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    Today was the day that students would arrive. Lady Violetta was quite excited and could barely contian herself. She hoped that many would touch the picture but yet not too many. After all this was her first teaching job. She had her lessons plans made for the first few days and had made arrangements for a trip into town for the students. So much was up to students to come and touch the Paint of Caldwell's Academy of Magical Talents. Lady Violetta stood on the front steps to wait for the students to fall into the springy moss grass.

    The small sign on the picture says "Caldwell's Academy of Magical Talents. Please touch to enter."
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  2. Jade tossed her long hair behind her shoulder, each incredibly long strand flowing behind her as she walked. She wore a black, uniform styled shirt that was stitched with green hems. To add to all of it, she found a pair of gloves, tie, and pants to go with it. You really couldn't miss her if someone were to point her out. The green on her outfit perfectly matched her hair, which was why people would sometimes refer to her as "That Green Girl". It was a nickname she didn't like, but hey, it was a harmless nickname so she didn't mind.

    The green haired girl was making her way to a school she had not heard of til recently. This school was called "Caldwell's Academy of Magical Talents". Finally, a school where she could practice Earth and Air! Somewhere she could build and train her abilities rather than have them just sit within her capable body. Maybe, just maybe, she could leave this academy as one of their top students? Maybe even a legendary student? That would be great!

    The girl soon arrived to what was supposed to be the academy, a lone picture. She blinked her Emerald eyes a few times.

    'Was this a joke?'

    She thought to herself as she looked at the painting a bit more. Her eyes wandered a bit before spotting the sign on the bottom.

    "..Please touch to enter..." she read aloud. A bit confused.

    She shrugs, seeing why not then touches the painting.
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  3. Lady Violetta sees a body floating downwards to the spongy grass where the student couldn't get hurt. She walked out to where the person would land.
    "Greetings! Welcome to Caldwell's Academy of Magical Talents. My name is Lady Violetta. I will be your teacher and Head Mistress of the school. May I have your name please?" Lady Violetta asked the young girl.
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  4. Clothed in a fully blue costume, albeit of various shades, darkest being the loose-fitting one that covered his shoulders, the second a full-length, coat underneath (both with silver trim and the latter with various silverish, belts to keep it closed) and lightest being his pants, Zack waited near his destination.
    He watched as the girl, he assumed was his age, disappeared into the portrait of the large gray building. He knew it was Calwell's, a school for magic, since it was precisely the place he was going to. He wasn't too sure anymore though. He had heard from others that their lives had changed entirely after joining the school. Shaking his blue-haired head he walked towards the painting.

    "Just take the plunge," Zack murmured to himself, trying to build courage before stretching out his hand to touch the smooth, canvas.

    It felt as if he was stretched and before he knew what was happening he felt himself falling on his back, and on his the staff he carries behind him. The green surface he found himself on had cushioned most of the blow. Looking around, he saw the green-haired girl and an older woman nearby. He stood, careful not to lose his balance on the spongy surface and adjusted the staff.
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  5. Lady Violetta noticed another body falling towards the school.
    "Wonderful! We have a second student! Greetings! Welcome to Caldwell's Academy of Magical Talents. My name is Lady Violetta. I will be your teacher and Head Mistress of the school. May I have your name please?" She asked as the young man looked about. Lady VIoletta was quite happy to get two students for her school. She wasn't sure if anyone would go to her school since this was the first year of the newest Caldwell's. There were two other schools of Caldwell's some where but she did not know anymore than that. She didn't even have any other teachers either. But the village was up and running. Like she thought to her self, it was her first year!
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  6. "Lady?" Zack asked giving the woman a somewhat skeptical look-over. "I thought teachers were usually called Professors. I'm Zack. Zack Calder. Here to train in, well... magic, obviously." He stepped closer to her, removing his staff from his back, since the fall had made it fairly uncomfortable to wear it. "A pleasure to meet you." He bowed deeply in an over dramatized fashion and reached for her hand.
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  7. Liam arrived at the place. He looked up at the wall with just a picture. His driver got out of the car and opened it for him "Here we are sir, have a good year in school. See you during the Holidays." he said. Liam got out of the car and heard the car door close and then he was gone. "This must be a joke." he said as he looked at the over sized picture. The picture read "Caldwell's Academy of Magical Talents. Please touch to enter." he scoffed at what it said. He had his uniform in one hand and his regular clothes which was soon to be torn, if he touched that wall and it scared the crap out of him. He shook his head and cursed under his breath "Alright, here goes nothing." he said as he looked up and touched the picture. He was warped back into another place, it scared the crap out of him. His body was nearly set to aflame. The wind began to quicken, that's when you know he's Air, the ground began to move along with the rocks, that's when you know he's Earth, and his body of course is nearly on fire, which means Fire. He saw a Elderly woman and two people. He walked slowly and but his body was still tensed, his clothes nearly burning but holding it's course. His hand was tensed reading for anything.

