The Neo World Program (plot idea)

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  1. Okay, this is kinda a fucked up idea because I don't know much about the actual program that I based this off (obviously, one with the same name, so I'll throw my ideas out there, it's gonna be a long, long read...)


    For starters, I wanna clarify a few things so that you don't read only to find out that this isn't interesting for you.
    1. This will be an mxm roleplay, and I really, really do not want to change this fact, as it is pretty much what my plot evolves around, two young men.
    2. This will have some sci-fi elements, so if that's of no interest to you, I wouldn't recommend reading on.
    3. There will be a lot of triggering elements such as neglect, suicide(attempts), brain washing(to be more specific, medical tampering with the brain), depression and death. Lots of it.
    4. If any of you know Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye, Despair Academy, you can see where this shit is coming from.
    5. The characters I want to play are two of the Ultimate Despairs - the one survivor of the Reserve Course, and one of the other fifteen students. I was thinking I played the character from the Reserve Course, as I kinda already have him made up in my head. He's based off the actual main character of the story. o-o
    6. The Ultimate Despair mentioned in the story is dead, and their followers that our characters fall under all have a "part" on hers on/in their body. My character had his right eye replaced. So really, it could be any limb. I would prefer it was something on the outside, though.
    7. For your character you will need to establish what put them in despair - it could be anything, his parents dying in an accident, abandoned by his parents, killing his own family, sacrificing his loved ones for the sake of despair... as long as they're fucked up, everything goes!
    8. I'm a horrible person at explaining things, so if there's anything that doesn't make any sense at all, I'll try to explain as well as I can.
    9. The roleplay will start with them in the game. Their game avatars looks like their "past" selves before Ultimate Despair got their hands on them. So they won't have any of their limbs replaced - and they won't remember who they really are. They will feel like normal Ultimates.

    Well, that aside, I guess I'll get started. It has a sort of post-apocalyptic feel to it, but not really...

    The year is 2020. Five years prior, the most prestiguous school in all of the world, nicknamed The Academy of Hope, suffered a tragedy. This academy had been founded with one sole purpose: for mankind's hope. They searched the world in every nook and cranny to find the best of the best - to make these special, talented children, dubbed Ultimates, build the fundament for hope in the world. The Ultimates were chosen from kids who were already high school students, and put into the academy to groom them for their future using their talent.

    What they did not know was that these Ultimates were not all symbols of hope, and before they could stop it - Ultimate Despair had already infiltrated the academy.

    Part of the Academy used these ultimates as text subjects - trying to find out what they could do to further provide people with hope in the hopeless world - and that's when they realized that with these kids getting in for free and all of the projects the academy had started, they needed money.

    Thus, the Reserve Course was formed. It was for students who, for a certain amount of money, could take an entrance exam and get into the academy.

    The Academy continued their research, and finally created a plan for mankind's hope; forming the Ultimate Hope, the Ultimate of all Ultimates. A young man from the Reserve Course was chosen, and they conducted experiments on his brain. They wanted to make his talent talent itself - nothing else. After several months where they directly interfered with his brain, he was ready, a being with no memories, no hobbies, no personality, simply existing because he is the Ultimate Hope.

    Of course, knowing this, Ultimate Despair had to do something - the only point of their existence is bringing others despair - nothing more, nothing less. They had to do this with the Ultimate Hope too, and that's when they caused the Tragedy - an event followed by several horrible incidents.

    The Ultimate hope was out of control, and in a fit of rage killed thirteen students of the Student Council. To protect their project, the school concealed the incident, and that's when riots broke out across the world - all as Ultimate Despair had anticipated. Ultimate Despair dragged the Ultimate Hope into their grip, using the Reserve Course students to form a group of Ultimate Despairs - not just one person, and with this, dragging in fellow Ultimates to their plan.

    The over 2500 students of the Reserve Course followed Ultimate Despair blindly, living lives with no future, sacrificing their family, friends, lovers, hell, even their own bodies for the sake of despair.

