The Neon Underground

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  1. The Neon Underground

    The year? Unimportant! Where? Underground. That is, the entirety of the underground. Some odd amount of time ago, an event so terrible happened that drove all of humanity into underground shelters – namely subway stations and otherwise easily accessible areas.

    Then there were the vampires…

    Logically, there is no reason that a vampire should ever be ranked beneath a human in terms of ability and strength. The only thing preventing them from being the dominant life form is sunlight. This one weakness did not affect them underground, and so they quickly became dominant to humanity. Of course since the food doesn’t grow so well anymore above ground as easily as it did when the world as remotely inhabitable, humanity was left to be placed either in above-ground farms owned by half-bloods known as Daywalkers or placed into pods to be farmed for their blood. In such pods, they run out social experiments and other twisted “what if” scenarios that seem to be of great interest to whoever bothers to look at this information.

    This is not a story of rising up to overthrow the regime. The regime has won. Humanity’s gone, but that doesn’t stop you from being an apathetic, egotistical, immortal being.

    Time holds no more meaning, as a lack of a day and night cycle in addition to being immortal makes judging time irrelevant. Anything could have been twenty minutes ago or one hundred years earlier. As the only true law involves not staking (killing, forever) a fellow vampire without permission, there is a huge loss for the sanctity of life. Often fights will break out for the hell of it, with parties being utterly dismembered by the end of it. But that doesn’t matter. You regenerate. Any severed limb, blown out brains, or shattered bones heal with two simple things: blood and time. More blood means less time spent being incapacitated. No pain is involved; if you could feel it, you’ve long since grown immune…

    There is no emotion such as love, hatred, or depression. Vampires no longer feel, save for themselves. Each is an egotistical, greedy self-driven unit that only has the utter concept of pronouns such as “my” or “mine”. One would not say “I went to the store” it would be “went store” (though past tense also does not exist anymore, as the past cannot be clearly told anymore). As a result, miscommunication is a very often occurrence. This leads to the aforementioned dismembers and random fights more often than not. Of course, one could in theory learn to use them, but they’ll often be at the business end of a gun.

    You can’t feel, except for with a little help.

    emotioCON is a manufacturer in emotional-aid drugs that allow for one to feel what an emotion used to be via neurochemicals transmitted to the brain. NOSTALGIA brings back memories of less suckish music (music being beatless techno drab due to a lack of heartbeat to compare beat to). REMORSE, being an unpopular choice, makes one feel for what they’ve done in the past. And that’s just to name a pair. The others are all possible, with the exception of some being experimental or high-ends only. One flaw, though: they’re addictive.

    The Breakers

    Society has devolved into a class system, with the Breakers on the bottom. They, as the name suggests, break things. Like the knights of old, each carries around a symbol of office in the form of a weapon. In this case, a katana with a wooden stake for a hilt (just in case). As the houses are left in a constant state of cold war with one another, the low-life and newly born Breakers are the ones to do all the dirty work. Of course, since it is a cold war, they can’t be caught in their actions of breaking things. That leaves two options: avoid all detection or incapacitate all the witnesses. To call a Breaker a dignified vandal would still be giving them too much glory, but that’s the closest modern-day term that still applies.

    And here’s where you come in:

    Each character is part of a Breaker group that is, in the broadest terms, self employed. They operate out of a nostalgia-driven dojo owned by a ‘samurai’ who hooked up with the idea of bushido from watching pre-war movies. Doesn’t make him even remotely honorable or skilled, but he pretends to be that way…

    Name: (Preferably an item or taken from pop culture post-1900. Names can change at any time as interests change. John Wayne Dean might become Madonna within the span of several hours.)

    Appearance: (Text required, picture optional. This is remotely cyberpunk aesthetics, so keep that in mind with pictures. Beyond that, literally anything goes. The tackier/crossed it is the better!)

    Preferred Blood Type: (Self explanatory, comes up as the adventure goes along.)

    Note there’s no backstory option here. Despite being a ‘spoiler’ for your character, it doesn’t make sense for this setting. There are some quirks and individual differences that define your character, but those come up in-play. As time is meaningless, who is to say, chronologically, what all they did, and if they remember it correctly.

    How the RP Will Work

    This will be an episodic RP, meaning that each will be a ‘brief’ and contained story arch that may or may not lead into the next. Each episode will be treated as a separate session for its own purposes (but not necessarily making new threads per session). During the session you may:

    · Use 1 of your 3 blood packs to recover from MINORinjuries. A severed finger, some lacerations, maybe a broken bone. You may not recover from blown heads, severed limbs/feet/hands, serious stab wounds, and otherwise serious dismemberment with only one blood pack. These injuries may be healed with one, at the cost of a hefty time investment. Otherwise, it’s best to use more than one.

    · Use your 1 and only trump card for the session. This turns a bad roll (more on that later) into a good one, turns something in your favor, or otherwise helps you.

    · Use 1 or your 3 blood packs to add a +1 to combat rolls if you are not recovering from an injury. This lasts for the majority of the session within reason.


    Combat will be entirely d6 (six sided die) based. Description of actions and counter actions are still required as you go about scenes, but the outcome is determined by the d6 roll. Each side will roll a d6, the higher of the two wins, as you all are relatively uniform in training and weapons. For firearms, this represents a dodge at the right moment or the enemy simply missing you. This will look something like:

    He swung his weapon in an arc, attempting to cleave the guard in two. (The player would then roll 2d6, one for the character, one for the guard. The dice come up 2 for the player, 3 for the guard – be honest about this.) The blade clanged off of the guard’s raised blade and came back for the counter blow (this time the guard rolls a 3 and the player rolls a 6, an instant success - players always win ties of 6’s). His blade in turn bounced as the battle continued.

    That is just a basic example, and that is about the level of detail required (though more, of course, is still good to have).

    Surprise Attacks, involving impaling yourself on weapons to gain the upper hand, attacking from a hiding place, or simply out of line of sight allows for an attack that hits automatically on a 2 or better – the target gets no roll to defend themselves!!

    This means had the player above instead driven the guard’s blade into himself (because why should he care if he regenerates?), he would have hit with that roll of a 2 and the guard would have been powerless to defend himself.

    Beyond that, if you have any questions or comments to help make this better, feel free to reply below.

    J “Kraken”
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