    (What he looks like now.)
  8. Lady Violetta chuckled a bit as she held out her hand to Zack.
    "I see the old fashion manners are still around. I am pleased to meet you Zack. Aha! I see a third student dropping in.
    Greetings! Welcome to Caldwell's Academy of Magical Talents. My name is Lady Violetta. I will be your teacher and Head Mistress of the school. May I have your name please?" she smiled at the young man who had just landed on the grass.
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  9. Liam calmed as he looked at the teacher named, Lady Violetta. He calmed down to a point that everything was a still but his hand was still with a little flame floating around it. He looked at her "Liam Anderson, ma'am." he said as he stood back a bit away from the girl he was standing next too. His hood shielded his face and kept it hidden at all times. It need to be that way. He looked around "Where are we? What is this place?" he said softly to himself. He looked at the others and studied them. One seemed to be Water by the looks of his clothes and the other looked to be Earth, but he could sense another....Air? He didn't know. He looked around and the at the elderly woman. "Sorry for the startle of the budging in like that and my actions. Don't like surprises.." he said as he stepped back again. He was nervous and shy, more nervous was over the girl. Don't ask me, he gets that way a lot. He always gets nervous around them.
  10. "Greetings! Welcome to Caldwell's Academy of Magical Talents. My name is Lady Violetta. I will be your teacher and Head Mistress of the school. May I have your name please?"

    Jade looked at the woman, recollecting her thoughts from suddenly being warped here. She blinked her green eyes a few times before answering.

    "O-Oh, I'm Jade miss- er, Lady Violetta. Nice to meet you."

    She gave a quick five finger salute out of respect then put her hand back down. She grew up in a military fashion, so it was a habit saluting figures of authority.

    She stood to the side as another student came, this one had such a monochromatic sense of style. Not that it was a bad thing, considering everything he wore were different shades of blue while she wore pretty much the same shade of green. His whole person just screamed BLUE! But hey, his sense of style was much better than if he were covered in orange clothes. Yeah, complementary worked only on canvases, not outfits. But aside from the artsy color talk, he looked like he was here to study water. He was dressed for it, so it would shock her if he was here to study fire.

    "Wonderful! We have a second student! Greetings! Welcome to Caldwell's Academy of Magical Talents. My name is Lady Violetta. I will be your teacher and Head Mistress of the school. May I have your name please?"

    "Lady? I thought teachers were usually called Professors. I'm Zack. Zack Calder. Here to train in, well... magic, obviously. Pleasure to meet you."

    The teen bowed to the other woman then reached out for her hand. Crud, she hadn't thought to shake Lady Violetta's hand. Oh well, maybe she can make up for it somehow.

    The next teen to come caught her attention almost immediately, he was extremely tense and looked possibly scared. The green haired girl would be scared too, the warp was almost enough to give her a heart attack.

    "Greetings! Welcome to Caldwell's Academy of Magical Talents. My name is Lady Violetta. I will be your teacher and Head Mistress of the school. May I have your name please?"

    "Liam Anderson, ma'am."

    Jade glanced at the other stepping away from her. He wasn't scared of her was he?

    "Sorry for the startle of the budging in like that and my actions. Don't like surprises.."

    The green haired girl blinked a few times when he stepped further away. Did she smell bad? Was there something that she was doing that was offending him? That wasn't possible, standing wasn't offensive to anyone. Something she was wearing on her? It was uniform based, no butt hanging out or cleavage bursting, what did she do?
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  11. Liam looked at the girl who seemed to be bothered with something . He stopped stepping backwards and started to step forwards. Maybe she was confused on why he was stepping away, did she catch on that he was nervous?? He stepped up and grew his balls and stood beside her. He looked at her and whispered "Don't worry, it's not you. I just get nervous around girls." he said as only him and her can hear. He stepped to the side so he wasn't all up in her space and stood their trying to calm his nervous 'Damn you nerves. It's just a woman. Chill out, bro." he thought to himself. He was so happy his hood was on.
  12. Zack stood aside after planting a quick kiss on the back of the lady's hand, leaning on his metal staff. He watched as the new arrival was greeted and he named himself, and Zack couldn't help but chuckle at his obvious discomfort in the presence of the girl. She didn't seem to find it nearly as amusing. He also watched as Liam seemed to change his mind and move closer to whisper something to her, something Zack was unable to catch. It didn't last long before he backed away again.

