The New Age War: Pilots Breakground

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  1. Dear applicant,
    We are writing you to let you know of you earning a place amongst our newly chosen recruitment. We are launching a new Jaegar program with the arrival of a base in Tokyo, Japan. You along with others we have deemed acceptable will be flown to the base and taken through a rigorous course training course to determine whether you are pilot material. Once the single course are over, the trial to find your partner will begin. We look forward to seeing you.
    Regards, Jaegar Tokyo Team


    Aniyah walked up to the facility that seemed to tower high above any of the other buildings in town. She had received a letter of interest from the head of the department and was chosen to attend a camp for proabable future Jaegar pilots. She walked into the building with her bag slung over her shoulder. The door to the hanger where the Jaegar were kept was open just enough for her take a quick peek inside. Aniyah got a glance of quite a bit of chaos before it closed.

    "Oh, this is ridiculous! What am I doing here? Why did they choose me- I'm not any kind of special. Why would they choose me for such a big deal place like this?" She walked down the hall until she came to a smaller hall buzzing with people, all with bags and chattering loudly amongst themselves. "They must all be here for the same reason I am then..."

    All new recruits please report to the housing hall. A meeting will be called in twenty minutes once you have gotten your bearings.

    Aniyah sighed then proceeded into the crowded hall. She wasn't for crowds and so she wanted to find a room quickly. There were a lot of interesting looking people in the hall, a mixture races, and Aniyah was intrigued. She tried a few doors but found the rooms to be occupied already. With a sigh she leaned back against the wall. "I really don't know if I'm going to be okay here..." She looked out into the crowd.
  2. " Chaos pure fucking Chaos " He said as he shoved his way through the halls " GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY! " he shouted his headphones still blasting music in his ears, he didnt even want to be here yet alone have to fight people just to earn a spot in the jaeger program. As everyone was trying to find a room he was also trying to find a room so this was just becoming a ridiculous amount of people trying to do the same thing at the same time. His bag strapped around his chest diagonally was jumping a bit as he walked, he shifted the weight so that it was easier to carry.

    He spotted a open room and began rushing for it he was shoving people and climbing over people to get to the room he wanted, he slid his way past a girl with the same skin color and hair as him and kept rushing towards the room. He made it to the room just as some guy was trying to walk inside the room, He grabbed the guy by the back of the shirt throwing im into the monster crowd of people so he would be devoured.

    " Fuck its a two bedroom room...who the fuck am i going to room with.....oh god...i hope its someone who like to be clean:

