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    Welcome to the 24th century. Technology has advanced greatly and fossil fuels and physical currency are a thing of the past. The internet has also evolved, and has created a condensed virtual realm in the datascape now known as Cyber Earth, a place that can provide a social networking world for digital inhabitants known as avatars.

    Much like Megaman Battle Network, this forum can take place either on earth, through the use of human players, known as Users. Human being a very hard to define term nowadays, considering the types of unique surgeries that can be found across the world (animal ears/tails and cyborg limbs are possible, but illegal in some countries), or in Cyber Earth, via avatars; digital assistants for Users that frequent the network.

    There's the occasional viral outbreak, there are tournament themed sections (arenas, each having different simulations and tournament styles), and the RP world is split up by continent, so navigation to specific parts of the RP world for a thread isn't too difficult to do, just post what country the thread takes part in. There is even a history for the forum that explains how Cyber Earth was discovered, and how the knowledge of its existence affected both worlds (found >here<)

    Yes, it's basically a carbon copy of Megaman Battle Network, but we've tried to deviate from the Capcom series' structure and make it much more than that, to include a much darker side of life than what they're willing to show (while keeping it under an M rating of course), we even allow member input on any ideas they may have to make the RP universe and forum grow.

    So are there any interested viewers who would like to give the forum a try? This forum is still in it's early stages, and members are a necessity to get it kick-started right now. Just click the banner, or the link posted above and check us out!