The Nevermore Tournament

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  1. D rode his horse at a steady pace down a grassy hill, his cloak billowing in the sharp gusts of wind that constantly blew through the area. As he rode, D scanned the area calculatively, searching for any sign of his target. D had been hired to hunt down, and kill a rougue werewolf in this hilly area near a small village, because of the beasts continuous torment of the citizens. When D is hired to kill something, it's usually a sealed deal, so the werewolf should have died that night. However, due to a bit of interference, the werewolf will get to live, at least a little bit longer.

    As soon as D set his sights on his target, and began to gallop towards it at high speeds, unsheathing the sword on his back, in preparation for a clash with the beast. However, just as the charging werewolf and the vampire hunter collided, D dissappeared in a flash of light, horse and all. A moment later, D found himself in a massive collisium, constructed of a strange white stone-like material. D scanned the new surroundings cautiously, tightening the grip on his sword.

    After a moment, D noticed the tall, thin, expensively dressed man, standing a few yards away, giving him a curious look. D brandished his sword at the man and gave him a cold glare. "Where am I? Where you the one who dragged me here?" He asked flatly. The tall man chuckled and raised his hand. "Please, do calm down, mister vampire hunter. I was indeed the one who bought you here, but I do not intend to harm you. Please, just calm down and wait for a few minutes more. I will explain everything as soon as the other guests arrive." He assured him.

    D didnt relax or lower his guard. If anything, he seemed even more apprehensive of the strange man, with skin the color of midnight. "Other guests? So your a kidnapper?" He said, more than asked. The man chuckled once more and shook his head. "Not at all, my friend. Please, have a drink, relax, and wait for the others to arrive. They should be here in...67.24 seconds." He said, before snapping his fingers.

    As soon as he did this, a flash of light (similar to the one that followed D's teleportation) blinded D, and in its place, appeared a table, with a punch bowl of blood, and a wine glass sitting next to it. D, however, seemed unfazed by the spectacle. The tall, black skinned man, smiled at this and rubbed his chin in intruige. "So...the stories are true, truly are immune to the affects of reality warping and space manipulation...if you had been most anyone else, you would have found yourself in a bib, wearing a suit, sitting in a throne. But your not most people, are you, mister vampire hunter? Hmhm..." Said the tall, strange man.

    D glared coldly at the man and opened his mouth to speak, but just before he could say anything, another flash of light blinded D, and he was joined by more "guests".

    (You guys can make up your owns enarios of what your character was doing just before they get teleported. Sorry, I'm feeling lazy, lol. Enjoy!)
  2. Arita Haryuki was ready for another round of Acceleration. He readies his neurolinker and gets his fat, blobby body on the bed. "Burst Link!" he exclaims, before the very reality in his mind deconstructs and reconstructs itself...


    Once again, he was the slender, silver avatar of the Accelerated World - Silver Crow. For some reason, the pink pig-like avatar he used in networks lay of his head, like a pet. "That's odd," Crow speaks, before looking around. Right before him, stood an odd bounty hunter-like individual, and another mysterious being who was very similiar to someone he had encountered before. The very presence emitted by the odd entity felt similiar.

    "Wha- this isn't the Accelerated World, where am I?"


    A young child was teleported beside Crow. She helped herself up, wondering what had occured. "It appears that I have been transported to another realm," Athena discovers, "Kusanagi Godou is, as far as I know, not capable of performing such a feat, thus, I can presume that..."

    Athena looks around for a bit.

    "... interesting. I see, someone in the vicinity has sent me to this dimension. For what purpose?"
  3. The strange man in the suit simply smiled at the new arrivals. "Right on time! Welcome, I am called by many names, but you may call me Midnight. I will explain why I have bought you here as soon as the other guests arrive. Until then, feel free to mingle!" He said, cheerfully, snapping his fingers and creating a concession stand a few feet from them.

    D glanced at the new arrivals and wondered, fleetingly, what kind of people they were, and why this "Midnight" man had bought them all together. "This doesnt look like it'll end anytime soon..." spoke a voice in his head. "I know..." replied D, telepathically.
  4. Alucard sat in his room after a mission and he had just fallen asleep when a bright flash of light brought him from his slumber and he found his throne and side table with a bottle of red wine and a pair of wine glasses had been transported to a strange arena. "How odd. One moment i was at my master's estate resting And now I'm at some sort of arena." The vampire said with a bored tone "who decided to summon mehere and for what purpose?" He asked aloud almost like he was thinking to himself in an empty room he had both of his guns tucked away under his long red coat and he had his orange sunglasses on the table, which he promptly put on over his eyes and picked up the half full wine glass as he waited for a response.
  5. The strange man, apparently called Midnight, repeated himself. "I am called by many names, but you may call me Midnight. I will explain why I have bought you here as soon as the other guests arrive. Until then, feel free to mingle!" He said, cheerfully,waving his hand at the others, in a gesture to show Alucard the other guests.
  6. [​IMG]
    Cold air blew in gusts around the broken and jagged hills. The sky was a cool blue hue with the markings of a chess board. Every few meters of open ground protruded a cracked and worn cross of pure black metal. This place had become Mato's (Black Rock Shooters) 'home' of sorts as the others didn't bother to cross this part of the 'world'. Even to them it was a dangerous place as the abyss yawned below in all its unknown glory. No one knows how far or how deep it was and with the uneven ground of the jagged rocks they were less inclined to visit the 'Graveyard' to find out. Unnaturally bright azure eyes looked up at the seemingly endless checkered sky before being covered in a black hood.