    He looked back into the doorway before setting his bag down on his bed, he sat down on the bed and let a sigh go staring at the open bed and the open door. There really going to have to make a good first impression if they wish to be in the same room " Maybe it will be a girl " A smirk came to his face " No they wouldnt do that...girls would be to uncomfortable being in the same room " He looked at the bathroom " Well there is a bathroom..." He took his headphones off and set them on the bed hearing the rushing of feet.
  3. Aniyah sighed and walked around stood from the wall. The quicker she found a room... Another recruit, one that seemed particularly angry, pushed through the crowd. She watched him cautiously and took a few stepped aside when he took a room near her. She realized that a lot of the others were probably a lot like him. She was not very strong but she was athletic. It was most likely different for the others; especially the men. Aniyah decided to hold her judgment until she could see them in action. Since she was in a hurry to get out of the hall and move on, she just went into a room and threw her things down on the bed. There was another bed but she was not into waiting for who would be her roommate. She changed into more comfortable clothes - a tank top, sweat pants and her running shoes - then went out to were they were supposed to gather. Aniyah looking around for the guy who had stormed through earlier, admittedly worriedly about running into him when he had such an attitude. She rushed out of hall and went to look around for the remainder of her time.
  4. He wore a black beater and camo baggy pants with some type of toms, it was for his fighting style which made him wear such a snug fit and light weighted shoe. He walked through the halls heading to see new people and maybe the jaeger he might pilot, He chuckled as he noticed the girl from earlier walking through the halls earlier. He took this opportunity to great her, He walked up beside her very quietly and then spoke when he felt right " Hello there " He said as he looked at her. A smirk on his face as she probably would of recognized him from earlier on his morning rant, he was only so angry because he was uncomfortable with all the touching and bumping of people he didnt know. And he was also very amped up to see what his opponents would be for today's training. " You look ready for training " He looked forward at the rest of the crowd who was bustling with talking people.
  5. A voice from behind startled Aniyah and she yelped. She spun around to see the guy from earlier standing behind her. "Uh, hello," she said as she backed up a bit. He didn't look as crazy now that he was away from the crowd, but then one never knew. "So you were...someone they contacted too." She wasn't really sure what to say, sadly. He was not as scary as he seemed at first, but that didn't mean she would let her guard down easily.
  6. " Names Dakarai " He said looking at the crowd still then turning his head to look at her with his hazel eyes " Yeah they contacted me to...that would be the only reason i would be stuck in this section of the giant building " He paused and slipped his hands into his pockets " You seem stiff....and it me? " He said putting a hand to his chest his brow raised in question pose.
  7. Aniyah grasp her arm just above her elbow and looked at the floor. "I just get a little uncomfortable in strange places..." She looked at the wall. "I'm sorry if I've offended you. It's just the way I am." She sought to change the conversation but at the same time he wanted someone to talk to someone. Beingalone gave her too much time to think yet crowded places like the hall were avoided like the plague. Aniyah swallowed her uneasiness and looked at him for a moment. "My name's Aniyah, nice to meet you." There were obviously a lot of different races there but finding someone who lived at least in her home state would make it a little easier.
  8. " Mmm i know what you mean " He said chuckling about his rant earlier, he put his hands deep into his pockets and hear a voice come on over the speakers about the meeting. " Oh good...a meeting...this better be training...i just want to pilot this damn thing " He smirked looking at Aniyah " You coming? " He said as he walked forward leaning back a bit his hands still smothered in his pockets. He bumped past a few people heading towards the meeting room a smirk still on his face as he thought about Aniyah He was glad that he met someone who seemed more down to earth than the people here.
  9. She nodded in agreement. The thought of piloting a Jeagar was so exciting but she stifled it with a smile. "I would also like to pilot a Jeagar. I don't think I'm going to make it through this training but I hope I do." She looked up when a voice called out the time for the meeting. "Oh! The meeting! Yes, I'm coming. I don't like being late..." She jogged after him though she easily lost him in the crowd. Aniyah folded her arms as she stood waiting for the crowd to move in it's slow pace toward the meeting hall. The meeting would no doubt be a sort of debriefing on the program and the expectations. She really had no idea what to expect herself, so she would just take it as it came. Thinking on it now, a training run would not be out of the ordinary considering where they were and all. She sighed aloud. "At least there's one person I know who can speak English and has a clear head." She looked around at some of the other trainees. They looked threatening and either had age or obvious physical strength on their side. Aniyah was feeling more and more out of her league.
  10. He was standing there hands behind his head with a smirk on his face he listened to the meeting realizing that this was going to be a pair off, basically you fight and they put you with someone else that came out with the same results as you or the most compatible with you. But its not just skill its mentality to the way you think and the way your fight come in different packages, He rubbed his arms ready to fight. His blood began to pump as they began talking people two by two into one room and then when done they come out. He smirked not happy that they were doing it in private but what if he got his ass kicked to...maybe it was a good thing it was in private.
  11. Aniyah listened carefully to the explanation of the training program and felt her heart drop at the mention of compatibility trials. They were basically matches against other trainees until you found someone you could flow with in the match. It was very interesting but she was not to excited about getting beat up in order to become a pilot. When they started to pair people up and take them into a back room her anxiety got worse. What if her and the other person weren't compatible? What if she was too weak? Aniyah shook the doubts from her mind and focused on the closing door to the training room. Letting her thoughts run wild was one bad habit she would have to shake if he really wanted to do this. She looked to Dakarai, whom she had gotten stuck close to but not close enough to talk to him. Others whispered around them.

    Man, I hope I don't stuck with someone weak. They'll have to be able to keep up with me.

    Maybe I'll get paired with a cute guy! I don't see any but you never know.

    What am I doing here? How did they even know about me? I don't like this...

