The Never ending nightmare.

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The Never Ending Nightmares.

This is a pain, you see all things of life as hell and when reality, we live in it the best place to survive. When you lose sanity and go completely insane. This is a state we call Nightmare. When the human mind reaches a conclusion of pure mentally outlook of life being normal. For example, A man suffering from a mental disorder of schizophrenia will also have high tendencies to make a companion in their head. This is a state all of thing we must study. This is why we made the biggest place to put the most undesirables in a place call The Nine Gates mental hospital.

This Rp is a dark fantasy horror, Their are only limited spots. first come first server. As you must know this is a rp based of living in through a Hell that where all the patients are completely insane. We'll all be in a Ward called nightmare. This place is the home of all hell and evil. This is the place your biggest fears and nightmare are seen. But, this is also a slice of life story. You have a few kids and staff trying to escape this hell too.

The world around us is a very cruel place. As a few patients are placed in a place close to hell. fear is your worst enemy, as a mad man controls your out come. He is Named after the world's most well crafted logical man of all writing. You are to stay alive in the Mad games of Dr. Jekyll. The game of is nightmare this is a mystery of itself as you must solve who is the mad man and solve all his riddles. He is a serial killer doctor that is a patient himself. Solve each puzzle and you will live.

The Nine Gates Mental Hospital


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