    Mato slowly got up on her feet and faced the shattered world. With a bounding leap she jumped clear across the open air before landing on another distant piece of land. She repeated the process until the sight of yellow solid ground was visible. Chariot was probably going to giver hell again for trespassing on her territory but it was mostly just childish tantrums now and not a murderous intent. But just as she touched down on a near-by hill the ground beneath her feet seemed to crumble. With quick reflexes Mato managed to grab at the remaining pieces of land. The abyss seemed to laugh at her mistake as another fresh gust of wind battered the sides of the rock face.

    A second later Mato found herself free falling through the air as ground crumbled beneath her grasp. It was then that she noticed Chariot racing across the distance with a frenzied look in her eyes. Mouth agape as if she was screaming and arms outstretched in front of her. But it was already too late. Any attempts to save Mato would just result in both of their unknown demise. But just as she was enveloped in darkness, Black Rock found herself falling right into a coliseum of sorts. Instinctively she flipped forward in order to land on her feet only to come crashing into a table of assorted snacks and beverages. The punch bowl flew into the air at the impact surprisingly still in tact.


    "He's far from ready," Tensa stated in a rough almost weary tone. The neverending rain of Ichigo's soul just proved exactly that. With an irritated growl his hollow side nodded in agreement. The pair already disliked the glassy skyscrapers, both preferring the countryside as a more peaceful alternative. But the rain, they just both plain out despised. He peered at the swirling waters below with sharp eyes as if trying to keep it from rising any further. At the rate the water was rising the 'world' he resided in would sink below the sea. And that was not how Tensa wanted the rain to stop.

    "I'm going to try to find shelter," He announced already walking away from the drenched railings. Sometimes there would be an outcropping from a building where the two could reside and at least keep somewhat dry. It would have been easier to bust into a building but ever since the rain had started 'damages' have taken increasingly longer to repair itself. But just as he touched down on another rooftop he noticed something flash across one of the buildings glassy windows. He cautiously approached the rain slicked surface, sword drawn and muscles tight with suspicion. No one but Ichigo and his hollow side could trespass in his territory and if it was him Tensa would definitely know. He reached the window and looked at its reflective surface only to find his slightly distorted, rain covered reflection.

    Tensa lowered his weapon and inwardly sighed at his paranoia when all glass exploded all around him. He threw his cloak out in front of him to shield his eyes but not a piece of glass reached him. Slowly, he took in his surroundings with confused albeit sharp eyes at the unfamiliar people that surrounded him. He was not used to others company as he only had that hollow to converse with. It was then he noticed an object flying towards him. The empty punch bowl landed in his outstretched arms as he looked at the object in clear confusion. It was then that the 'liquid' that it had once contained came back down, drenching him in a glob of red. His hair, face, clothes, were drenched in the strangely sticky substance.
  7. "Do you even know anyone here yourself? Honestly, i have other things that deserve my attention." Alucard said condescendingly "and if you know anything about me, then you know of what i am talking about. And yet here i am. Now, i expect an explanation and i expect it before i pull my gun and put a bullet into you. Do i make myself clear, little man?" The vampire said calmly without even a hint of him bluffing. thing is, the No life king wasn't bluffing. Several enemies have made the mistake of thinking he was bluffing only to end up dead. The vampire the village of cheddar was a prime example of someone who underestimate his resolve and died because of just that. He didn't pay the other so called guests any mind, including the two new arrivals, since his focus was on the man known as midnight. The very person who brought them to the arena and the one who held the answers.
  8. "This 'Midnight' entity," Athena was aware of the gist of what was occuring, "this world is unlike the one I inhabit. It is likely that... this is another realm... it can be presumed that..."

    Crow gasps a little. "It's just like the other time! But... is this the same person?"

    "What was that automaton," Athena questions. The being before her looked like one of Hephaestus' contraptions. "Do you possess knowledge? Or experience?"

    "I have experienced this before. Zetsumu. He captures heroes from various worlds and takes their forms. He was thought to have been defeated... but... is this the same person?"

    "I cannot say, because I know nothing about an unrecorded being beyond the multiverse. This might imply that we are from different worlds, that is information enough," Athena speaks. The petite maiden and the giant metal humanoid walk towards the duo of the vampire hunter and the red-clad vampire. "It appears that we are not the only one present. Hmmm... I once had control over Divine Beasts that were very akin to those. However, that is not a Divine Beast. Hmmm... you are made from silver, are you, Automaton?"

    "Ye- yeah, I guess. Wait, if that's the case, shouldn't we work together to get out?"