    Aniyah looked back at the door, worried who would be called next. The two who emerged after those short five minutes looked fine for the most part and both were smiling. It seemed like they had done well. They shook hands and moved on to allow the next pair inside. It seemed the pair stayed together after they were shown to be compatible. Aniyah watched the door close on the next pair.
  12. He smirked as the people came out the room some smiling some frowns on there faces, He was next to practically pushed him to the front. He walked forward a smirk on his face and hands in his pocket standing still and said " Good day sir " The leading officer nodded to him and began to search the crowd for the partner for him. He smirked as he scanned the crowd thinking he would probably get the most roughest toughest guy they could find just because of the way they know him but maybe he wont.
  13. Aniyah watched the last pair come out then Dakarai was pushed up front. She got a little nervous at the crowd's sudden rowdiness. It seemed that last pair had everyone excited to get to spar themselves. She could some of the women yelling loudly. they were just as rowdy as the men and that was the most worrying. She almost wished to get partnered up with a guy rather than a woman because rowdy women were reckless. Men were too, but women were reckless in another way. Usually really dangerous ways. Aniyah met eyes with the officer's eyes and her stomach drew up in automatic knots. Not me, not me! After seeing him angry that one brief time she did not want to on the receiving end of any attack coming from him. She side stepped to stand behind one of the men mumbling something about how weak he seemed. I know hiding is pretty cowardly but I don't really want to be in a match with him. She peeked from around the broad shouldered man to see where the leading officer's eyes were wandering.
  14. He spotted Aniyah hiding and he smirked pointing at Her saying " I want her to be my partner " He said looking at the officer and walking towards aniyah who was hiding behind this guy who thought dakarai was insulting him the guy said " Fuck you say mate? you think im a girl " Dakarai smirked and put his hand on the guys face " Not you shithead " He said shoving him out the way looking at aniyah " Her " A smirk on his face as he walked back towards were he was standing before holding his hands behind his back.
  15. Aniyah was startled when he confronted the man she was hiding behind. He was scarier than she had previously thought. Without the protection of her shield she stood with her arms folded and looking at him with obvious disdain. The leading officer gave him this disapproving look but obliged his request. "Walker, get up here. " She winced at how her name was called but did as she was told. "I want to see the outcome of this match. Go easy on him." He smiled but Aniyah was feeling less than confident. The door to the room opened and she walked inside with her head down. Great. Someone who knows. Maybe this guy knows too, that's why he wanted to spar with me. Geez.
  16. He smirked as he entered the room and headed to the mat removing his shoes " go easy on me will you? " he smirked as he picked up the wooden staff. Sliding into a katana stance looking a her " I'm a bit rusty " he didn't know how to really put the staff to work by he was a master at martial arts mostly containing different stance and close combat. He shook some of the hair out of his face and began to calm his breathing " ready? "
  17. Aniyah took one of the training staffs and took her place on the mat. Her head spun with the sudden adrenaline rush from the new surroundings. "Very funny," she said spinning the staff before taking a stance with her feet placed firmly on the mat. "You had better go easy on me. I've never done this before. I'm more than rusty." She didn't close her eyes but focused on him and took longer, calming breaths until her head stopped pounding. You're here now, whether you like it or not. Let's at least show some kind of effort since they've gone through all the trouble. Aniyah kept her eyes locked on him. "Ready when you are." She held the training staff under her arm near the crook of her elbow with her hand on the end like a sword hilt. It was a habit she had taken up from watching too much anime, ironically.
  18. He drew the staff as if it was a blade and bounded forward he brought the staff up but then swung it back and allowed it to skim the ground and come upwards again in a up-slash move, his feet placed firmly on the mat and his eyes locked onto her he tried to anticipate the move she would use to block his attack. He didn't think she was just going to be an easy fight just because the way she began to focus she must have some hidden talent behind all this beautiful women stature.
  19. She took a few steps back as he came toward her and took her staff in one hand. His eyes were locked with hers, which startled her when he slashed upwards. Aniyah saw the sudden sideways motion at almost the last second and stumbled back a bit, but she quickly recovered and ducked under his offense to strike, now holding the staff with two hands. With a slight, almost turning motion she brought her staff toward his stomach as if to slash with a sword. He was quicker than her, for sure, but she at least had some form of technique to hold her own.
  20. Bringing his staff down quickly it came right into the path of her staff causing it to bounce of his, which gave him a good enough opening to plant his foot behind her and force his staff onto her. Making her trip up over his foot to the ground, or atleast that was how it would play off if she was able to react in time to his movement. He may be fast but she was obviously much more tactical than he was.
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