 feet 4 inches to her 5 feet. His jet black, shoulder length hair was pulled into a sleek ponytail. A few thin strands fell and framed his face. He had piercing bright blue eyes that seemed always focused on the distant scenery. His face was smooth and pale. His high cheekbones and pink lips made him handsome. He also had pointy ears, even more than Melody's, but they were not questioned by anyone in the crowd.

    They were both dressed in a deep green. Melody wore a mini dress with a plunging v-neck. She wore thigh high, leather boots with flat soles. His green tunic fell to his mid-thigh. His black pants were tight around his muscular legs and made of a thin material. He wore mid-calf boots also with a flat heel. If he had known of it's existence, he would understand why people called him 'Link' or 'That Zelda Guy'.

    He briefly grabbed Melody's hand as they reached a bouncer. Melody smiled at the man and cocked her head. She extended her wrist to show an intricate tattoo design. He let them through with a nod of his head. Melody blew him a kiss as December stared at him with cold eyes. Inside Melody was delighted to see the flashing lights and to hear the loud music. She jumped up and down on her toes lightly touching down each time. Her hair flitted behind her and seemed to float sometimes.

    "I'm going to grab us a couple of drinks." Melody nodded her head to December's monotone statement. She made her way to the dance floor and tapped on a guy's shoulder, "Hey cutie, wanna dance?" She flashed a beautiful smile.