    "I'm don't really trust others much," Athena speaks, "but I will watch you."

    With that, the silver automaton and the young maiden strolled right in front of Alucard and D. "He- hello," the silver automaton stutters, "shouldn't we... find a way out?"
  9. Dante was resting in his old, rickety chair inside of his shop. Devil May Cry, enjoying a slice of pizza and having nothing to do but being lazy. However, everything changed as he was eating sweet pizza and the next minute, he was sitting on his ass in the middle of a room with "Guests" and some man calling himself midnight. Dante stands up rather quickly and dusts himself off, noticing that Rebellion was on his back and Ebony & Ivory were in there holsters on his sides. He didn't understand what was going on, so he just decided to stroll on over to the guests with a half-ass smirk.

    "So...what is going on everyone?" He didn't seem interested in any of them, but he didn't seem to really care. His eyes glanced between D. and Alucard and something about the two seemed off, but they weren't Demonic like everything else he has fought.
  10. Walking out of the wreckage of the broken table, Mato glanced at her surroundings and the different entities that resided within it. They didn't seem like the others she had battled before. Some appeared far more sturdier and genders differed. In fact most if not all were men. Her gaze shifted to one in particular who was covered in what she assumed to be blood. They slowly walked towards where the remains of the table lay in splinters before placing a large empty bowl by its side. Then they proceed to silently walk towards a corner of the room and casually lean against a white pillar, staining its sides with red blotches.


    Tensa had once considered being drenched from head to toe with rain was a pain but being covered in blood was terrible. It stuck to every visible surface and it smelled of that of metallic rust. But even then he would trade being wet day after day for a bit of red liquid. He watched in indifference as the others seemed to gravitate in the commotion happening between one of the two parties. He didn't desire to join the possible scuffle or the crowd forming around it and remained in the back where he could think about his current situation. It turns out he was not the only one wishing to remain inconspicuous as a girl quietly walked towards the opposite side of the colosseum and sat down near one of the white pillars. Her deep azure eyes watched the others emotionlessly but with such surprising intensity.
  11. D scanned the room as it's number of occupants steadily grew, and began to piece together just why this strange being wanted them here. When the Silver man began talking to him, D turmed to him with a neutral expression. "We can't get out of here if we dont know where we are in the first place. I believe this is not only a different world, but a different dimension altogether..." he said, reguarding Dante and Alucard with curious stares of his own. He felt like they were similar to a few beings in his world, yet different from them as well.

    Before D could ponder any further, Midnight began laughing loudly and rather crazily. "Thats adorable!! The little vampire with his toys is gonna kill me! Hahahahaha!! Oh, thats a good can try, if you wish, but be careful not to interrupt me while I'm talking, ok? I hate to be interrupted..." he said, and for a moment, the man sounded scarily serious.

    After saying that, however, not a moment later, his smile returned and he turned to the rest of the group. "Welcome, all of you! Most of you, if not all of you, should be here by now, so let me explain. You are in a dimension of my very own creation, known as the Dark. If I resemble any beings from your world, I assure you, I am a completely different, and much, much more powerful being. And lastely, you have all been brought here for one ourpose, and one purpose fight for my amusement!!" He said cheerfully, smiling.

    D glared at the man, placing a hand on his sword. "And if we say no?" He asked. Midnight grinned, flicking his wrist, to reveal a massive window screen, showing a large expanse of empty space, with a single, massive planet in the distance. Midnight gave them about 30 seconds to let the size and similarity of the planets likeness to Earth, sink in before deftly snapping his fingers and making it, not just explode, but disintigrate into trillions of ash particles. "Any more questions?~" He asked, sarcastically.

    Midnight chuckled and placed both hands behind his back. "The first fight shall vegin immediatly, just after the brackets are finished setting themselves up." He said, just as the massive window turned into a TV screen, showing a traditional tournament bracket.

    D knew by the man's smile, and the look in his eyes, that he wasnt bluffing. So D decided to play along, for now. He didnt have any idea of the maximum power this creature held, and couldnt risk testing it, at least not yet, anyway.
  12. "Wha- there's no way..." Silver Crow placed his mechanical arms on his faceplate as the pink pig on his shoulders did the exact same thing. "The world where I met her - my King - and everyone else. My efforts will not go to waste. I need to make the right decision."

    "That's interesting," Athena speaks in a mostly-monotone voice, "very well then. Who exactly am I facing for the first round, multiversal entity? Is there a prize for the winner?"

    The ancient Greek Goddess just stood there with a monotone face and cold eyes. She may look like a simple little Greek girl, but do not be fooled by her appearance.
  13. "Let's start with the rules. Is this a fight to the death or is this just until the person you fight gives up?" Alucard asked after midnight was done talking. Honestly, interrupting someone was not what he did unless that person thoroughly pissed him off like Enrico Maxwell or Luke Valentine did. The hellsing trump card still looked bored and didn't react when their quote unquote host exposed what he was to the group. It wasn't like he was hiding what he was. If anyone caught on, they caught on. Nothing he could do about that.
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