    "I'm sure she doesn't bite, Liam. Then again I've been wrong before." He winked at the man, before turning his attention to the green-head.
    "I'm afraid I hadn't caught your name."
  13. "I'm afraid I hadn't caught your name."

    Jade looked at the blue haired boy for a second before answering.

    "I'm Jade, nice to meet you...Zack was it?"

    The green haired girl gave a friendly smile, not exactly wanting to be enemies with either of the men. And she especially didn't want to be enemies with Lady Violetta. This lady was going to be her Head Mistress and teacher, so she could kill her with her off the chart magic if she wanted to. But considering how kind Lady was, the green haired girl assumed everything would be fine.
  14. Zack smiled and tilted his head a bit at Jade. "Jade for the green girl. Interesting."
    He spun on his heel, using his staff as a center-point so he was facing the the Lady once more, awaiting for instruction as to what happens next.
  15. Lady Violetta looked up int the sky to see if another student was falling into Calldwell's. She didn't see any so she decided to head inside before answering any questions.

    "Let's go inside students. Everything will be explained in the Lecture Room."
    1-Planet of Sanctuary-first floor.png

    "As you can see the areas are sectioned off and there is a reason for that. When you get your pet, the sectioned off areas will help you catch it if it decides to run off. This first area is called The Entrance. The next area is the Commons. We shall go into the Lecture Hall." Lady Violetta spoke calmly as she lead them into the Lecture Hall.
  16. Liam stood silent for a slight moment and the spoke. "My name is Liam.." he said. He looked at the Head Mistress and nodded as he followed her into the Hall. This was like the movie Harry Potter but very different but also similar. He looked around and then at the two people. They seemed quite nice. He chuckled when he imagined the three of them being the three off that movie. Liams parents was dead so he could be Harry, Zack looked like he's been with magic family a lot, he could be Ron. And Jade could be Hermine or how ever you spell it. It was kind of cool. But it's a could never happen. Could it?
  17. Once in the lecture hall, a room with empty desks and chairs and a large white board in the front of the room to write on, Zack took a seat, feet on the desk in front of him and his staff balanced on his feet.

    "You said something about a pet?" He asked aloud, watching the Headmistress. "As in animals, you mean?" He had always wanted a pet, but was never allowed, though now that he thought about it he had no idea what he would choose as a pet given the chance.
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  18. "Yes an animal and please do not put your feet on the desk. Once everyone has a sea, I shall start the lecture....." Lady Violetta spoke as she looked the students. After the students sat down, she began her lecture.

    "Welcome to Caldwell’s Academy of Magical Talent. You are the first students who are strong enough to make it through the Picture. You have a magic core that can make you great Wizards and even Mages in the future. Your Magic Core will be your main tool in this Academy. There are other tools that you will learn to use as well.

    You will become interesting people who will travel this new world and explore the other land masses. A few will stay home and be part of The Academy Island. I will need a Governor and an Archives Specialist to help me with my job. There will be more jobs as more students show up.

    “I want to speak a bit on Magic and its uses. I want each of you to listen to this carefully.

    Magic is a tool that can be used for good or evil or anywhere in between. The magic user must be aware of what he or she is doing and why. There are consequences to using magic. Consequences can be devastating if the magic user is not aware of all of the effects of the magic that is being used.

    The magic user is only as strong as his or her body’s endurance of the physical and mental abilities.

    A) Physical Strength.

    The magic user is only as strong as his or herself. Magic takes a lot of stamina to do and the body will be drained constantly when the person uses magic.

    B) Mental Strength.

    The magic user must be able to concentrate well, visualize well and think clearly as well as quickly. To do this we need to meditate and do mental exercises to make the mind stronger. Meditation is crucial to one’s mental ability. This is the way one learns how to concentrate, block out unwanted noises, keep the mind clear of intrusions and to imagine the impossible.