    Ultimate Despair initiated their plan and had every single one of the Reserve Course students commit suicide, aside from a select young man.

    The Ultimates that had been inflicted with despair and that sole survivor was brought to the headquarters of the organization that The Academy had formed in order to cultivate hope - The Future Foundation. In order to save these fifteen Fragments of Despair, as they were called, a group within the Foundation abducted them and put them into the Neo World Program.

    The Neo World Program was part of a project called the Hope Restoration project, and the program has one purpose - loading the consciousnesses of the Ultimate Despairs in to replace their bad memories with good memories - a virtual world where they would become friends and create hope - in order to stop them from despairing.

    What the group didn't expect was for a virus to inflict the program. The program cannot be stopped in the middle of everything, as that would cause the fifteen participants of the program to lose their consciousnesses and stay in comatose forever. But what will these young people do now that they have been forced to kill each other for the sake of survival?

    Will they be able to escape the Neo World Program safely?
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  2. Okay, first thing first: I don't know crap about Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye, Despair Academy. But! And a really huge but! This idea seems fucking amazingly fun (it's really weird I find this idea fun, huh?), and interesting - and if you'd have me: I would love, love to do this. My head is already full of tragic back stories that could've drove my character into despair.
  3. Oh, I was just curious to see if anyone actually knew about it! It's really not a must for being part of this roleplay! All is needed is the interest. I will explain some simple rules about the actual roleplaying (as I will set it up similar to the game, divided into chapters and so on). But it will make up our own plot, so we just need to be creative! The whole point of the virus infiltrating the program is a new entity that takes over the observer's role in the program (the people keeping watch over the kids to make sure that they obtain their goal of rehabilitating their hope) and by taking this role, the Virus-now-become-observer makes them kill each other!
    Oh, and for the record, you will need to make up a talent. Anything will be fine. It has to be a specific thing, only rule is that your character is defined by this talent. Is he a chef - he will be a chef, is he a gamer, likewise, and so on. You just have to make him minimun 16, maximun 18, and give him a "Super High School Level" talent.
    As stated before(I hope I mentioned this) my character had his brain manipulated to become the "Super High School Level/Ultimate Hope", whose talent is... well, talents.
    Try to see if you can make up something really unique! It can also be a personality trait. Like, in the real game we had a "Super High School Level Prefect" - he was the best of the best at being hardworking, reliable and never failing to fulfill his responsibilities. His talent was his abiding by the rules and working hard.
    So... knock yourself out! xD
  4. I have lots of interest! So: yahoo! I pass~

    Hm, the talent thing is cool, and lucky you, being plainly...I guess: talented... Heh, when I first read the whole "Super High School Level Prefect" thing I laughed about how dumb I though it was that someone just chose to be a perfectly perfect: perfect, but then I got bitter wondering if I could create something smart like that -_- But, meh - I'll do my best and get crazy creative~ Thoughanyideasyouhavewouldbereallygreat...ha...ha.

    Oh, should I find a picture to showcase my character?

    Also, I love your signature - it made me go: awww
  5. Firstly, if you know the context of my signature, happy crying - if you don't, I can note that the white-haired dude literally gets his head blown off. xD

    Aanyways! Think in groups of talents. There are a few: lifestyle talents: Here we'll be talking that they live in a certain way, just like the "SHSL Prefect", but it could be anything - religion, social status etc. ("SHSL Housewife" for example, or "SHSL Christian" or "SHSL Princess", literally ANYTHING. You just need to be aware that your character's whole self evolves around this talent), there's physical talents: sports or physical activities (that could include cooking, sewing, greening, any kind of physical ability that isn't exactly categorized as a sport), and then there's the mental or intellectual talents: these are my favorites, it's things that they've taught themselves, and again, this sort of laps over with the physical ones, because you need knowledge for certain physical tasks or sports, but sometimes, it could also be stuff like gambler, scientist, detective, shaman, fortune teller... there's so many options.

