The Never Ending War

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  1. There has been a war that has been raging on for almost two centuries and neither side wants to give up. Unnecessary bloodshed was what caused this great war. A human man, who was simply looking for a night of pleasure, spotted some unusual creature one night and he wanted this creature, being the greedy creature he was. This creature happened to be something unreal, something that was magical. He took the creature home and discovered her secrets. She was something that could get a high price at the slave's market (or a black market) and he was poor so the more ways he could earn money, the better. The unusual woman was sold at the market and a few days later, after the man had gotten his large sum of money, she was dead, the blood drained from her body because a fairy's blood contained healing properties.

    More of these incidents started coming about and these mythical and unusual creatures started to prey on humans just as they did on them. Soon enough, political figures started to disappear and as did royalty in both worlds. In all reality, no one was safe. It wasn't soon after each sides started going after each other that high political figures on both sides started teaming up with other higher up figures but they both kept to their own side of the war. Throughout these last two hundred years, neither side got the better of the other side. Millions were killed and yet, it doesn't seem to affect either side.

    The real question is... Are you on the side of the fantasy creatures or the humans?
    • This is set during the 15th century (1400s) or in a Game of Thrones like era. Attention men: Please, do not put tights on your characters. It's... Unappealing.
    • Your character(s) can either be human or some form of a fantasy/supernatural creature. It's completely up to you what they are. Get creative!
    • I would like an equal balance of humans and supernaturals please.
    • I might make this a Libertine RP simply because there will be many different references to different vulgar situations.
    • The setting will be in Europe/Asia. America has yet to be founded so it won't be mentioned for a while.
    • There will be small towns/villages that have good relationships with the magical creatures so I will include that into the RP.
    • Those who wish to have multiple characters, have at it. The limit will be four to six characters per person.
    • Any questions you have, please post below.
    • Also, please be able to post 1-2+ paragraphs :)
  2. Nobody's seriously interested?
  3. So, what kind of lore are we talking for the fantasy creatures? Also, are we going gritty realistic style?

    Supernatural-esque? I ask, because lore varies a lot, and there are so many different versions of creatures floating around. I'm leaning towards a vampire, maybe something a little less common, not sure.

    Anyway, I may be interested, just throwing out a couple specifics. Lol
  4. The idea seems interesting, but I want to see the OOC before I make any commitments.
  5. I'll be waiting for the OoC....

    ... I guess.
  6. sounds interesting
  7. I was thinking of using your typical fantasy creatures but also adding in some of the lesser known creatures and also giving the opportunity to create your own creature. I did it once and it was fun. The role play will have some realistic attributes but nothing too hard core. After all, this will have an equal balance of both fantasy and realistic.

    When it comes to the Supernatural part, I was thinking of your typical supernatural creatures but in a more dangerous light. Meaning, I don't want these wimpy creatures like vampires that sparkle from Twilight. Something more like Dracula or the vampires from Van Helsing. More dangerous and less human.
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  8. I'll keep tabs on this. Looks like it could be interesting.
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  9. I will probably get the group up tonight if anyone's wanting to join.
  10. You guys can now put character sheets up if you want.
  11. This looks interesting. If I have the free time and I think I can handle three Rps then I'll join.
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