    The magic user must be able not only use magic but know the 3 parts of magic.

    1) What is the first part. The magic user must know and understand what he or she wants to do with his or her magic.

    2) Next come How. The magic user must know each step of the magic well enough to actually be able to visualize the magic being done in each step until it becomes as simple and routine as breathing.

    3) When is the last part. To cast magic the magic user must know when each step should take place.

    An example of this is putting your shoes on.

    What would be the need to put on shoes to protect your feet from anything that would do them harm or make them uncomfortable, ect.

    When would be like when you leave to go outside not before going to bed.

    How would be putting them on your feet before tying them and to have the socks on before you put the shoes.

    Personal Laptop System

    “Your next two lessons should be fun ones. Each of you will receive a Personal Laptop System or PLTs. Y our Personal Laptop System or PLTs will be a valuable tool.

    You will have an independent study to fulfill called Mythical Creatures. And you will pick out your very own baby pet to study and care for.

    Before anyone asks- NO. No you cannot use it to talk to anyone on Earth because it will not reach that far. We are in a different Solar System than the Milky Way.”

    *Hands out boxes with gloved hands*

    “DO not pick up these boxes until you are told. They are super sensitive to touch. In fact, believe it or not, these LTPs are sentient. That means that it can think and feel on its own. I want to have you to be the first ones to touch them barehanded and imprint your aura on your own laptop. After your initial imprintation, the PLTs will only work for you.

    Now that each of you have a box, you may open the box carefully and do not drop it.


    The case is opened from the front like so. When it is open, you will see the screen, the keyboard, and some new features. Keep the protective sheets on the areas when they are not being use will make your PLTs working at its peak. For the moment, please remove the two handprint sheets then place your hands on those two pads like the picture that was on there. Leave your hands on the pads so that the PLTs will register your unique Aura. After that is properly done, your PLTs will only allow you to enter information on it. You will know that it is done because it will begin to ask you a series of questions starting with your name, age, gender, likes and dislikes.

    After you have filled out those questions, you may open the folder up called Mythical Creatureology. You will find all of the pets that you may have along with a short description.

    After everyone is done, we shall have a break and I will take you on a quick tour of The Academy. You will choose your own room and decorate it with items from the store.”

    Desired Name:

    Student / Citizen Rank:



    Talents: (your first 3 magic types which you are born with)

    Skills you have acquired:

    Certificates you have acquired:

    Chosen Career:

    Possible Careers to choose from in the future:


    Archives Specialist

    Exploration Team- crew, medic, cook, 1st and 2nd mate, cabin boy, captain, navigator, cartographer

    Ranking system:

    a) Newbie

    b) Level 1

    c) Level 2


    Robes and Equipment Belt

    Each student and teacher will be given robes to protect themselves while in class. The robes are of the magical sort and will stay clean. The equipment belt is issued to each of you. Each belt will have two pouches and two slender tubes. One pouch will be used for your own snacks and the other one will be for snacks for your pet. One sleeve will be used for your wand and the other one will be a guide stick for your pet.

    Pets- You will look through the pet list to find a pet that interests you. After lunch we will go to town and you will be getting a pet of your own. I also have a list of items for you to purchase through your student account.

    You will go into town for your new pet. I have a book located in the PLTs for you to scan through to see what you may have. Please choose wisely for you will need to be able to handle the pet for the rest of its life. They are sentient creatures. They will be either your friend or foe. You will have fun with them; have a lot of frustration, and work. Physical and paper work. In this book is an example of each creature and what is known about them. There are recommended tips to use. Each week you will turn in your paper work to me. However, we do not use paper here for normal work. Each of you a now have the specialized laptop. You homework will be on that laptop as well as your book will be in the case." Lady Violetta spoke.

    All pets are listed here:

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  19. Liam grabbed the box and stuff and read through everything. He looked at his watch and it was nearly lunch time. But where would they go and eat. He wondered what it would look like. The food hall. He looked at the two people and chuckled. "This is crazy..." he spoke to himself. He didn't know what to expect or what could happen in the end of the tour. He looked up at the Head Mistress "Will we be asigned dorms or is that different?" he asked.
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  20. "Liam, you find out as we go through everything. Did you personalize your laptop? And fill out the info?Do you understand the next two sections of the lecture? Can you summerize what I have said?' Lady Violetta asked as she smiled at him.
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