The never-ending 1x1 quest (M and F)

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Which is most over-done?

  1. Zombies

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  2. Werewolves

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  3. Vampires

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  4. Good girl x bad boy

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  5. 1D fanfiction

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  1. So here I am. I took a 6 month break from this site, but I'm back!

    So, to cut to the chase, here's what I'm NOT into:

    -Super short replies --> anything shorter than 2-3 sentances (when it happens frequently)
    -Super long wait times --> if I have to wait days on end for a reply, I usually trash the conversation and look for new partners.
    -Un-detailed replies --> If I have no idea where we are, what things look like, or where the story might be going, forget it.
    -Stale, old, overdone, unimaginative, or unmoving plots --> If it's been beaten to death, don't use it.

    If these things repeatedly happen, I will not RP with you.

    Ideal RP conditions are as follows:

    1. The inclusion of the following themes:
    -Fantasy (dragons, elves, magic, etc.)
    -Fandoms (check first before you start)

    2. Good grammar

    3. Interesting, 3-dimensional characters

    4. Original, creative plots

    That's all folks! PM me or post here and we can talk about it! :)
  2. Hi! I'm Schuyler and I just joined this site. I'm looking for an RP partner, and I'm excited about your RP requests. I write a lot in my own spare time, so I think that I'm fairly decent with grammar and such but definitely agree on the longer that two sentences replies. If you are interested, I would have no problem being your partner:). I prefer to do females, but I can do males if necessary, please get back with me!
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