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  1. For the past week, we have been testing a new chat system for Iwaku! We know people love the other chat system, but because of future plans for Iwaku we NEED to switch systems. Iwaku will not be able to keep the old one.

    After successful testing, we know for a fact we are going to use the current script that is live in our Off-Topic rooms!
    Testing has been SUPER SUCCESSFUL. 8D It has good member controls, moderator functions, and isn't killing the site when it's really active.

    We WILL be switching over the roleplay rooms to this new system BUT NOT YET. We are looking in to commissioning a special /character command so chat roleplayers can do in-character posts. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE WE CAN GET THIS. :( But we're crossing our fingers. If we can't, sadly, our chat roleplayers will have to suffer with slightly less rp tools in one area in favor of the things we really need from this new box.

    In the next week or two we will also be updating our Chat Room policies to reflect the new features available in the rooms.

    - Note: We can't promise that feature requests will happen, we can only pass them on to the chat developer!

    Requests we are putting in:
    - A true FULLSCREEN option tHIS EXISTS! 8D just add /fullpage to the end of the chat url
    - A /character command

    Bugs we KNOW:
    - The "Options" link is invisible on some styles
    - Double-click tabs closes the tab. (This is not a bug, but it is annoying when we accidentally close tabs)
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  4. Please put a link to the fullscreen chat in the page, like we have for FAQs, et cetera?
  5. Bug! That black background and general theme. #c0c0c0 for bgcolor and appropriate other greys. It will look much nicer on my Grey Mist theme, and force people to use font colors that look good on that.

    Request: Delete user-made rooms after a couple of hours of inactivity

    Request: Sort rooms by number of active participants

    Request: 3 chat installs. One for general chats, one for under-17, and one for over-18. That way you can just not give people the chats they can't access instead of using passwords to protect age-restricted rooms.
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  6. Request: Currently, if you have multiple chat tabs or chat windows open, your font color in one is your font color in all of them. Can we have a way to keep font color separate per tab? For roleplaying purposes, this would be helpful.

    Request: On that note, is it possible to program in a preset list of colors (similar to the cbox now) while still leaving the option open for a spectrum color selection or hex code color entry?
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  7. Bug: Memory leak! The longer you're on the Chat Box page, the more memory your browser consumes. Since testing has begun, I've had to re-launch Firefox a half dozen times to clear the memory. As the browser increases in memory usage, typing becomes more sluggish over time. I thought it was a Firefox issue, but it works the same way in Chrome.

    Note: Kehv's grey background idea will (specifically) hurt my eyes after viewing it for a short while. Sorry to throw you under the bus, but that screenshot you showed me was really hard on my eyes :[
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  8. The issue with the invisible Option button stems from the Body style. Wherein, on Grey Mist, Color is defined as RGB(20,20,20) or about #141414. Some of the styles may have this set to a lighter color. The xenForo css for my theme says:
    body {
    color: rgb(20, 20, 20);
    font-family: "Open Sans",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;
    line-height: 1.28;
    word-wrap: break-word;

    So you can either add color:#ffffff to the #siropuChatFull directive, or edit all the styles.
  9. The double-click-logout thing is fixable too, but the minified js file makes it annoying. There's a doubleclick listener bound to the tabs that performs the logout action. It should be doable to add an alert "close tab? y/n" popup. With the non-minified js it would be a trivial hack.
  10. I don't have a fix for the memory leak, unfortunately the chat triggers jquery ajax refreshes frequently and there's a memory leak somewhere in that mess. Kick it up to the original dev, and tag it "critical". Then when they come back with "wontfix" reopen it. Eventually they'll do something just to make you stop.
  11. Is there an estimated time before symptoms appear, or an expected inverted half-life of memory usage? I am unable to confirm this memory leak on Chrome.
  12. I haven't had any issues on Chrome and leave the window open my entire work day basically.
  13. So I've noticed people annoyed that the timeout timing sucks. I propose a 2-part fix to this.

    Bug: Timeouts poorly timed.
    Fix Part A: Increase timeout delay to 60 minutes
    Fix Part B: Provide me a command to instantly hide in the chat users list at any time.
  14. Request: Can we make it so that emotes don't set your username color to grey?
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  15. Not a bug or a request, but I'm curious what the Top Chatters thing tracks.

    Error |

    Is it just the number of messages they've sent in the chat?
  16. The new /char Name Message command is great, but it doesn't allow us to have spaces in our names. Perhaps use a token delimiter other than space, like we had for the old command, or enclose the first argument in quotes/braces/et alios (with escape codes, preferably).
  17. Bug: spaces not allowed in /char names
    Resolution: wontfix
    Comments: Post your single-word name. Edit your post. Change your name to whatever you want.
  18. Thanks for the tip. Useful to know, if inefficient. But with that knowledge, I have another concern.

    A user could feasibly impersonate another user by using the /char command to alias and editing the [USER] reference to match the ID of the victim's account. While the user list can be observed in real time to deduce the cheater, this is not in the logs, and is not ideal given that the updates can be rather jerky when the box gets loaded up.
  19. That's a bug with the chat itself, and also present in the /me command.
  20. Are we able to repair the strange implementation of non-standard posts?
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