The New Camelot (Limited space)

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  1. Not much is know about Arthur's death and trip to Avalon. All everyone knows is that his half sister, Morgan Le Faye, was the one who took him by boat to be healed after the battle with Mordred the Traitor. With the round table destroyed by Betrayal and ill-fate, and the mightiest wizard trapped by the woman he loved, it seemed Camelot was due to be destroyed.

    But Morgan Le Faye returned. She claimed Arthur made her the new queen, and vowed to restore Camelot to a level that would far dwarf what it once was. She created a new round table of knights, a council young witches to replace Merlin, and now rules with an unforgiving Iron-fist.

    But tragedy threatens to shake the very foundations of The New Camelot. A murder of the senior knight, Sir Drake, prompts some to wonder if there is foul play afoot. Your job is to do some investigations of your own, and find out Morgan is everything she seems. Do you dare oppose the Witch Queen?


    This story is based of a book I intend to bring to life, and this will help me tease things out more. I'm eager to play around in this universe, which will involve lots of mystery, danger, romance and all the things Arthurian Lore is so famous for. I need 5 knights and 5 witches, so I'd like to know who'd be interested. We'll get started quicker if people will play a Knight (male only) and a Witch (females please). I'll be taking on quite a few people myself, but mostly so that no one else has to play the more cumbersome roles (Like the villain, for example).

    • Sir Drake (dead)
      • Senior knight and former favorite of the queen.
    • Sir Pyros (Ravenwoodwitch)
      • The Torch of Camelot, known for his bravery, looks, and a temper most foul. He is the younger brother of Knight Number 3.
    • Sir Barlow, Lord of Hickling Manor
    • Sir Fergus
    • Knight 5 (Open)
    • Knight 6 (open)
    • Knight 7 (Open)
    • Annette (Ravenwoodwitch)
      • Twin to Aurora, daughter of Merlin and the Lady of the Lake
    • Aurora (Ravenwoodwitch)
      • Twin to Annette, daughter of Merlin and the Lady of the Lake.
    • Gen, Potions Master
    • Witch 4 (open)
    • Witch 5 (Open)
    • Witch 6 (open)
    • Witch 7 (Open)
    Let me know if you are interested, and I'll send you the required profile. I'll post mine when the slots are filled.
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  2. I am really interested. Send me what is need.
  3. I'd be happy to have you, but I must warn you that I usually like a paragraph, maybe a few, from my posters. Is that going to be possible for you?
  4. That is perfectly fine. I am used to about a paragraph or two.
    May Itake a knight?
  6. You may; sent you an invite to the profiles, they'll be in Private Conversations.
  7. I call a witch.
  8. Granted; you're in.
  9. Le Bump, we are still accepting requests to join, don't be shy. Even if you don't know anything about Arthurian Lore, you're welcome to join. I"ll be providing a timeline, eventually.
  10. Well this is me admitting I know nothing on the book/world however if you'll have me I will join (assuming I still can)
  11. This looks most interesting. I would be willing to play a knight and/or witch.
  12. Sorry to the wait on both of you; yes, you may both join. I will get you into the PC later.
  13. This looks interesting, would love to make a knight.
  14. Your in; I'm out of room in the Private Conversation, but feel free to post your character here and I'll add it later.
  15. Any skeleton i need to follow?
  16. Name: Self Explanatory
    Title: This is what your nickname, or official title might be. For example, Pyros is known as 'Sir Pyros' but also as 'The Torch of Camelot'.
    Age: Somewhere between 16 and 21 please.
    *Appearance: Put it here or on top of the profile. Descriptions or pictures, but nothing Anime please.
    Skill Set: For the Knights, this covers what kind of weapon (Lance, Axe, Sword, ect...) and any other skills you have to offer ( hunting, tracking, cartography) For the witches, this is what kind of magic you can do along with any other skills you may have.
    Brief History: Don't give me a full back-story, but give the absolutely important details about them I have to know. This can mean why they joined, where they originally came from, and anything else unusual.
    *Pick a song: This is the extra thing I mentioned to help you get creative; it's also completely optional. Pick a song that matches your character's personality.
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