The Nembia Demon's Last Member {Seeking Partners}

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  1. Information - The Nembia Demonic Race is one of the most hardworking, creative class of all demons, not only are they hard working but they are one of the most powerful races of demons to ever live in the world. After Lucifer's fall many died off from his strict rules yet their dragons stayed behind and lived in hiding. The Nembia race often have aMale warrior Catagory and Female Job category which often leads them to having very neat and orderly race but each mother that produced children where taken care of by everyone. When a Nembia demon dies they become the form of their inner animal and they live once more in hells forest watching over the last or new generations to come.

    The Nembia Race roles

    There was often a leading cheif and a Leading lady to the group, both where very high and mighty but they often never see each other unless it was to produce children. The Male often would be away at war, taking care of warriors and tending to the ill and lame in the tribe. The leading lady helps with mothers, children and healing magic teachings as wella s help the forest and tribe overcome disasters.

    The Black Smith is a very valued member of the Nembia race, the dragon and rider that are the black smith are very well diverse in magic of black smithing, fire, weapons and metal. Often the rider and dragon are in the forge and if not the dragon is out to collect metal as the rider always stays in the forge and meets his family very little. These are one of the most hard working race ever known to the tribe. These two are often well known for amazing hard work and amazing inventions and creations that they can make.

    The warriors of the tribe as well respected but also can be hated by some of the tribe. The warriors often can be called "Cold and heartless" their dragons though are often soft spoken, kind and loving never giving much trouble to anyone. The dragon and Rider must complete over three years of imensely hard and taxing training to become completely bonded,. Theyare well known for all elemental attacks and magics.

    The Children and mothers are well respected but kids are often trained in the way of warriors (if boys) or healers and helpers (As ladies). They often at the age of ten go out and find their dragons, how you may ask the dragon that attacks them is the dragon that is the dragon they are bonded to. They often start training at the age of ten with their dragons.

    The Elders are the most high and respected of the entire tribe, not only are they immensely wise and powerful they are also the wisest of the tribe. They often tell the leader and female lead what to do and how to do it, they are the ones that have fought in countless battles and some have lost their dragons in wars. They often entiertain kids by teaching them about their stories and their rides to help them prepare for their futures as well.

    The Spirits are very special to the tribe and are always respected and loved. The spirits are when Nembia demon die they become their animal spirit selves and lead a life in the forest watching over the tribe. They are bigger versions of their animals and their dragons are free to explore the world as the dragons are no longer bonded to their riders at that point. Some stories say that the dragon and spirit can be reunited and rebounded but it takes time to find the right spirit and the right dragon.

    Plot : A demon general of Lucifer's army hears about one last Nembia demon being alive and decides to see if the rumor is true tracking the demon down to her family house The Nembia demon has no clue of her hertiage or anythingbut th demon knows her father a general that died long ago . Offering her a place in the kingdoms army . Little does he know she comes with a friend a creature no demon has seen ever in their entire lives after being made by Lucifer. A dragon will the demon regret his choice or will he start falling head over heels for the young Demontress of the Nembia race?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.