    The problem about my guy is that he's severely depressed and has no personality. So I mean... being him actually sucks balls. xD
  6. Neon Genesis Evangelion - I know it. I've only ever watched the first episode though my sister says everybody loves Shinji Ikari :glassesslip:

    Like a super duper high school high roller...heh, heh...seems like I do know the game - only the first one though. I played it a long while ago and forgot about it but talking about the perfect, perfect I got inspired to go snooping and I found the game again! Yay. So, after playing it - the first one - for a bit, I have a better idea for things.

    Or! You get to be a boss at delivering sarcasm. No one will no when he's being just him or a little dickish - blank faced people just have that kinda power xD

    By the by: Happy New Year - though its a bit late.
  7. Eh, well, if you played the first game, it'll be a short explanation to make sense of the second (that I'm basing this off of). Basically Naegi and the lot becomes part of an organization called "The Future Foundation" and they work to rid the world of the despair that Junko induced on everyone. When they referred to Ultimate Despair, in the first game they believed it to be only Junko and her sister, Mukuro. But everyone that Junko has aquainted from the Academy back when they weren't on lockdown has become Ultimate Despairs too - including the one that fucked up the 13 students of the student council - the classroom on the fifth floor of the school (the one covered in blood). Basically, the Future Foundation took a bunch of these people and put them in the computer program. Everyone else wanted the Ultimate Despairs dead, and basically Naegi and the lot doesn't want that and decides to try and remove their despair - by replacing their bad memories with good ones (hence the tropical island setting of the second game).

    So... basically, they were part of ruining the world and has no fucking idea. xD Junko is a bitch even after her death.
  8. seems shit indeed got real xD

    I'll work on playing the second game, and though you said it doesn't really matter - I like to be informed~ Plus, I think me having a basic understanding of the game will work for us both :D

    Though, I think it's be good for me to make my character so we can get started - I'm looking forward to starting (^_^)
  9. Yup. Just to be clear, I have no idea if takes place in 2020 but like. ARTISTIC FREEDOM. xD

    Well! The second game takes place a number of years (probably two or three at most) after the first game, so have your fun with playing it. xD The new main character is so much fun I swear.
  10. Yahoo! Artistic freedom, the right brainers best friend.

    So the new mc isn't all about friendship and slamming his fist into desks? The bear in me might miss that just a beary little xD
  11. Oh it is about friendship. And he slams hands more - actually he's kinda rude sometimes compared to Naegi (simply speaking of his speech pattern and stuffs, he goes with "Sore wa chigau zo" instead of "Sore wa chigau yo" and "ore" instead of "boku" so yeh)
    Plus he has a fucking temper
    and guys hitting on him 24/7
    I can't count the number of characters he's had innuendos with, I'm dying srsly
  12. Heh, so they yaoi-ed up the second game? That sounds fun, even more fun if the mc is all: I'm straight back up off me~

    Is there anything you want me to include in the character sheet?
  13. Oh I mean he gets equally loved on by both genders, but that works too. xD There's a guy who is a hair's width away from confessing to him, whew... xD
  14. Geez, whats so great about him?

  15. I guess... what I like about Hajime is how stubborn and just fuckiing nice he is to people despite how hopeless it looks.
    He's like a freaking therapist xD
  16. I think his therapist talent makes people like him a lot xD
  17. I can see how having a therapist talent will make people like you~ Someone who seems like they understand you, I think is sometimes better then someone who truly does. So is Mr. Therapist who you are?

    Also, I feel like using Sougo from Gintama as my character's image just because I love the crap out of him xD
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  18. Well, a revised version of him, anyways! So I won't be following Hajime's personality. I'm thinking of a more level-headed guy haha.

    And I guess another strange thing about him is that he really does his best to understand people well.
  19. I think it's nice he tries to understand people. Good luck with trying to make him more level-headed ^^

    Should I post my character here? And if I do should I put down his reason for “despair” or would it be better to slowly found it out during the rp?
  20. That's up to you! Really, whatever makes you the most comfortable. I think I'll write mine, because for the first long time of the RP, they won't even remember.
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